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Recapping The Changes To TNA's Creative Team

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Vince Russo is officially gone from TNA Impact Wrestling and rumors continue to run rampant regarding the company's creative structure. Russo and TNA agreed to part without speaking bad about one another as became evident in Dixie Carter'sformal statement and comments from Hulk Hogan.

Much of the discussion as of late has had to do with the exact role of former WWE creative team writer Dave Lagana who was hired by TNA last November to assist with the Ring Ka King project in India. There have been conflicting reports he is the new "head writer" while others state he will simply "help" or "assist" in the creative process. Regardless of Lagana's job title, it has become clear he will have a hand in the creative structure of the company going forward as Eric Bischoff officially welcomed him in comments last night.

To recap, the TNA creative team now consists of Bruce Prichard, Matt Conway, Dave Lagana and of course Eric Bischoff.

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