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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 5/1 & 5/8

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA taped this week's episode of Impact Wrestling and half of next week's on Monday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Wrestling News World's Scott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Due to TNA taping multiple episodes, some segments might be on a different date.

Impact Wrestling (Airing May 1, 2014):

They showed a promo backstage of Eric Young talking about how he has surprised a lot of people. He went to speak with MVP. Gunner Bobby Roode and Mr. Anderson showed up. He said EY had to do a test of endurance he is posing another test tonight. MVP started up some card game where the guy who gets the highest card has to face the winner of the guys who draw the two lower cards. Roode gets the highest card so it is Anderson/Gunner with the winner facing Roode and the winner of that match against Roode faces EY later tonight.

Magnus came to the ring. He crapped on MVP's test for tonight. He calls out MVP. Abyss shows up in the crowd and attacks Magnus. He gets the upperhand and goes for Janice but Magnus bailed.

Bully Ray came to the ring with a table. He was notably holding his rib from his injury. The table said "Dixie" on it. He said the fans never let him down. He ran down what happened at Sacrifice said he had a bruised and a cracked rib but he is still standing. He says if he sees her in this building tonight she will go through that table.

Match 1) Gunner defeated Mr. Anderson via Hanger 18 to face Bobby Roode later will face EY after that. James Storm tried to cost Gunner the match but it failed.

EC3 came out and says in one week he goes 1-on-1 with Kurt Angle and runs down their history. He says he will work an exhibition match and his sparring partner will be Rockstar Spud. They do their sparring. Kurt Angle comes to the stage. He says if he shows up next week he will beat EC3, he will hurt EC3, and he will end his streak. He will snap his ankle and the pain begins in seven days.

Match 2) Bobby Roode defeated Gunner via Roodebomb cleanly to advance to face Eric Young later tonight for the World Championship.

Dixie came out for a promo to talk about Bully Ray with three security members (two portrayed by Florida independent talents Eddie Graves and Teddy Stigma). Security brought the Dixie table in the ring (which was left at ringside) in the ring while some security remained at the ramp to block it. Dixie sat on the table and said Dixie has not forgotten what Ray did to her and mentioned how she put "the master of a tables match" through a table, which if her wrestling knowledge is correct is the first time that has happened. She said Ray does not intimidate her and that he should fear Dixie. Ray came out an stopped at the line of security. The crowd chants "put her through a table" and Ray says the crowd and the world wants to see it. He does not fear Dixie and asks the crowd if she fears him which the crowd says yes. He tells the security that they know what he will probably do to them and asks if they really want to stand up to her and that every one of them would love to see him put her through a table and implores them all to walk away. The crowd chants walk away and they do but the three in the ring stick around. Ray says he will count to five and kick the crap out of the three of them if they don't leave and then he will put Dixie through a table. The crowd counts 5 immediately and Ray says they really want out. Ray milks the count and then storms the ring but the three security guards Storm him but Ray powers out and lays them out. Ray grabs Dixie for the powerbomb. MVP shows up and say leave her alone. He says it is his ring not Dixie's ring and allows her to leave while she still has a chance. MVP says they are both barred from the Impact Zone right now.

Match 3) Willow defeated James Storm by DQ when Storm shoved the ref. Storm went to attack him with a beer bottle shard but Willow countered with the umbrella. Anderson showed up on the stage and hit a mic check on the ramp on Storm.

The Beautiful People came to the ring in long black dresses. Angelina said they were told to follow a more appropriate dress code or else. The Beautiful People take orders from nobody and if they say they can't do something they will. They say they will take it all off right now and asks for their music. They play the music and do a striptease but they decide against it. Angelina called the fans pathetic and asked if they really felt they would show their goodies. Velvet said they can all go back to their obese out of shape flat chested lonely wives and girlfriends. Angelina says let's pay respect to the greatest KOs champion who has held it for a record breaking six times: herself. Gail Kim's music plays. Gail said the division was built on sexy women but also on wrestling. Gail said they promised a striptease and she planned on stripping them of everything. Gail attacked them and they bailed. Madison and Brittany showed up on the stage and stripped the beautiful people of their dresses and they ran to the back.

Match 4) The Wolves & Sanada defeated The Bromans of Zema Jessie and Robbie E when everyone hit their finisher on Zema with Davey getting the pin.

Match 5) Eric Young retained the World Heavyweight Championship over Bobby Roode via elbow drop in about ten minutes. They both kicked out of each other's finisher once (Piledriver/Roode Bomb.) There was mutual respect between the two following the match but Roode was clearly disappointed by the loss.

Impact Wrestling (Airing May 8, 2014):

Knox with The Menagerie which is his girl, a masked muscleman, a clown with balloons, and two guys with favoring on stilts defeated Kazarian. Knox beat Kazarian with the Sky High. The whole group took a now after the match.

Eric Young came to the ring with a mic. He said he vowed that the title would be defended every single week. He said he may not be in the best physical or mental condition and said if he won't be booked in a match he will have to book one himself. He said he is issuing an open challenge. Whenever they are ready, come on out. Roode came out and made his case. EY said he is not the smartest but last week he pinned Roode. Roode said he came close. He said before then he had to go to war with Gunner. If he wants the respect then he needs to defend the title. Roode runs down their 17 year history together to get into the wrestling business. He said they did it together. Roode said they were the best of friends but they were better enemies. Tonight he says for old times sake they do battle one more time for the world heavyweight title. If Eric is able to beat him, Roode will never ask for this again. EY says Roode is a lot of things but he is one of the best wrestlers in the world so tonight they do it one more time. They shake hands on it.

Match 2) EC3 defeats Kurt Angle. During the match, Angle was monitoring his knee. Ref threw up an X at one point. He hit a spear to Angle's knee for the pin. Match was pretty short. Angle was helped to the back.

MVP came out and said the EY/Roode match will not be happening. He goes on about how wrestlers are paid to wrestle, not book their own matches. He has A blockbuster announcement pertaining to EY's opponent at Slammiversary. Roode came out and complained. MVP said he had his chance and lost. MVP said on his watch there will be no handouts. Roode asked where MVP was for the last ten years and Roode runs down his accomplishments and tells he doesn't talk about handouts "you son of a bitch". MVP says this conversation is over. Roode shoves him. MVP says he touches him one more time he will skip to participate. Roode shoves him and the two of them get into a pull apart by security refs and the agents.


Austin Aries defeated Tigre Uno via Brainbuster.

Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love via Eat Defeat

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