*Spoilers* Final Resolution & Impact Wrestling Taping Results

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Impact Wrestling

TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings on Tuesday night from Soundstage 19 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World writer Scott Brooks was on hand for the tapings and filed the following report:

Please note: Segments were taped out of order and there may still be material yet to be taped. Below is a complete recap of what was taped Tuesday night.

Final Resolution (12/19/13):

* Magnus came out and said tag he lives this business. He said he is proud that he hassle his career here. He said he has learned about the power of money but that's not what it is about to him. He said for him it is about pride and respect. He wonders if the same can be said about Jeff Hardy. He said he slayed his demons. He then says that Hardy was filmed having drinks with Dixie Carter. He wants an explanation and questions if Jeff is getting greedy. He doesn't want the most important match of his life to be messed with by Hardy or Dixie. Hardy comes out. He says Magnus doesn't even know him and is jumping to conclusions. Magnus said this is the biggest night of his life and he won't let it go. He says he did not forget 10/10/10. Hardy said it was a different time and place. Magnus said it was a different time but it was the same ring and said he sold out. He says everyone forgave him but what will his fans think if he sells out. Hardy says to worry about his own life. If you see this published elsewhere it was stolen from WrestlingNewsWorld.com without permission.

* In a 2/3 Falls Match, Bobby Roode defeated Kurt Angle. Roode won the first fall after he used the ref as a shield. He low blowed Angle then hit the Death Valley Driver for the pin. Angle won the second fall via Angle Slam. Roode won the third fall after countering the ankle lock into a roll up and he used the ropes for leverage. Match went about 13 minutes.

* They had a table set up with 3 gifts in red wrapping paper. Eric Young came out. He said last week he dropped a mind grenade on his buddy and called out Joseph Park. He comes to the ring and takes a mic. Eric says he is Abyss. Joseph says that is not him. Eric Young says this is a two part experiment. If you see this published elsewhere it was stolen from WrestlingNewsWorld.com without permission. The first one was last week when he punched him, he bled, and Abyss showed up. Park says he blacks out when that happens. Eric said next week it is Joseph Park vs Bad Influence. Eric said it is his match: a monster's ball. Joseph says that is his brother's match. He says no. He said the second part of the experiment is these gifts. One is a steel chair. Joe Park says he uses it in court. The next one is a bag of thumbtacks. The last one is barbed wire. Park says he appreciates all of this but the answer is no. Eric says he saved the best for last. This gift is under the ring. He tells Joe Park to go look. It is Janice with a bow on it. Joe looks at it and says "you know what? I'll do it" and walks up the ramp with Janice.

* ODB & Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim & Lei'd Tapa when Madison rolled up Gail out of an Eat Defeat. Tapa was on the outside attacking ODB and missed the chance to make the save.

* The rules of the Dixieland match are the match is a cage match where you have to climb out of the cage and go up the ramp. The belt is hung from a rope and you have to climb the ladder and grab the belt.

* Jeff Hardy took a mic. He said he has made a lot of mistakes but we are who we are. He says Magnus referenced what he did at Bound For Glory but we saw how it ended but those were bad memories and they will not be repeated. He said he met with Dixie and has thought about what he has done. He loves to entertain the fans and he does it for his family. He knows Dixie wanted to try to corrupt him with promises. He said she wanted to own him. He said nobody owns him. He said he told Dixie to stick it. Like AJ Styles she is going to represent and defend the belt after earning it. Dixie comes out and says that she and AJ do have one thing in common. Everything they have they owe to her. She has stood by him, not the fans. She says they abandoned him while she remained. She said he needs to do what is best for her and not his family. She says that he needs Dixie Carter a lot more than she needs her. She is going to stay out here and watch the match.

* In the finals of the world title tournament, Magnus defeated Jeff Hardy in a Dixieland match to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.
- Hardy at one point hit a Whisper in the Wind from the top of the cage.
- EC3 came out at one point to stand with Dixie.
- Magnus and Hardy climbed out at the same time. EC3 tried to stops Magnus. Hardy laid out EC3 with a twist of fate. Hardy hit one on Magnus on the ramp.
- Hardy climbed the ladder after moving Dixie out of the way. Rockstar Spud came out and knocked the ladder over sending Hardy crashing to the ramp.
- Magnus ignored Hardy's condition climbed up and pulled down the belt. He celebrated with Dixie, Spud, and EC3 on the ramp.

Impact Wrestling (Airing on December 26, 2013):

* Brooke Tessmacher came out with new music and grabbed a mic. She said it has been weeks she has seen or talked to Bully Ray. She said she refuses to take blame for this. She asks Bully Ray to come out I tell the world the truth. He comes to the ring. Brooke holds his hand and says we can fix this. She says it is neither of their fault's. Ray pulls his hand away. She says he is done being his dog. He was the one who told her to throw the hammer. If you see this published elsewhere it was stolen from WrestlingNewsWorld.com without permission. She said he was supposed to be his ticket to the spotlight. She says that he is that miserable kid in high school who has no friends. She yells at him to look at her. She says he is not afraid of him. She calls him an old fat man. She goes to leave and Ray grabs her arm. He says she is done when she is done with her. He doesn't blame her for him losing the belt or the Aces & 8's. He says just look at her, she is not much in the brains department. He kept her around because he has certain uses for her and she wasn't good at those uses. He said sometimes he would close his eyes and pretend she was Brooke #1. He could piledrive her on her ugly face like he did Anderson but he won't do that. He says he just asks her to let everyone know that they need to be on watch and it is going to be a lot worse. He backs her up to the ropes and he says he is done with her. "Leave."

* In a Monster's Ball Match, Joseph Park defeated Bad Influence. Eric Young got involved at one point and tried to make him bleed. Kazarian inadvertently split him open when he went to hit EY with a kendo stick and EY ducked. Joe Park hit a Black Hole Slam on Daniels for the pin. If you see this published elsewhere it was stolen from WrestlingNewsWorld.com without permission. Post match Joe Park raised Janice up and EY was happy. Joe Park then awoke from his trance and EY walked him to the back.

* Gail Kim & Lei'd Tapa came out for a promo and asked Tapa how did Madison pin her. She said it was a fluke. She said two weeks ago ODB stuck her nose into her business. She said when she sticks her nose into her business it becomes Tapa's business and tells her to come out to learn a valuable lesson.

* Lei'd Tapa defeated ODB. Gail got involved while the ref was distracted. Tapa hit her finisher on ODB and won.


* Zema Ion defeated Eric Young with a roll up using the ropes.

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