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Sanada Gone From TNA Wrestling

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Sanada looks to be gone from TNA Wrestling. His profile has been removed from the active roster page on TNA Wrestling's official website and was relocated to the alumni section. As we have seen in the recent past, once a profile has been moved that is a strong indication that they are no longer with the company.

TNA Wrestling wrote Sanada off television last week during a segment with James Storm as he stated he kicked him out of The Revolution and they will "never speak of his name again".

I reached out to the company's PR department for a statement regarding the status of Sanada and received the following response:

Sanada is currently not an active member of the TNA roster.

TNA Wrestling announced that they inked a new deal with Sanada back on July 23, 2014. While it seems that there are several months left on his contract, knowing TNA's taping schedule we can assume they will no longer use him on television.

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