More On ROH's New Deal With Destination America & TNA Reaction


As previously noted, Dixie Carter is scheduled to address the TNA Wrestling roster in a conference call just minutes from posting this (the call is scheduled for 3 PM/2 CT). It's unknown what the call is for but we can all assume it has to do with their status on Destination America and possibly some clarification about the network's new deal with Ring of Honor.

Word beginning to trickle out is that TNA had no idea of Ring of Honor's deal with Destination America. Earlier, we brought you tweets from MVP, who stated at "no time" was TNA talent notified of ROH airing on Destination America. I haven't heard from any TNA officials, so it's unknown at press time when they knew.

If TNA management knew about ROH coming to Destination America and didn't "smarten up" their talent before the press release was issued, shame on them. That would be a new low, even by TNA standards.

ROH is not replacing TNA Impact on Destination America, at least not yet. As we've reported, Destination America will air a 3-hour ROH/TNA block on Wednesday nights beginning with Ring of Honor at 8 PM/7 CT and leading into Impact at 9 PM/8 CT starting next Wednesday.

Obviously, if TNA's relationship with Destination America is salvageable, a big cross-over angle with Ring of Honor would be a possibility, however, that doesn't seem likely at this moment.

One more note on "who knew what," we covered a blog post that Jim Ross made on Tuesday where he wrote this:

TNA not addressing the rampant TV rumors of their relationship with Destination America is irresponsible. I’ve talked to many within the company who have no idea what their future holds and that’s not good business. Silence speaks volumes more often than not in the wrestling business when it comes to communicating with talent and of that I speak from extensive experience.

A comment that is even more telling today now that we know Ring of Honor -- filled with former TNA talent such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Jay Lethal -- will now be airing on the same network on the same night in the United States of America.

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