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Matt Hardy On Total Nonstop Deletion: 'MeekMahan Will Try To PLAGIARIZE It'

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Total Nonstop Deletion

Matt Hardy described the upcoming Total Non-Stop Deletion as an industry changing event that “MeekMahan will try to plagiarize.” In his “broken” character, Hardy tweeted:

#TotalNonstopDELETION on 12/15 will change the way this industry lives.

MeekMahan will try to PLAGIARIZE it.

SinClarity must EMBRACE it.

WWE infamously ripped off The Final Deletion: Hardy vs. Hardy in an angle on Raw between The New Day and The Wyatt Family over the summer. We offered full coverage at the time that you can read at this link.

Hardy’s original tweet is below:

">December 4, 2016

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