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By the time you're reading this article, Impact Wrestling's Sacrifice event will be just days away as it's set to air on March 13th at 8pm eastern time on the Impact Plus App and FITE TV.

So I decided to rundown the entire card Sacrifice 2021 while also giving my predictions on who I think will win their respective matches and why I think so...Let's Get Into It.


Decay vs. Reno Scum

After reforming as a unit and the inclusion of Black Taurus into the group, Decay have return to Impact Wrestling as one of the most popular factions in the company's history.

On the Go-Home episode of Impact before Sacrifice, Reno Scum (who returned to TV after a couple of weeks) were seen in the back arguing with Triple XL after losing their eight main tag team match the week prior.

Decay suddenly walked into the scene and challenged Reno Scum to a match at the Impact Plus Special, to which Adam Thornstowe and Luster The Legend accepted.

DECAY REUNITE as Rosemary and Crazzy Steve Stand Tall! | IMPACT! Highlights Jan 12, 2021 - YouTube

Decay Debuts NEWEST MEMBER: Black Taurus! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 9, 2021 - YouTube

Prediction: Decay Wins

With how popular the group has been since coming back to together, it's kind of hard to imagine Decay will lose this match; While many Impact fans (myself included) want to see Luster and Thornstowe being used more probably as a tag team in the division it's a bit unlikely that they'll be picking up the win in this match especially with how they've used as a jobber team since returning back on Impact television.

tenille-and-kaleb-vs-havok-and-nevaeh (1)

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With K vs. Havok and Nevaeh 

Since their lost to Fire N' Flava at last month's No Surrender event, the team of Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh have being having some problems mainly Nevaeh who initially was to looking to take some time off after that devastating loss.

After some eavesdropping by Impact's resident Aussie and her personal photographer/pro wrestler, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with K try to convince Havok to become a tag team so that they could go after the Knockouts Tag Team Titles, but Havok was uninterested.

A match between Dashwood and Havok which led to the return of Nevaeh, eventually paved the way for this match to take place.

Tenille Dashwood Aims to HUMILIATE Havok! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 2, 2021 - YouTube

Prediction: Havok and Nevaeh Wins

Between Hard To Kill and No Surrender, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K have been helping in putting other wrestlers over on pay per view and Impact Plus Specials and this feels no different.

Nevaeh and Havok winning this matches insures that (in kayfabe) the unity between both ladies continues and could be used as a way to help jumpstart them back in the hunt for Knockout Tag Team Championships.



Violent By Design w/Eric Young vs. Chris Sabin & James Storm w/ Jake Something

The mysterious and destructive group known as Violent By Design or VBD has caused a quite a lot of mayhem since forming back in late 2020 as they plan to rid the wrestling world of the sickness that is plaguing the sport (and of course the exact meaning of this is still unknown).

Since Cody Deaner's shocking heel turn on his Cousin Jake Deaner, the newly named Jake Something has been feuding with the group over the last couple of months including a tables match where Jake beat his cousin in a tables match which would led to the latter getting punished backstage for his failures.

After witnessing a beaten Deaner return from his punishment, the team of James Storm and Chris Sabin or "Beer Guns" confront Eric Young for what his doing to Deaner which led to all members of VBD attacking Sabin and Storm.

Later on in that same episode, Beer Guns challenges Violent By Design to a match at Sacrifice to which Jake Something interrupts and asked to be in their corner for the match to neutralize EY, to which both Storm and Sabin agreed to with a handshake. 

Violent By Design SEND A MESSAGE to Cousin Jake! | IMPACT! Highlights Jan 26, 2021 - YouTube

JAKE SOMETHING Explodes on Violent By Design! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 9, 2021 - YouTube

TABLES MATCH Gets Out Of Control! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 23, 2021 - YouTube

Prediction: Beer Guns and Jake Something Wins

While I was originally going to suggest that VBD would win this match, I also could imagine Beer Guns or Jake Something picking up the win on Deaner to secure the victory but at the same time continuing this feud between both sides which could ultimately led a six person street fight either on Impact TV or at Rebellion.

Also this could be used as a way to get Deaner and Joe Doering to be introduced officially as a tag team whilst feuding with Sabin and Storm which is another added bonus to further the feud if Beer Guns and Jake Something win.


Jordynne Grace and Jazz vs. Fire N' Flava For The Knockouts Tag Team Championships

Since winning the Knockouts Tag Team Championships at Hard To Kill, the team of Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz otherwise known as Fire N' Flava have become one of the most popular and entertaining acts of the Impact roster as their in-ring skills are only matched by their gift of gab.

Their opponents: Jordynne Grace and Jazz have also become very popular as a team since coming together in the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament and after defeating Kimber Lee and Susan on an episode of Impact to get a shot at the Knockouts Tag Team Titles, Grace and Jazz look poised to win the tag team titles especially after the previous episode of Impact where Jazz managed to make one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions (Tasha Steelz) tap out in a match.

