Matt Hardy Vacates TNA Championship


TNA Wrestling is running a post-Bound for Glory angle on social media where Ethan Carter III “filed an injunction” against Matt Hardy and as a result, he vacated the TNA Championship… in a YouTube video. Hardy’s “shocking announcement” is embedded in the video below:

You can follow the angle at this link.

Some readers may have noticed we didn’t cover Bound for Glory, no longer run an Impact “Open Thread” and have relaxed our coverage on the brand. It’s nothing against the promotion, Dixie Carter, or anyone else. People simply aren’t watching and the interest level no longer justifies the coverage. I personally hate it for all of the people that work there and all of the talented performers. Matt Hardy is one example of someone that I hold the utmost respect for as an outstanding performer. I’ve had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Hardy and regardless of what the haters say, he’s a good dude. I just wanted to use this space here to explain the lack of TNA coverage.

As for my thoughts on TNA having Matt Hardy relinquish the belt in a YouTube video after their "biggest pay-per-view of the year," it's unfortunate but I'm sure it has to do with material already taped or upcoming dates. I obviously don't like it but since they have material already in the can and don't run live TV, they may have not had another way to inject the angle.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 2:12 PM ET Update: The angle is being used to set up a tournament of matches TNA taped a couple months ago. You can check out how they are handling it here on End update.

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