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*Spoilers* Go-Home To Slammiversary Impact Wrestling Taping Results (5/30/13)

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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Impact Wrestling

TNA taped next week's episode of Impact Wrestling on Thursday night from Tampa, Florida. Wrestling News World Florida correspondent Scott Brooks was in attendance and sent in the following taping results:

Dark Match

* The Amish Bishop Evangelist Cain defeated Jason Static. The former was from Lancaster, PA. The latter was from Portland, OR. Static is a Florida independent wrestler while I have never seen the Bishop before.


* Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez defeated DOC & Knox via DQ when Knoc used a tag title in Chavo.

* Robbie E defeated Shark Boy.

Impact Wrestling (Airing Thursday, May 30, 2013 on Spike TV):

* In an 8-man tag, Gunner, James Storm, Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez defeated Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian when Gunner made Aries tap to the Torture Rack.

* Bully Ray and Devon come out for a promo. He says Devon will retain and he will also retain. He says for Sting to be an icon he may have accomplished something and runs down who Sting has beaten in the past including the likes of Flair and Hogan. He said he took out Hardy and is looking forward to making sure he will take out Sting and he will never get a shot again. He calls out Sting and Joseph Park to face him and Devon.

* Sting and Joseph Park defeated Aces & 8's Team 3D when Sting pinned Devon with the Scorpion Death Drop. Abyss's music player and Ray went to the ramp. Sting hit his move and Park prevented Ray from getting back in.

* Dixie Carter comes out. She says Sunday is a very special night for their 11th anniversary. He commends the men and women that have have put everything on the line the past 11 years. She promotes the Hall of Fame and its second inductee. She wishes Sting good luck. Aces &8's music hits and Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco & DOC. They all surround her in the ring until Samoa Joe's music hits and he and Magnus run out as Aces bail. Joe says for one month he took bandages off of his face and he was wanting to get his hands on all of them. He says Garett gets really scummy when he gets in the ring with women and he challenges Garett one on one to beat him into the man that he will never be.

* Garett Bischoff w/DOC & Wes Brisco vs Samoa Joe w/Magnus or thrown out when all 3 Aces tried to gang up on Magnus. Joe hit a dive on all 3 of them. He takes a mic and calls them cowards. Sunday in Boston it will DOC, Wes, Garett vs Samoa Joe, Magnus and the returning Jeff Hardy.

* Mickie James came to the ring to celebrate her title win from last week. She said it has been almost two years since she was the title. She thanks for the fans and says she loves them. She said there has been a minute handful who have doubted how she won the title. She said it is not fair and she deserves the belt and would like to address it right now and calls out her dear friend Velvet Sky. Velvet comes out, noticeably with her knee tapes up. Mickie says she said she was willing to wait until Velvet was 100% ready and calls her a fighting champion. She asks the fans to give it up for Velvet. Velvet takes the mic and says the support from the fans has been great. At the end of the day though she wants her rematch. Mickie says the rematch can be whenever and Velvet requests for Slammiversary. Mickie says she already spoke with Brooke who already signed Gail and Taryn for Slammiversary. Gail's music hits. Gail claims Mickie won the title with her help after she destroyed Mickie's leg and says that she has been frustrated for a long time. Gail and Velvet bicker over who is next Iine. Gail kicks Velvet in her bad knee and goes to do her let submission in the turnbuckle. Taryn chases Gail off. Mickie slowly backs up the ramp and leaves. Velvet is helped to the back. Up next we have an intergender tag.

* Chris Sabin and Taryn Tarrell defeated Kenny King & Gail Kim when Sabin hit his cross legged sit out piledriver. Sabin took a mic and said after two torn ACLs and two years of physical surgery he becomes a 5-time X-Division Champion. Kenny hits him with the belt. He goes to hit the Royal Flush on Sabin but Suicide runs out and hits his move on Kenny. He picks up the belt and looks at it as he and Sabin have a staredown.

* AJ Styles defeated Mr. Anderson via DQ when Angle runs out and hits AJ. Aces run out as does Joe, Magnus, Park & Sting. AJ and Angle brawl to the back. It comes down to Sting and Ray in the ring. Sting has the advantage but Devon hit Sting. They hit 3D on him. Aces all posed to end the show.

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