Jordynne Grace & Jazz Secure CHAMPIONSHIP Opportunity! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 23, 2021 - YouTube

Champ vs LEGEND in Knockouts Clash! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 9, 2021 - YouTube

Prediction: Fire N' Flava Retain

Considering that there isn't much female tag teams on the Knockouts roster, my best guess would be that Fire N' Flava will retain their titles (possibly by sneaky tactics) and this will eventually led to a rematch between both teams at Rebellion or AEW will start sending some of their ladies to challenge the tag champs at the pay per view, either way the champions are gonna walk out still with the gold.


Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers: Hold Harmless Match

After suffering an injury to his eye thanks to a match with Fallah Bahh, Brian Myers has been dealing with problems like the aforementioned eye injury, his former WWE tag team partner, Matt Cardona showing up on Impact and former world champion, Eddie Edwards re-aggravating the eye injury by reopening the wound and causing it to bleed heavily.

Myers has since responded with a hired gun in the form of Hernandez, gotten himself a  wrestling lawyer and has tried everything to not have a one-on-one match with his former buddy and tag partner.

On the Go-Home episode of Impact, Scott D'Amore informs Myers that he'll be taking on Eddie Edwards at Sacrifice in a 'Hold Harmless match' which is a way of saying that if the party who had previously signed the contract (Myers) gets injured or suffers damages then the other party (in this case Impact Wrestling) is absolved from all legal action.

Fallah Bahh IS BACK to Shut up Brian Myers! | IMPACT! Highlights Jan 19, 2021 - YouTube

Eddie Edwards SNAPS vs Brian Myers! | IMPACT! Highlights Jan 26, 2021 - YouTube

Brian Myers' HIRED GUN Takes Out Eddie Edwards! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 2, 2021 - YouTube

Brian Myers' LAWYER Intervenes with Eddie Edwards Match! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 23, 2021 - YouTube

Brian Myers CONFRONTS Matt Cardona! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 16, 2021 - YouTube

Brian Myers LIVID with Special Referee Matt Cardona! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 2, 2021 - YouTube

Prediction: Brian Myers Wins

This feud has mainly been about Matt Cardona and Brian Myers facing off against each other at all signs seem to point that this may very well happen at Rebellion; Because of this I believe that Brian Myers will win this match against Eddie Edwards thereby having the momentum needed for his up-and-coming match with his former friend.

TJP vs Ace

Ace Austin vs. TJP For The X Division Championship

TJP has been on a roll as the X Division Champion putting away wrestlers like Rohit Raju, Chris Bey and Josh Alexander while at the same time helping to make the division feel rejuvenated once again, but of course it takes more than one person to make something successful and the rest of the names who've competed in the X Division as of late have brought something special to it, one of the names just so happens to be the number one contender for TJP's title.

After winning a six man tag team match and then defeating his tag team partners, Chris Bey and Black Taurus the following week in a number one contender's triple threat match, "The Inevitable" Ace Austin is set to take on TJP for the X Division Championship.

However, TJP has proven himself to be in the head of the 2021 Super X Cup winner as evident by the outcome of Ace Austin's match with former X Division Champion, Chris Bey.

NEW #1 Contender Crowned in X-Division Thriller! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 2, 2021 - YouTube

TJP vs Madman Fulton: FULL MATCH (BTI Mar 9, 2021) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Chris Bey & Ace Austin TEAR IT UP in X-Division Classic! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 9, 2021 - YouTube

Prediction: Ace Austin Wins The X Division Championship 

This one was really difficult to predict as the outcome of this match could go either way but for the sake of it I'm choosing for Ace to win the belt as his been built up in the last number of months to regain the gold since returning to the X Division back in January of this year.

It's easy to see TJP getting his rematch on Impact or Rebellion or perhaps will see a three way for the belt at Rebellion between Austin, TJP and Josh Alexander after all 'The Walking Weapon' did inform TJP on this week's episode of Impact that where he (TJP) wins or lose, he'll be coming for that X Division title.

Deonna vs ODB

ODB vs. Deonna Purrazzo For The Knockouts Championship

It's a battle of the past vs. the present for the Knockouts Championship...

Since regaining the Knockouts Championship at Turning Point 2020, Deonna Purrazzo has been booked pretty strong all things considered but after revealing that she attacked former Knockouts Champion ODB on an episode of Impact, "The Virtuosa" got what was coming to her after her match against Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan when ODB ran to the ring and proceeded to beat up Purrazzo before lifting the Knockouts Championship high above her head which paved the way for this match.

On the Go Home episode of Impact, ODB defeat Susan in a one-on-one match but Purrazzo and Kimber Lee attacked ODB as well as Fire N' Flava attacking ODB as well as Jordynne Grace and Jazz who had previously entered the ring seconds eariler.

