New Mickie James Interview - Discusses Her Biggest Career Influences, TNA's Backstage Environment, More


Mike Jones of DC101 in Washingon, DC sent in the following:

I just spoke with Mickie James. She had a lot of great insight on things happening with TNA and the Knockouts Division. One particular point of interest was about her biggest career influences. Mickie couldn't pick one person but gave credit to those who she really likes wrestling with.

"I've had so many people who inspired me along the way so it's hard to pinpoint one person. You're only as good as the people you're in the ring with, you know, and to be able to work that magic with whoever you're in there with and have different chemistry with everyone and their styles and move sets, and you just work it, I guess."

Great talk with her. Click here for the link.

 The interview is embedded below:

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