Rockstar Spud On Going From British Boot Camp To A Top Angle; Lifelong Everton Supporter


Rockstar Spud took part in a media conference call on Wednesday to promote the new season of British Boot Camp 2 that will air on Challenge in the UK and Ireland this Fall and the One Night Only X Division Xtravaganza pay-per-view beginning on Friday, August 1, 2014.

In it, Spud admitted he's exactly like his character in real-life, where he's more or less a jerk. I asked if there was any resentment towards him coming in from British Boot Camp and working in one of the company's top angles. Spud said he hadn't noticed if there was and he just comes in and does his job. He then played up his character.

Before letting him off the line, I asked with the Premier League season about to start what football club he supported. Spud said he's a lifelong Everton FC supporter. I told him I was a Manchester United fan living in the US. He completely heeled me, all in good nature of course but that was something that needed to be established.

CJ Blaze was also on the call and will have a complete recap online later at

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