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Our coverage of Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2021 begins shortly! Stay tuned here for all results and big moments from the show!

On the kickoff show Havoc and Rosemary won the Knockout Tag Team Titles for Decay! As the crowd cheers for the first match with a live crowd in well over a year we head into Slammiversary.

We open with a great video package covering the history of Impact before moving into Sami Callihan's hunger for the Championship. 


We start the show with easily Impact's signature match, and one we haven't seen in over two years: ultimate X! Trey is out first. Next out is Ace Austin, followed by Petey Willaims making his first appearance in front of a crowd since his Impact return! The crowd is quite happy, and commentary drops a fun fact that Williams has WON more Ultimate X matches than anyone else has entered. Rohit Raju is out next. Bey is out next and this match is just incredibly stacked. Josh Alexander comes out to round out our field and even before the bell rings you know this is going to be truly special. 

Alexander begins the match taking everyone out of the ring before Rohit gets on the top rope. He leaps off and takes a boot from Alexander before Bey comes in and starts leapfrogging around Alexander before leaping over Williams to take out Alexander. Ace and Williams end up in the ring while Trey hits a DDT on the floor. Please realize some moves will be missed in this coverage as six men leap faster than my fingers can move. Ace goes for the X ropes first before Rohit throws him into a pile of wrestlers. Rohit then uses a rope to climb straight up to the X in a very clever spot before Williams grabs him. Keep in mind you can get the belt anyway you want EXCEPT a ladder. Bey gets back in and as always looks amazing. Bey begins heading towards the belt while Trey and Rohit follow. Trey hurricaranas Rohit into spearing Bey and the fact that Impact STILL finds ways to innovate in Ultimate X just shows how great the match type is. 

Rohit is comedic genuis in this match as he basically goes fishing for the belt before being dropkicked off a chair by Miguel. Alexander and Williams head out on the X before Williams just grabs Alexander dragging him down with the greatest move in wrestling: gravity. Rohit and Petey lock in submissions on Trey but that won't end the match. Austin and Alexander go from opposite ends for the belt somehow leading to and upside down Alexander locking in an ankle lock. It's the best spot I've seen in quite some time and the entire crowd loves it. This was an amazing decision to open the show on this. Austin gets close to the belt before Bey hits the scariest cutter I've seen in my life sending him to the ground. After a quick exchange Williams is the only man standing and goes for the belt. Williams hits what I can only call a super Canadian Destroyer, and everyone is taking full advantage of this match type. Alexander locks in an ankle lock on Williams before Josh counters into his C4 Explosion. Rohit hits Trey with such a powerful Flatliner off of Josh's shoulders that Alexander loses his mouthpiece. Rohit then goes for the belt but Trey knocks him down. 

Bey and Alexander end up on the ropes going for the belt. They then trade upside chops that I can only imagine are worse than regular chops. Both men unhook the belt and Ace leaps for it but they move it out of the way. Bey then fell to the floor leaving Josh retaining his belt and keeping his amazing reign alive. 

WINNER: Josh Alexander by grabbing belt

We then cut to Callis talking on Omega's behalf about how Dreamer is rigging the match in Callihan's favor by making it no DQ. We all know the story of the time I saw Dreamer throw Callihan into a tree right? Cool. Callis calls Callihan a garbage wrestler, and man the crowd is behind Callihan.


We get a video package covering the feud between Myers, Cardona, and Jake Something(God I love Something) before Tenille Dashwood attacks Matt and man I love jilted ex angles when they aren't over done. I mean for crap's sake they said it's gonna be a hot it's Chelsea Green right? 

Myers and Dashwood enter first along with Sam Beale and Kaleb with a K. Interesting to note Something is not here with Matt. Yep, and here comes Chelsea Green. Matt is actually wearing a really cool matching outfit and I love it!!! This is the most soap opera match I've seen in quite some time and I'm living for it.

