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Nigel McGuinness On Losing His Push In TNA, Chances Of An In-Ring Return, ROH's Top Guy

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Staff writer Eltimir Alexandrov conducted an in-person interview with Nigel McGuinness on Wednesday on behalf of We'll be posting the complete interview later in the week but below are some highlights:

On Hogan and Bischoff's contributions to his release from TNA: "You can't just blame one person, you can't say it was Hulk Hogan, you can't say it was Eric Bischoff. A lot of people had a hand in it. I wasn't blameless myself, there are things I could have done differently also... It wasn't that they didn't like me necessarily, it was that they felt they needed to have people who were already stars in the industry. They felt they needed the Jeff Hardys, the Ric Flairs and the Nasty Boys to make sure people would watch."

On whether blading was how he got infected with hepatitis-B: "I will never know for sure. 30% of people that test positive for hepatitis-B never know, because it's so contagious. It's a hundred times more contagious than HIV, so I wil never know. All I do know is how I didn't get it. I never used needles, I never had unprotected sex, which is how a lot of people get hepatitis-B. However, I was around a lot of blood. So you know as much as I know. There were dangers that were inherent being around blood. Whether I got it from them or whether I didn't, the danger was certainly there. It was certainly there after the fact that I did have it, because if I had bled around anybody, they could have got it from me."

On the chances of returning to the ring: "Outside of Vince McMahon calling it, then pretty much zero. I've done everything outside of WWE I can and now I'm 37 years old, I've been retired for a year and a half now and the window of opportunity for me to wrestle again is getting smaller and smaller."

On who the 'John Cena' of ROH is: "There is no John Cena of Ring of Honor. John Cena, you see, is the guy that draws all the money, if there was anybody it would be Kevin Steen, that's probably the biggest draw that we have there in terms of what people want to pay to see. But even without Kevin Steen people would still come and see Ring of Honor because it's based on the product more than any individual wrestler."

On ring psychology in WWE and TNA: "They are limited by their production in that they only have a certain amount of time on TV and a certain amount of time for each of the matches within that TV and there, within that notion of what pro wrestling is, they wanna have the vignettes and the storylines and everything else that goes behind the scenes, so they don't have the ability to use ring psychology in the same notion that a show like Ring of Honor or the independents really does."

On the state of the British wrestling scene: "There are guys going to WWE all the time now from England. Pac's over there, Joel Redman's over there, Martin Stone's over there, the list will keep going on. Sheamus is already on TV, Drew McIntyre's already on TV, Wade Barrett's already on TV. There are so many shows over here that are drawing people, they have great guys you can learn from, it's a great place to be."

On the evolution of wrestling: "It needs to be more realistic, it needs to have storylines which are shades of grey, instead of black and white. It needs to be closer to the UFC, because we know what real fighting is like nowadays, it needs to be shown in a completely different manner, because wrestlers aren't actors, they never have been, they never will be, so all of those changes need to be made."

Check back later in the week for the complete audio of the interview.

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