More On Big Free Agent Signing, Second Hall Of Fame Inductee, Backstage At Slammiversary

Slammiversary 2013

Free Agent Signing

We still haven't heard any definitive word on the "big free agent" signing although I did mention a couple of names in the latest issue if the Powerslam Newsletter. It's unknown if the name will be revealed on Slammiversary but there haven't been any surprises spotted backstage.

Second TNA Hall of Fame Inductee

Also, we haven't been able to confirm the second inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. From top to bottom the feeling is Jeff Jarrett is the most deserving inductee but most thought that last year when Sting was announced. While the feeling seems to be Jarrett would be the "right" inductee, some have suggested it will be a performer that has more current appeal to the TNA audience.

Backstage at Slammiversary

TNA Wrestling posted a Vine video of backstage at Slammiversary XI. Check it out in the Tweet embedded below:

">June 2, 2013

Slammiversary Live Coverage

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