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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results (4/17/14 & 4/24/14)

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling taped more Impact on Friday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was at the taping and filed the following report. Please be advised as is the case when a show and a half is taped, some segments might air on different episodes. Scott did his best to differentiate:

Impact Wrestling (4/17/14):

The new world heavyweight champion Eric Young opened the show. He's said in the 7 days everything has been good so far and says that the belt represents a lifetime of hard work. Crowd chanted "you deserve it." He won the belt for himself but he is going to be a champion for the fans. He said people have said that before but this is his way of paying the fans back. Ten years of support for him and this is their payback. He asks the fans who have been told no or they can't do something. He says the difference between him and the fans is absolutely nothing. He says he is a fan. He is one of them. The time of a paper champion is over and says things are going to change here. He will defend whenever however and any way the fans see fit. Dixie Carter's music hits and she comes to the ring. She mentions how she has always seen potential in him and allowed him to stay when he did "don't fire Eric." Eric says MVP is in charge and we don't need her. She says EY represents her since he is champion of her company. He says he will flush the crap from the company. She calls him a court jester for the people. She says he needs to be a man of style class and high fashion. She threatens ODB if he doesn't cooperate. Bully Ray ends up coming out. He apologies to EY and asks the fans who is sick of Dixie. Ray calls EY a role model for every wrestler who has been held down by a boss like her. He says Dixie should be proud of how hard EY has worked. She says Ray stole from her and doublecrossed her. Ray says she doesn't want to make him mad. He mentions last week how she was in the ring while he had tables in the ring. He starts saying he doesn't want to take more of EY's time and sings the good bye song at her. Dixie leaves. Ray then says EY is a guy they can count on and is someone they can proud of. Ray doesn't endorse many people because he doesn't like many people but he respects and likes EY. He starts a chant for him and the segment ends.

Bobby Roode came out for a promo. There were a couple tables around the ring. He called himself the master of the tables match and wanted to make sure Bully Ray was watching. Roode put out a challenge. Gunner answered.

In a tables match, Bobby Roode defeated Gunner following interference from James Storm.

Post match Storm and Roode attacked Gunner together until Bully Ray made the save.

In a TNA Tag Team title match, The Wolves defeated Bromans w/Zema Ion by DQ when Zema interfered and hit Eddie with a laptop that he had at ringside.

MVP came out to the ring. He put over EY winning the title last week. He talked about Samoa Joe saying he would not be available last week. He says Joe has not returned any of his calls. MVP says the word has gotten back to him that Joe is disgruntled. Austin Aries interrupts and says he is the most disgruntled man who has ever lived. He says it's nice to know some people have not forgotten who he is as fans chant his name. He said he has been on the sidelines since Lockdown. Aries mocks MVP's motivate/validate/participate and asks for some answers. MVP says he gave Aries a chance and Aries turned on him. MVP says he made his bed and to sleep in it. MVP says it is not about Aries or himself and if is about the fans. Since Aries doesn't need any motivation and wants validation he will give him some participation. MVP throws off his blazer. Aries says we will do it next week. He is not stupid and will not throw fists right now with a convicted felon and says they will fight next week.

In a Monster's Ball World Title Match, Eric Young defeated Abyss. The match saw Abyss chokeslam Eric Young into thumbtacks and an attempt onto a barbed wire board but EY blocked it and drop kicked him onto the board before following up with a top rope elbow drop. *

* = They didn't identify it as a world title match in the intros for the match but Borash later called it EY's first defense.

*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results (Partial For 4/17/14)

Impact Wrestling (4/24/14):

Madison Rayne came to the ring. She said she heard the Beautiful People wanted to give her a makeover and calls them to the ring. They talk and Madison says they were right. She says she is sorry for what she is about to. Madison attacks but The Beautiful people make a comeback. Angelina says the only reason the hired we to begin with was to make then look better. Brittany comes out for the save but gets beaten up. They put a brown bag over Madison. Angelina says Madison she now looks her absolute best score she takes the Knockout's Title from her in 3 days at Sacrifice. Gail Kim comes out. She then beats up Angelina and Velvet and tosses them both out.

Bobby Lashley defeated Kenny King by countout. Lashley was looking to hit his finisher on Kenny King but Kenny bailed and went to the back.

Magnus came to the ring. He went to do his championship intro then remember he was a former champion. He ran down the crowd. He doesn't look at it like he lost the title or he was beaten by EY but instead he was very let down and says good help is hard to find these days. He calls out Abyss and Abyss comes out. Magnus calls him an idiot. He says he realized why everyone abandoned him because he is a gigantic disappointment and a big letdown. He only asked Abyss to make sure that no matter what the title stayed with him. Abyss said if anyone came to the ring they would be fired on the spot. Magnus said MVP said that, but Abyss doesn't work for MVP or TNA. He works for Magnus. Magnus says Abyss's services are no longer required, wishes him the best luck in his future endeavors and fires him. Abyss said it was never about the money or financial gain. It was about him having a sense of belonging and says he befriended Magnus and did they were friends, but now Abyss truly realizes that Magnus is an arrogant jackass. He says his name is "The Monster Abyss" and he hurts people and destroys lives. Since he is no longer an employee of Magnus's he will start with him. Magnus said he is not a contracted wrestler so he will press charges on Abyss. MVP comes out. He assesses the situation and says Abyss will earn a full time spot on the roster if he wins his match tonight against Magnus. Abyss says he never liked Magnus and tonight he will kick his ass.

Kurt Angle defeated Rockstar Spud w/EC3 via Ankle Lock. After, EC3 attacked Angle until Willow made the save.

Angelina Love & Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne & Gail Kim via rollup with the tights by Love on Rayne.

MVP defeated Austin Aries via The Drive By.

Bobby Roode & James Storm defeated Bully Ray & Gunner via Last Call by Storm on Gunner.

Storm took a mic and commented that Gunner can't talk with his teeth kicked down his throat but this Sunday he will have to say I Quit.


ODB defeated Brittany via TKO.

Sanada defeated Zema Ion via moonsault to retain the X-Division Championship.

Nothing aside from the KO's title match and the I Quit were confirmed as a match for Sacrifice to the live crowd.

Nothing was said about why Magnus/Abyss did not happen on the TV.

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