The bell rings and we start with a wild brawl leading into Myers slamming Cardona on the ramp. Cardona makes it back in only for Myers to hit some big forearms followed by Tenille hitting a leg on the back of Matt's neck. Myers and crew then take a selfie before he puts an interesting submission hold on Cardona. After Tenille hits Cardona, Myers hits another flatliner. Myers then goes for the Edge style spear only for Cardona to counter with his own spear. The two women get the tag and Chelsea is on fire despite wearing a cast still. Myers pulls Green off of Dashwood at the count of two before the men resume fighting despite the women being legal outside the ring. Dashwood goes for a low blow before its revealed Cardona has a metal jock strap he then chokes Myers with. Green hits a Destroyer on Myers before the men get out of the ring. Green lowblows Dashwood with the cast before hitting the un-prettier and Matt and Chelsea get the win. A LOT of Edge references in this match, that I hope to talk about on Twitter later. 

Winners: Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green


We watch a video package reviewing the Morrissey Edwards feud and everything with Kojima. Looks like we're heading there next. Morrissey out first and man he looks better than when he first started the independents. Bell rings with Edwards's music still playing and the crowd is firmly behind him. The two begin trading chops as Eddie tries to Irish whips Morrissey but Morrissey slams him instead and drives him against the ropes tugging on the nose and mouth of Edwards. Edwards kicks outof the corner and tries to get distance to dive but Morrissey literally just boots Edwards of the ropes. Edwards slams the shin of Morrissey into the post trying to take down those big kicks but Morrissey is able to get back in control throwing Edwards into the ring before shoulder tackling him into the barricade. 

Morrissey is really in control of this match as he ties Eddie up in the ropes and hits some heart punches on him. The crowd is really behind Eddie still but Morrissey is just throwing him around. For every move and counter Eddie gets in Morrissey is hitting three. Edwards finally gets a suplex and begins to rally. Eddie begins hitting chops in the corner and is able to send Morrissey out of the ring but when he dives he gets chokeslammed on the apron in the sickest apron slam since Owens's power bomb to Zayn. Morrissey drags Edwards up the ramp by the ponytail but Eddie is able to counter into a running knee. Eddie lands against the ring though and I'm worried about the damage that did. 

Morrissey is just tossing Eddie around like a rag doll and the crowd is silent watching their hero be abused but give a small rally as he headbutts his way into a top rope powerbomb. He gets Morrissey up and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. Everyone, myself included, thinks that's it; but Morrissey kicks out. Morrissey throws the ref into Eddie, and I thought THAT would lead to the end, but this is Eddie. Eddie gets a rollup that Morrissey kicks out of, then another running knee but Morrissey rolls out of the ring. Morrissey loads his fist with a chain to hit Eddie then hits a massive powerbomb for the win. Crowd is LIVID, but it protects Eddie and keeps Morrissey's streak alive. 

Winner: W. Morrissey with a powerbomb

We head to a promo of Moose that is beautifully chilling as he warns Sabin of consequences. 

THEN WE GET A PROMO THAT SAYS LONG LIVE THE DRAMA KING AHHHHHHH the drama king Matt is coming to Impact. We then meet the super fan contest winner before an angry Shera and Fulton come out. Scott Damore then comes out. Out comes Finjuice and that just makes me happy! Juice Robinson and David Finlay are here and Impact welcomes them home as their own, and man I get weird 2014 NXT memories seeing Robinson and Fulton in the ring together. 

I don't have a photo for this match but Robinson starts the match with jabs and an atomic drop. Finjuice hits a double team move before hitting another! They win the match quite quickly. Quick fun but a great pop. 


I can't freaking believe this but I saw a Brian Regan Moosn sign. I SAW A FLOCK OF MOOSEN! Moose hits a big elbow off the bell before Sabin gets a kick in the corner. Sabin gets a dragonscrew and really starts to focus on the leg early. Sabin gets launched out of the ring by one leg from Moose. Sabin then starts trying to take out the ankle before heading up for a dive but gets caught. Sabin hits another dragonscrew before the figure four. Sabin is really going for the leg but Moose gets out by just choking Sabin. Moose hits a NASTY looking lawn dart and really the story of this match is Sabin dissecting a limb and Moose hitting any move he can as long as it's strong. Moose sets Sabin on the apron and chops him like a gunshot! He then traps the arms and hits another one. After trading some punches Moose hits a beautiful standing dropkick as Sabin is still seated on the apron. He then locks in a submission ripping at the nose. Moose just yeets Sabin over his shoulder from the Mat before moonsaulting off the top but missing. Both men slowly return to their feet and Sabin gets a boot up in the corner before tossing our Moose and kicking him from the apron. Sabin then launches himself off the top rope taking Moose off his feet. Sabin hits a beautiful DDT after leaping off the rope again for a two count. 

