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Serge & Dixie Support Mickie James, Adam Pearce Defends Gut Check Experience

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Serge & Dixie Support Mickie James

Mickie James played a free show Wednesday night at The High Watt in Nashville, TN. Dixie Carter and her husband, Serg Salinas, attended live.

Serge Tweeted the following photo from the show:

">@MickieJames tear up the stage downtown Nashville! Way to go girl!! — Serg Salinas (@SergTNAKOM) July 10, 2013

Dixie Tweeted this photo:


— Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) July 11, 2013

Adam Pearce Defends Gut Check Experience

Adam Pearce used Twitter to give his thoughts on participating in the TNA Gut Check Challenge. Below is an excerpt from his lengthy post:

"u got fkd by tna".

I wholeheartedly appreciate the passion and the sentiment. I really do, and I am still blown away by the crazy positive support that I got as a result of the GutCheck experience. It was both refreshing and unexpected. But guys, let's take an OBJECTIVE look at it.

Through GutCheck, I got National TV exposure with an authentic presentation of my "character". And even though I wish the match itself was better and got over the things it was supposed/designed to, I did what I could, and I saw an immediate increase in attention to my character and booking inquiries about it. That led directly to $$$. I do this for a living, remember.

Through GutCheck, I found myself working once again with a litany of awesome professionals that at one time or another I've wrestled with, booked for, or produced television with. It was such a natural and seamless fit into that process that I think it probably caught some execs more unfamiliar with me off-guard a bit, and that couldn't be anything but a positive.

Through GutCheck, I made new contacts and opened doors. People that might have only heard of me in passing got an upfront sense of what I am about, both behind closed doors and when the cameras are on, how I operate in the ring, and maybe more importantly how I put things together outside it. That exposure alone might have been more positive, and perhaps more valuable for me, than SpikeTV's.

Click here for Adam's latest in its entirety.

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