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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Sunday

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.

TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on Sunday. Wrestling News World’sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report.

While the previous two days had largely full crowds all night, tonight's taping had less people in the bleachers. It filled up as the night progressed.

I believe this will be for parts of episodes airing on 4/10/15 and 4/17/15.

Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy came to the ring and took a microphone. Jeff informs Matt that since he wasn't here he will bring him up to speed and starts a "Hardy's Revenge" chant. Now that he has gotten his revenge, he wants to move on to win the TNA Tag Team Titles for the first time. Matt says it feels good to stand in the ring for the first time in two months and promises to win the tag titles. He says it is unfortunate that Eddie got hurt, tells Eddie to get well and promises them a shot. EC3's music hits and EC3 and Tyrus come to the stage. EC3 says he is the best in TNA. He commends their career as fairly adequate and reminds them of his own 19 month undefeated streak. He says since he has not been given a shot at the World Title he wants to make himself eligible to become a tag team champion. He needs a tag team partner who can help him and introduces Bram. Bram says he is in a bad mood. Bram says he hates EC3 the least but all he cares about is beating up the rest of the people in the lockeroom. EC3 says they are the odds on favorite to win the whole thing. Mr. Anderson comes to the stage and questions them being the odds on favorite. He says EC3 is only the odds on favorite to have the smallest wiener. He introduces his partner for the tournament Rockstar Spud and says they are going to be great. Austin Aries's music hits and he comes to the stage with briefcase in hand. He said he hears the word great being thrown around and he says there is nobody greater than the greatest man that ever lived. He says next week he is going to leave the briefcase at home because he is feeling a bit greedy and wants some more gold of his own and introduces his partner Bobby Roode.

At this point, Jeremy Borash said he would let the audience know the exact dates of tonight's tapings.

The Beatdown Clan (Kenny King, Low Ki, MVP) and The Rising (Mikah, Eli Drake, and Drew Galloway) came to the ring for a match. MVP took a mic and commended The Rising for getting the fans behind them and says there is something to get behind with the honor and respect of pro wrestling. MVP says in a one on one match with no BS and it is Kenny King vs Mikah.

Match 1) Kenny King w/MVP and Low Ki Mikah w/Eli Drake and Drew Galloway. During the early portion, Eli and Drew were removed. The finish for screwed up when Kenny went for a springboard and Mikah sort of caught Kenny in a Samoan Drop, but it was executed awkwardly. He threw Kenny to the ropes and hit a Samoan Drop for the pin.

After, the BDC attacked him until The Rising came for the save. Homicide showed up again with riot baton in hand and hit Eli and Drew. The BDC also used a steel pipe in the beatdown. The BDC laid him out Drew and they all posed.

Match 2) In a Knockout's Championship #1 contendership match, Brooke defeated Gail Kim, Angelina Love, and Madison Rayne via pinfall on Madison following the TessShocker.

Josh Matthews interviewed Brooke after the match who was very excited. Josh says later tonight Kong and Taryn will happen. Brooke says she will take on either of ten and she is just glad to be back and to win the title.

Match 3) In a match for the tag team tournament, The Hardys defeated James Storm and Khoya via Twist of Fate and Swanton on Khoya and pin by Jeff. Khoya was holding Jeff for The Last Call, but Jeff moved and Storm hit Khoya accidentally setting up the finish.

After Jeremy Borash interviews them about never winning the tag titles. Jeff says it has been over eight years since they were the tag team champions and now is their time.

