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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling For January 2 & January 9

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
Impact Zone

TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings on Thursday night from Soundstage 19 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World writer Scott Brooks was on hand for the tapings and filed the following report:

Airing on January 2, 2014:

* Chris Sabin w/Velvet Sky defeated Austin Aries to win the X-Division Championship. Velvet got on the apron and distracted the ref (hesitantly at that) and Sabin low blowed Aries and put him in a small package to win the match and the belt.

Borash interviewed Sabin after. Sabin said he couldn't have done this without one person: himself and thanks himself and goes back up the ramp with Velvet.

Ethan Carter III came out and grabbed a mic. He said how he has been out against the toughest most sophisticated competition on the planet by his Aunt D. He mentioned how he beat Sting and Hardy last week and random Hardy leaving. He said he put out a tweet earlier challenging Jeff Hardy and asked Christy to introduce him. His music played but he did not come out. EC3 said since he isn't here they should ring the bell and count him out and be victorious. He started counting and got to 9 before Sting's music hit. The two exchanged words. Sting challenged him to not be Dixie's lapdog and prove he is a man. EC3 bailed out of the ring. Sting said he just proved him right. EC said he will fight him two weeks at Genesis and left.

* Joseph Park defeated Bully Ray via DQ. Ray stood in the corner the whole time. Park walked up close and Ray kicked him low. Ray started spraying lighter fluid on him. Be pulled out a lighter. Mr. Anderson came out for the save. Ray sprayed Anderson with it. He then held up the lighter. Anderson paused. Ray eventually left the ring as refs attended to Park.

Airing on January 9, 2014:

Dixie Carter came to the ring with a contract in hand. She asked AJ styles to come out to the ring. He had his gear on and took a mic. Dixie told him not to say a word. She asks him to sign the contract. She said it is full for one night only and one match only. Him vs Magnus tonight. Winner take all for the undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Championship. She said she has given him and Magnus a lot in this contract. She said it is a No DQ Match. She said she will never rest until she never has to look at his face again.

She wants him to be bloodied bruised and carried out from her ring in their last moment together and tells him to sign the contract. AJ says how she bet against him and lost at Bound For Glory and asks if she is understanding what she is saying. No more tournaments no more Dixieland matches. When he beats Magnus he will be the undisputed world heavyweight champion. He says before he signs it as far as No DQ goes, if she thinks her cronies will come out and screw it up there are people in the back that hate we as much as him. She says how she was the one who has paid him for 11 years and said no one will come out because she owns them. She made AJ and she can't wait to break him. AJ asks how she plans on doing that. He says she doesn't get wrestling. He says it is about two people coming out to see who is the best and she keeps screwing it up. He said the belt earned more respect when he took it away from her company and if that "paper champion" would take his head out from under her skirt, he would understand too.

Magnus comes out. He asks Dixie to leave the ring. She does. Magnus says that is the last time he will ever call him a paper champion. He says AJ's time here is up. He says that he wants back in because e isn't getting any attention anymore. He says he will end AJ tonight and there will be one man left standing, one true champion and that man will be him. He goes to the ramp with Dixie. AJ signs it. He says he didn't make a champion by shortcuts. He puts over the work he has put into the company and says he will walk out of here with honor and respect as champion and asks then what Magnus? He tells her to "take his lips off her tit" and ask her.

* In a non title match, Bromans defeated Joseph Park and Eric Young. Backstage, they showed Gail and Lei'd Tapa attacking ODB EY ran backstage leaving Joe to fend for himself and the two beat them.

Post match, Godderz and Robbie brought a guardrail in the ring and did a hart attack onto it.

NOTE: Zema said during his intro that he will be the next X-Division Champion so I assume he won the briefcase but he has not brought out.

James Storm called out Gunner to talk. Storm ran down the history of his tag teams. He said there is one thing he has learned that has torn tag teams apart and that is the World Heavyweight Title. Gunner said he wasn't the one who called him out. He said that Feast or Fired was every match for himself and said last week Storm super kicked him. Storm said he has a way to settle this. He mentioned how Gunner stepped over him to get that case. He said that they should hang the case back up because he don't think he can do it again. He and Gunner shake on it.

Samoa Joe fell on the stage. EC3 came out and attacked him. The two fought their way to the ring and we had a match.

* Samoa Joe and EC3 went to a no contest. . Spud came out with a wrench in hand and Joe went after him. EC3 used the wrench and the ref throughout the match.

A Steel Cage was assembled for an "open challenge" from Kurt Angle. Pin fall or submission only.

Angle came to the ring for the match. Bobby Roode came to the stage. He said in seven days they will be locked in a cage and he will prove to the world that he is better than Kurt. He said his TNA HOF Induction will be gone forever. As for tonight he has an open challenge. Roode commented that Kurt said that regardless of his opponent that all he will see is Bobby Roode. Roode asks if he wants to step in the cage tonight. He said that would be just plain stupid. Roode said he finds someone who hates him just as much as he does. Actually two people. Bad Influence.

* In a handicap steel cage match, Kurt Angle defeated Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) via Angle Slam on Kazarian.

Backstage we saw Dixie asking for the cage to be left up. Bobby Roode walked in and she asked if she was ready for his steel cage match tonight. Roode was confused and said he is wrestling Sting in a cage and needs Roode to be a team player.

* In a singles cage match, Bobby Roode defeated Sting via going out the door of the cage. EC3 and Spud ran out and got a police baton to Roode that he used on Sting and then walked out the door of the cage.

* In a NoDQ Match to crown the "undisputed winner take all TNA champion", Magnus defeated AJ Styles.
- Towards the beginning of the match, EC3 and Spud came out and attacked AJ. He fought them off at first but eventually the numbers game got to him.
- Sting came out and attacked the two of them. Both they and Sting stayed at ringside.
- All 3 members of Bromans then ran out and attacked Styles and Sting. Bromans hit their finisher on Styles but he kicked out.
- Sting made a comeback and he and Styles laid out Bromans.
- Bad Influence then ran out and attacked AJ. They hit Styles with a double team move and tried to tell them to count for Magnus. Earl Hebner refused and went to walk out, including shoving down Spud.
- Dixie brought out Brian Hebner.
- Bad Influence hit another double team move on Styles. Brian made the count but AJ kicked out.
- Sting laid out Bromans on the outside with a double scorpion death drop.
- Styles and Sting then laid out Bad Ifluence. AJ then sent Zema flying to the outside who collided with a cameraman.
- AJ locked in the calfkiller but Kazarian laid out Brian Hebner. AJ the. Laid both of them out.
- AJ hit the clash but there was no ref. Earl Hebner ran out to make the pin but Bad Influence pulled him out. AJ then dive into both of them.
- AJ went to the top but Roode ran out and knocked him off. He hit three Death Valley Drivers on AJ.
- Dixie brought out referee Brian Stiffler. Everyone was holding Sting back. Magnus made the pin.

EC3 Magnus Spud and Dixie celebrated. Dixie grabbed a mic and presented to the fans "your undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion" and they all left.

AJ grabbed a mic after. Loud "thank you AJ" chants. He said he wrestled all over the world and that there is no place like home. Whether he is here or whether he is somewhere else but the fans will always be a part of him. He killed himself for this company for the fans. "Storyline or not" Dixie Carter can forget about him, but he doesn't eat the fans to. He says this is real right now and thanks is for letting him wrestle for us. He goes around ringside and high fives fans around ringside and leaves.


* Curry Man defeated Extreme Tiger via roll up. Tiger cut a promo in Spanish beforehand.

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