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More Meetings Backstage At Last Week's TNA Tapings - Details With Who And New Rules Set In Place

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TNA Wrestling

Richard Gray posted an article earlier this week about TNA Wrestling executives backstage as well as a meeting Dixie Carter, TNA President, had with the talent roster. I have learned more about these meetings that happened last week before the Impact Wrestling Destination X show.

I have been informed that there were in fact 4 meetings that day with the talent roster. One was with Dixie Carter, as mentioned, but the others were with attorneys and office personal. Jeff Jarrett was in one of these meetings. The meetings ranged from several topics, but I was told that it was, "Serious stuff."

The company is really going through a lot of changes from the talent roster to the business structure and format.

One meeting that took place dealt with the relationship between the wrestlers and the fans in attendance. There have been a few instances this past year between superstars and fans. One situation was when CM Punkpunched a fan on WWE Raw while the other event was where Bully Rayverbally lashed out on a fan. TNA Wrestling doesn't have an obligation to protect the wrestlers. Remember, the wrestlers are independent contractors. So, if a fan would get hurt, there would be absolutely no way to cover the wrestler who would have done so. Have you noticed that Aces & 8s came through the entrance stage on these last two shows?

The other clear rule that was told was the fact that wrestlers can no longer hit the steel guard rail in front of the fans. If you noticed, last week's Impact Wrestling and this week's Impact Wrestling, no wrestler hit the steel guard rail during a match. Simply put, they are no longer able to. Again, they would have no protection in case of a fan gets hurt. If a superstar purposely makes his opponent hit the steel railing, they would be fined. It would be 1/2 their pay for that night.

I was also told that there are more changes coming within the company. It's all about restructuring the production of the shows, to the fans, to the business format.

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