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Michael Tarver Reportedly At Impact; Continues To Rant On John Cena

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Michael Tarver was seen backstage at this week's TNA Impact Wrestling tapings, multiple sources are now reporting. (Thanks to WNW reader Rick Craig).

Speaking of Tarver, he continues to maintain heat on John Cena despite backing off claims the former WWE Champion intentionally injured him. The following are from Tarver's official Twitter account:

Whatup twitter fam so I got to watch the chair shot from cena at night of challenges and I realized how fast it happened but the truth Is still the truth I do stand by the fact that the chair shots were cena taking liberties but I will say again cena didnt do it on purpose I was just careless when he did it and could care less after the match about but it was nice to find a clip and see it again online Either way I maintain my respect for cena professionally just not personally as he is truly WWE thank you twitter fam

It was careless when he did it but its done and dead now time to move on so thanx for all the support and opinions ,it means alot

You can follow Tarver on Twitter at this link.

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