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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 5/8 & 5/15

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA taped the rest of next week's episode of Impact Wrestling and the 5/15 episode on Tuesday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Due to TNA taping multiple shows, some segments might be on different shows.

Impact Wrestling (Airing May 8, 2014 continued here):

MVP came to the ring and said he promised earlier that he would reveal Eric Young his opponent ft Slammiversary and he would not let Roode ruin it. He called EY out to the ring. MVP calls Eric Young a fighting champion. MVP said it is his job to find the best competition for him. MVP introduces the #1 contender but nobody comes out. MVP says since they may have to wait until next week then attacks Eric Young and lays him out. He says he will see him at Slammiversary.

They showed a backstage segment with Magnus and Tom Latimer (Kenneth Cameron from NXT) who was named Bram. They spoke about Magnus having a match with Willow later.

Match 1) Willow defeated Magnus w/Bran via DQ when Bram stacked Willow. He slammed him into the stairs then laid him out with a Suplex into a cutter. He pulls out handcuffs and handcuffs him to the ropes telling Magnus this is how you do it. He grabs a turnbuckle hook from under the ring and hits Willow with it a couple times and tells Magnus again that this is how you do it.

Match 2) The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Madison Rayne) defeated Brittany and Velvet Sky in an Elimination Evening Gown Match. Brittany got eliminated following ref distraction leaving Madison against the other two. Madison eliminated Velvet. Velvet came out in nothing but a towel to distract the ref and it allowed Angelina to take advantage and disrobe Madison.

Match 3) In a Ladder Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship, The Wolves retained over The Bromans. The match saw Eddie spill to the outside while suplexing Jessie, Davey hit a double stomp on a ladder against the apron on Robbie. The Wolves climbed to the top when Zema came out (who was chased out to start with). The Wolves grabbed him and did a double hip toss from the top of the two ladders to the floor onto Robbie and Jessie. Thankfully, Zema appeared to be OK. The Wolves pulled down the titles and celebrated.

Impact Wrestling (Airing May 15, 2014):

Match 1) Kazarian defeated Crazy Steve w/Mike Knox and the rest of the Menagerie . Not sure if it was by error but they left the Menagerie's theme playing throughout the match and they had their own pink and green lighting during the match. Steve was more entertained by doing a dive onto his balloons and fooling around than to wrestle. He ended up pantsing the referee causing the DQ. Knox was disappointed with the loss but all of The Menagerie posed in the ring afterwards.

Eric Young came to the ring and said someone he trusted turned his back on him. He said everyone in the back and wants change and said anything is better than Dixie. He said he promised he would be a fighting champion and he does that. He said this kind of stuff is not going to happen on his watch. He said all MVP had to do was ask. Eric calls himself crazy and said he won't wait until Slammiversary and falls him out to do this right now. MVP comes on the screen. He ranted on EY and called him an insignificant nobody and mentioned how he was the one who gave Eric this opportunity. EY said he promised to be a fighting champion and he will fight MVP tonight.

Match 2) In a Handicap Match, Willow defeated Magnus and Bram. Bran laid out Willow and tagged in Magnus and offered him turnbuckle hook to use but Magnus kicked it out. Willow then caught Magnus and rolled him up. Magnus and Bram got into words after. Borash said to the crowd that Willow was going on the offensive so I assume he volunteered for the match backstage or something.

Match 3) James Storm defeated Mr. Anderson via Last Call. Storm used Beer Bottle Shenanigans to get the win.

Backstage Eric Young and MVP were fighting. They brawled into the building and brawled until security separated them. MVP ended up kicking Eric Young below the belt. MVP said EY made his point and they will have their match later tonight.

Gail Kim came out for a promo. She said she was ready to fight and called out The Beautiful People. They came to the ring. Angelina said Gail was jealous and that she should never be the champion. Angelina accepts her challenge and Velvet blindsides Gail and attacks Velvet and we have a match.

Match 4) Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love via Eat Defeat.

Post match, Angelina hit Gail with the belt and posed with Velvet.

Match 5) In a triple threat match for the X-Division Championship, Sanada retained over Zema Ion and Tigre Uno via a Tiger Suplex on Zema.

Match 6) In a match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship, Eric Young retained over MVP via DQ. MVP attacked EY before the match. Kenny King laid out EY with The Coronation. MVP ordered for the match to be restarted. Brian Hebner refused and Kenny laid out Brian. MVP asked what he was doing but later joined in with Kenny. Bobby Lashley's music hit and he ran out. He teased attacking Kenny and MVP but speared EY. He hit a running power slam on EY through two chairs. The three of them posed over EY, with MVP notably holding the title.


Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky defeated Brittany

TNA returns to Orlando next week on May 7th through May 10th, with the 7th through 9th being Impact tapings and the 10th has two One Night Only PPVs to be taped.

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