 SHOCKING FINISH in Huge Knockouts Main Event! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 2, 2021 - YouTube

Deonna Purrazzo's EVIL ALLIANCE Reigns Supreme! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 9, 2021 - YouTube

Face 2 Face - #ImpactWrestling ODB vs Deonna Purrazzo - YouTube

Prediction: Deonna Purrazzo Retains

If reports are to be believed, ODB's current run in Impact is a temporary one, so the idea of her winning the Knockouts Championship at Sacrifice is highly unlikely; While the match itself will undoubtedly be good one, it's not too hard to imagine this match ending up like Deonna's title match with Taya Valkyrie at Hard To Kill.

FinJuice vs The Good Brothers

FinJuice vs. The Good Brothers For The Impact World Tag Team Championship

The semi Main Event will see FinJuice (aka David Finlay and Juice Robinson) taking on the current reigning and defending tag team champions, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of The Good Brothers.

In the finals moments of last month's No Surrender event, a video was shown after the end credits which showed the New Japan Pro Wrestling logo and two of it's well known stars (Finlay and Robinson) appearing as well thus, confirming the rumors that NJPW and Impact Wrestling were working together again.

In the weeks following this announcement, FinJuice and the Good Brothers have been seen in backstage segments making fun of each other (especially FinJuice calling out Gallows and Anderson for their fondest of drinking). 

This and the contract signing that occurred on the final Impact before Sacrifice would eventually led to Finlay and Robinson getting a shot at the tag team titles with The Good Brothers for the second month in a row set to defend their titles against another team from another promotion.

Juice Robinson & David Finlay DEBUT, Confronted by Good Brothers! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 16, 2021 - YouTube

Good Brothers & FinJuice TEAM UP in 8-Man Clash! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 2, 2021 - YouTube

Good Brothers & FinJuice EXPLODE at Sacrifice Contract Signing! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 9, 2021 - YouTube

Prediction: The Good Brothers Retain

It's fair to share that most will be thinking the same way but FinJuice haven't really done much to get over with most Impact Wrestling fans, sure they can wrestle tremendously well but considering they've beat the rest of the tag team division (in the form of Triple XL and Reno Scum) which means they'll have no competition and the fact that most fans don't want to see the titles getting hot potatoed to FinJuice only to then be won by the Good Brothers presumably at Rebellion the next month and perhaps a number of other reasons is why I think the Big LG and Machine Gun Karl Anderson will retain their titles.


Moose vs. Rich Swann For The TNA & Impact World Heavyweight Championships

We've reached the main event as the 'Comeback Wrestler of 2020' is set to take on one of the biggest stars in Impact Wrestling today.

Since his feud with EC3 ended at Bound For Glory, Moose has not only adapted a new persona of sorts while also revealing a more vicious side that many fans haven't seen; Eventually Moose continued his rivalry with former X Division Champion, Willie Mack in an 'I Quit' Match at Genesis and after it looked like things were going to get worse for Willie, his best friend and current Impact World Champion Rich Swann appealed to Moose by giving him a title shot which lead to Moose quitting the match after achieving what he really wanted which was an opportunity at the title.

After briefly becoming tag team partners at Hard To Kill and an endless amount of brawls both in and outside of the ring, forced Impact executive, Scott D'Amore to make the match official as Moose will indeed get his shot at Rich Swann for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship.


However, D'Amore managed to outdo himself just weeks later when he announced that the TNA World Championship would also be on the line making this a unification match...and then as if that wasn't major enough, D'Amore then goes on to say that the winner of that match will go on to face Kenny Omega at Rebellion for the Impact Wrestling and AEW Championship in the main event...Holy S##T!

Rich Swann and Moose COLLIDE! Who Is the REAL World Champion?! | IMPACT! Highlights Jan 19, 2021 - YouTube

World Title UNIFICATION at Sacrifice! Winner Faces KENNY OMEGA! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 9, 2021 - YouTube

Prediction: Moose Wins And Becomes The Unified Impact Wrestling World Champion

With how the company has been building up Moose for months if not years with Moose just showing up at last year's Rebellion event with the TNA title, it would seem impossible for his road for the title to end least for the time being.

My guess is that Moose will beat Swann for the title and unified the titles before eventually facing off against Omega for the AEW title at Rebellion; However, it could be argued that Swann could win this match and get his revenge against the AEW World Champion at Rebellion, but in my opinion, I think Moose will leave Sacrifice with both titles.

So who you think will win or lose at Sacrifice? This Saturday on March 13th, be sure to let me know on social media as well as any other predictions you'd expect to see happening on the Impact Plus Special.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more in depth and informative wrestling related content, be sure to follow Wrestling New World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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