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Shane Douglas Reveals TNA Hardcore Justice Payout, What Flair & Hogan Are Making, Calls Out Dixie Carter

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- Mister Saint Laurent reporting:

The first MLW World Champion "The Franchise" Shane Douglas joined Mister Saint Laurent on MLW Radio presented by, the official podcast of Major League Wrestling. Douglas spoke about deciding to hold his own ECW reunion event after seeing how former ECW stars were treated by TNA during their ECW reunion event.

"After Dixie Carter did her show [Hardcore Justice] and paid the guys a ridiculous sum of money, $250 to go out there and do what we do better than most people do, that to me was just so disrespectful. For somebody who has been born and raised in a billion dollar household with a silver spoon in her mouth and up her backside, to ask guys to go out there and do that, for that little bit of money and then when it did better than any pay-per-view event in the last five years, didn't even offer so much as an extra penny on top of it."

"I said then and I stand by it, shame on you Dixie Carter that you'd expect anybody to do that in this day and age. At the same time she pays Ric Flair, 62, 63 years old, $35,000 a night. 60 year old Hulk Hogan, $75,000 a night and then somehow figures that these guys that come from ECW just don't have any value or worth at all. I plan on disproving that."

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Other topics include:

-Working with Terry Funk and Funk's philosophy on the "extreme" upstarts

-Why he wasn't a part of WWE's ECW relaunch

-Vince McMahon and Jim Ross picking his brain about ECW

-How he feels about Vince McMahon having now been a promoter himself

-What he would change about the education system

-Why he would never work as a teacher again

-Taz's evolution from his days of intense ECW promos to his current announcing style

-Whether WWE will legally interfere with his ECW reunion

Also discussed was that on Monday, Konnan will debut his own MLW podcast, aptly titled MLW's Konnan Show. You will be able to download and stream the show via

MLW Radio is a new podcast series that's being produced in conjunction with the MLW Digital Project, which is currently underway and includes the relaunching of, the MLW tape library going online and several more yet to be announced features. You can find out more at and

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