After a fallaway slam Sabin starts getting momentum before getting slammed on the apron and swung four times into the apron. Sabin barely gets back in the ring and is able to rollup Moose for a two count, then a sunset flip for a two count and finally a victory roll for the three!! 

Winner: Chris Sabin by a victory Roll

We then get a promo from Decay and wow I love this iteration of the group. We then cut to a video package on Violent by Design setting up the tag title match! This means Purrazo vs a mystery opponent is our semi main event. 


Swann and Mack are out first and the crowd is hype. Bahh out next and his partner is........NO WAY JOSE!!!!!!! I don't think anyone was expecting this but it makes way too much sense!! The four wrestlers in the ring are having a great time as we await our next two teams. Good Brothers out next. Joe Doering and Rhino are fighting for VBD. No Way and Swann start the match and No Way gets the first move of the match before Swann escapes a headlock and the two trade kicks. Anderson forces himself in tagging Swann. Jose and Bahh hit a double team move on Anderson in the corner then the mat as they show they're a great team. Swann and Mack then do the same as Anderson takes a beating. Luke Gallows then steps in and lays into Swann with punches. He whips Swann into the ropes and kicks him on the rebound before dropping an elbow on him and tagging in Anderson. He whips Swann into the corner and wow the Good Brothers are just running this match. Anderson steps back in and takes Swann to the mat locking in a rear chinlock. Jose gets back in facing Anderson and what's important to note is VBD has yet to be in this match. He misses a strike to Anderson who then hits him with a spin buster. He gets a two count but it's broken up by Doering who ends up tagging himself in against Gallows. These two behemoths stare down and begin trading blows. 

A brawl breaks out before Willie Mack finally gets in some big moves including taking down Bahh. Jose runs into Doering who looks to have things run but Swann sends Rhino into Doering. Anderson hits a cutter on Rhino as he looks to hit the gore. Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic killer for the win! 

Winners: Good Brothers by Magic Killer


We get a video package summarizing Deonna's past year as two time champion and how no one has been able to stop her. We then see Gail Kim telling Deonna about the mystery challenge and here we go! Deonna is out first looking regal as always. And her opponent is...THUNDER ROSA. Well good luck topping this Sami and Kenny. The crowd roars to life as they can't believe it. They lock up and push each other around the ring unable to get the advantage. This is going to be good. Rosa gets control before Deonna takes her to the mat but Rosa rolls through; goes for the single leg Boston Crab but end up at a stalemate. Rosa hits and armdrag and on the second run they both go for the armdrag. After an attempt at a Gory special Deonna gets rolled up for a two. 

Rosa seems in control after three nearfalls before Deonna hits an elevated divorce court on the arm of Rosa. Deonna is able to come off the ropes and go for an octopus stretch but Rosa drives her back into the corner. Deonna puts Rosa up on the turnbuckle before Rosa uses that to hit a missle dropkick. Both women slowly get to their feet and Rosa hits a clothesline. Rosa hits a basement dropkick and wow Deonna is getting beaten bad here. I knew Rosa would be tough but Purrazzo is really taking the brunt of the abuse here. Deonna uses a Italian leg sweep into the Fujiwara but gets reversed into a rear naked choke by Thunder Rosa. Deonna gets a nearfall and maintains wrist control. Rosa manages to hit a Death Valley Driver for a two. The crowd is behind Rosa realizing this could actually happen! Purrazzo follows her up to the turnbuckle but gets thrown down before Rosa hits a double stomp for a 2 count. 

Rosa looks for the Thunder Driver but it gets reversed into a victory roll for a nearfall. Deonna is able to get Rosa up and slam her on her head for the win! Incredible match, a little short, but amazing and I hope we see a sequel, maybe at the all women's NWA PPV. As Deonna looks to speak out comes Mickie James!! Deonna is not going to back down and stands up for herself as Mickie says she's not here to fight. She invites Deonna to NWA Empower. Deonna tells Mickie to not let her have her moment, and tells her to take her trash bag and go, yikes!! Mickie slaps before kicking Deonna. Are we getting Mickie vs Deonna at Empower? Let me hope. 

