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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Friday

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on Friday. Wrestling News World’sScott Brooks and one of his friends covered the tapings for us and filed the following report.

Please note, we aren’t clear on the air dates as of this writing. If I had to guess, material was taped for March 27 and April 3, however, we should get those straight after Saturday’s tapings.

Impact Wrestling Taping Results
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

James Storm out with Khoya in cage, says tonight is supposed to be Jeff Hardy's revenge but Jeff Hardy isn't here, Storm crippled Jeff Hardy, last week he put out Matt Hardy, Storm then threw a watermelon from the top of the cage implying it was Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy's music hit and he came out, Hardy said Storm has done what nobody has ever done, he's hurt, not walking right, but he can kick his ass, he's still standing, tonight they will lock themselves in and end the revolution.

Manik runs in and attacks Hardy but Jeff fights him off, then Abyss runs out and attacks him, Hardy fends off Abyss with a chair.

Storm says by the end of the night Hardy will wish he was dead

Jeff Hardy asks for the lethal lockdown cage top to be lowered. Storm and Khoya both in the cage.

Everyone is leaving to the back.

Cage is coming down.

Kurt Angle is out, says thank you to all those who have supported him throughout his career, that support is why he is in front of them as TNA Champion. 14 times he has been world champion, 3.5 years since the last time. He has refocused and to be champion after all his injuries is the proudest moment of his career.

EC3 interrupts, out with Tyrus. EC3 says Kurt is an inspiration to everyone, including EC3 himself. Kurt did the impossible and beat Lashley. EC3 says he has been undefeated for 18 months and beat every TNA Hall of Famer. EC3 says he will be the man who beats Angle for the title, and nothing Angle can do about it.

Bobby Roode out, says if there is a discussion about the title it should involve him. Roode threatens EC3. Says he has nothing but respect for Angle, and that Angle deserves this moment, but it's just a moment.

Eric Young comes out, says he will stop Bobby Roode, EY says he is better than Roode and has always been better. As long as EY is breathing, Roode will never hold the title again.

Aries out now with the briefcase, says he holds the fate of the title in his hands. Aries brings a bottle of champagne for Kurt. Says are we celebrating your title win or mine?

Angle says he will take on all comers, anyplace, anytime.

Lashley comes out, stare-down and words on the ramp. Lashley wants a rematch, Angle says they can do it right now, refs break it up.

Tyrus, EC3, and EY attack Aries and Roode, Ken Anderson run in for the save. Anderson says there is too much talking at not enough fighting.

3 on 3 right now.

EC3, Tyrus, and EY beat Aries, Roode, and Anderson when EY made Aries tap to the Figure 4.

Awesome Kong beat Brooke with the implant buster. Kong hit a second one after the match, she was going to put Brooke through a table outside but Taryn made the save. After a brawl, Kong powebombs Taryn through the table.

Bram is out, calling Magnus a coward because he hides behind his family. Says Mickie has more balls then Magnus ever had and is more of a man than Magnus will ever be. Bram was about to comment on Magnus's child.

Magnus and Mickie come out, Magnus says he will put Bram 6 feet under if he ever talks about his child again. Magnus says everyone talks too much, this is the impact zone wants total non stop action. Bram says after he beats Magnus his door is always open for Mickie.

They brawl, then Bram hits a low blow, Bram them grabs Mickie and tries to force a kiss, Magnus attacks and nails Bram with the turnbuckle connector, Mickie then also starts attacking Bram, Bram then escapes.

Rockstar Spud beat Low Ki with a small packages when Low Ki got distracted by Drew Galloway and MVP arguing at ringside, MVP and Kenny King came down mid match, Galloway came from the crowd

BDC promo, MVP says he only likes 3 things from Scotland, Sean Connery, and Sheena Easton. BDC is coming after Galloway, lots of boring chants.

Drew is out again, says he decide to stand up, he says he's willing to stand up tonight and see who is with him. Says fans are the voice of pro wrestling. Shaun Ricker and Camacho come through the crow and aid Drew against the BDC. Says this is The Rising.

Angelina vs Gail Kim, Angelina says that she is a record breaking 6 time KO champion, says she is free of the constraints holding her back the last year, she will prove she is as good as Gail, If not better.

Gail Kim beat Angelina Love with Eat Defeat

Eric Young says tonight he ends Bobby Roode's career, tonight is the final war.

Roode out, says since EY cost him the title he beat EY in the cage, he was the last man standing, tonight Roode is here to end this story forever.

EY says he will make Roode tap, Roode disagrees, will make Young tap.

Eric Young bet Bobby Roode with the figure 4, Ref bump prior to the finish caused the ref to miss EY tapping to the crossface

The Wolves come out for a promo, Eddie is on crutches, JB asks Eddie for an update on his knee. Explains how he hurt his heel. It is fractured. Says he will be out for a long time and they can't defend their championships. JB asked if Davey has thought of a different partner. Davey says they are family and the best tag team in the world. They will relinquish the tag belts until Eddie is healthy. However, whoever has the tag belts when Eddie is healthy will be hunted down, captured, and torn to shreds. This hunt never dies.

Magnus beat Bram in a falls count anywhere with a backdrop into sambo suplex. Mickie James came out mid match, Bram had Magnus incapacitated, went after Mickie, James Storm made the save, talked Bram down and got Mickie out of harms way, then left. Mickie and Magnus embraced after the match.

Kurt Angle beat Bobby Lashley with a roll up, Lashley's shoulder was clearly up but the ref was positioned not to see the shoulder up.

Jeff Hardy beat James Storm with a swinging splash while holding the roof of the Cage in an enclosed steel cage match with weapons.

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