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Ric Flair's Profile Finally Removed; New TNA Commercial

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- The status of Ric Flair in TNA Wrestling has been up in the air for the entire summer and fall as the company did not have the legend appear on television. They didn't even mention him. While TNA never confirmed the departure, we know Ric's contract did expire in September. We also know that Ric wants to return to <b>WWE</b> as his daughter has a developmental contract with the company. We finally see some forward progression in the Ric story as TNA finally removed Ric Flair's profile from their official website. It looks to be that we won't see the Nature Boy on TNA television anytime in the future. Check out TNA's full roster page here. To find the latest information about Ric Flair, click here.

- TNA likes to add some spice to their commercials during the holidays. We seen them in the past during Valentine's Day, but now TNA is knockout out (pun attended) several holiday commercials to promote The video is embedded below:

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