We get an ad for Bound for Glory as we get ready for our main event. We get a video package explaining the firings, rehirings, and more that led to Callihan vs Omega. Callis's slow unraveling is played beautifully in this package. This match is one of the biggest and best built matches in quite some time for Impact. It's a melodrama, but I love it!! Here we go, main event time. 


Crowd is very behind Callihan and throwing "you got fired" chants at Callis. Omega out next to mixed boos and cheers. This is going to be a war given the No DQ stipulation. As we head into the main event I just want to thank you all for joining me tonight! Okay they called Omega king of the Deathmatch and said he's better than Gage and Moxley as well as all the big names ending on Funk. Moxley has to be showing up tonight? Callihan jumps Omega and hits a two count to open the match. Callihan grabs a trash can and chair before sitting down and locking in a chinlock. It's a great spot and is followed immediately by Callihan grabbing a fork. Callihan counters an attempted sunset flip the only way he knows how: with a pizza cutter. My little deathmatch heart is all aflutter as Omega is bleeding and takes another pizza cutter spot. Somewhere Nick Gage is smiling. Omega selling the sight of his own blood is great. Omega gets a few big hits in and chops Callihan against the ropes. Kenny goes out of the ring as Callihan looks to dive out the ropes and takes a trash can lid to the head. 

Sami takes repeated cookie tray and then a wet floor sign from Omega. Omega put a trash can on the post before hitting a rolling Driver on Callihan and a trash can moonsault. Omega misses one winged angel but kicks Callihan off of him into a chair. Callis walks to check out the match before going back to the commentary. Omega has Callihan down on the mat and Callihan is just a sprinkler as blood goes everywhere. My deathmatch heart is soaring as Kenny uses the fork. The camera crew captures a PERFECT shot of the fork in Callihan's mouth stretching his cheek, and since I watched Warhorse's old match where he got his lip ripped in half this week, I'm frightened. Omega gets Callihan out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. 

Omega grabs a table and hits his double stomp on the table, something I don't think I've seen since his Wrestle Kingdom match with Jericho. Both men get on the apron as Kenny goes for the snap dragon suplex but Callihan bites the hand. They trade chops, still on the apron. They both stand on the table as Callihan lives my dream and grabs Omega by the balls before hitting him with a piledriver through the table. Callihan rolls Omega back into the ring before grabbing a slab of plywood. Then a trash can? It's deathmatch building time! Callihan hits Omega square in the head with a trash can as I question if I switched to GCW by mistake. Omega is able to counter and slam Callihan's face on the trade can but Callihan powerbombs Omega through the board. Omega kicks out and the crowd is pissed. Callihan introduces a barbed wire chair and it ends up costing him. After getting piledrived on the barbed wire chair Callihan tries to escape up the ropes but takes a superplex through a pile of weapons. Callihan kicks out at two as the match heats up. Callihan escapes the one winged angel and hits a tombstone on the barbed wire chair. Omega kicks out at two and my heart stopped. A very well deserved "this is awesome chant" as Callihan tries to recoup. Omega hits Callihan with salt and a blinded Callihan piledrives the ref before Omega piledrives Callihan on the title. A second ref comes out and it's a nearfall before Omega knocks out the second ref. Good Brothers come out but Sabin and Edwards fight them off. Another piledriver on the belt this time to Omega and another two count. 

Callihan grabs a bag of something and it's thumbtacks baby! Callis distracts Callihan before Omega throws Thumbtacks into his eye and hits a V-Trigger followed by a second with a knee pad full of thumbtacks. Callihan somehow kicks out at two and I'm officially dead as my tiny heart can't handle this. Omega gets Callihan up and hits the one winged angel on the tacks for the win. Amazing, Amazing match, but man I was pulling for Callihan.

Winner: Kenny Omega by One Winged Angel. 

I have to believe now that Omega holds the belt until Bound for Glory. It was a great match and overall pretty enjoyable ppv. 

The lights go out as they go for the too sweet, and Jay White comes out with the Never Openweight Title. No one can tell whether he's with Omega or we are getting Elite vs Bullet Club round 2. Elite goes for Too Sweet again but Jay seems to be about to attack as the feed cuts!!!! Was that planned Impact?? The show's over but I'm gonna stick with you all as Impact hopefully updates us? It seems like someone ran in right as the feed cut? Well it seems Finjuice came out and fought with white. We have a war brewing folks. Thanks for joining me tonight!

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