Kurt Angle came out and said tonight he is scheduled to defend against Eric Young. He said a lot has gone on this week so what he is about to do is very necessary an calls Eric out to the ring. Angle told Eric about what he said about last week about fighting the old Eric Young. Eric talked about how people have called him crazy before. He said last week he stopped Angle from being hit with a steel chair and stopped himself from hitting Angle too. He tells Angle he will wrestle the best one the "real" Eric Young and says may the best man win. Austin Aries came out and says before they make the main event official he has something everybody wants to hear. He looks at Kurt and says he is a very observant man and he takes a look at situations and people and sees what is really going on. He says the real Eric Young is the one who turned on his best friend Bobby Roode and cost him the world title. He calls Eric a ticking time bomb and says a leopard doesn't change his spots. He is a man of chance and opportunity and is looking at the title. He said he could have done what EY would have done and bashed his head in and cashed in that way. No cliche BS, Aries he respects everything about Kurt and calls him the measuring stick. Now he wants to be that guy. He wants no shenanigans, tonight it will be Kurt Angle defending against Austin Aries tonight. He apologies to Eric Young and tells him he will have to take his crazy and wait. He tells Angle that he needs to go back and get mentally prepared for the greatest wrestler today. He tells him that he is going to walk out here, they are going to have one of the most epic matches out there, and he will walk out the new heavyweight champion. Aries heads to the back.

Match 4) Laura Dennis (Cherry Bomb) defeated Jade (Mia Yim) with Marti (Marti Belle) by DQ. Marti and Jade entered doing a dance holding each other's hands and twirling around to a dubstep style theme. Marti corrected Hemme saying to introduce them as The Doll House, which they had a titantron for them. Marti pulled out the ref and attacked Laura for the DQ. They laughed and danced. When Christy Hemme announced the result they got in her face and asked what they said and both punched her and laid her out.

There was a podium set up in the ring for EC3 and Tyrus, both suited up. EC3 declares himself the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. "EC3 2015 is the Campaign." He says his qualifications are beating every TNA Hall of Famer including Bully Ray, Sting, and Kurt Angle. He wants to hold the title for the next right years. They are starting the campaign right here in FL. Unemployment will go down 79% while lazy Millennials will go down by 67%. The US will become Carter Country. Not red and blue but golden. He said he will defend the belt all over the globe and even take the title to space and defend it in orbit, on the moon, and on Mars. He says God bless TNA and God bless EC3. Mr. Anderson's music hits and he comes to the ring. Anderson says this segment sucks. EC3 says he was not invited and Anderson says he feels underdressed. Anderson said he listened to him talk and he thinks EC3 has a hell of a future and intents on the amount of BS coming out of his mouth and says he should run for president. Tyrus steps forward and Anderson says he worked for 11 years to earn his first title, not have other people do his dirty work like Tyrus for EC3. They get into a brawl with Anderson almost hitting the mic check on EC3 but Tyrus saved him and pulled him out as Anderson popped some of EC3's balloons that were also in the ring.

The Doll House of Jade and Marti cane to the ring and said they have a surprise later and that they can't wait.

Magnus makes his way to the ring and takes a mic. He says he just wants to say that the last few months have been some of the most emotionally intense of his whole career and says he appreciates all of the support. Tonight it is not about him, it is about his fiancée's future in the business. He introduces not his fiancée, not the mother of his child, but one of the best Knockouts of all time: Mickie James. She takes the mic and said she came back because Magnus had a real personal issue and thanks everyone for welcoming her back with open arms. She says she has shared the ring with some of the greatest women of all time and beaten them every one of them. Holding the title gave her purpose but now her life has new purpose is her son Donovan who she now holds in her arms instead. She could not have asked for a better career as the fans chant "Thank you Mickie." She gets emotional and says she wanted to say it face to face but it is now time for her to go home and be a mom and she wants to be the greatest mom that she can be and she hopes that everyone just appreciates everything. The Revolution's music hits and James Storm comes to the ring. He tells Mickie there is no crying in wrestling. She has known him for a long time and those that know him know that he likes cold beer hot women and fast cars. He says she would rather wear cowboy boots instead of high heels and that she will stand up for what she believes in no matter who she has to stand up to. He says he knows that the fans doesn't want to see her go and he doesn't want to see her go either. Magnus thanks him but says this has been a difficult decision for both of them. Storm says if a decision is difficult then it should not be made and says these people don't want her to leave and calls her one of the greatest knockouts. Mickie asks Storm to not make this harder for her and she has made her decision thinking it is the right one. Storm says he understands her wanting to go home and be a mother to her son. He reminds her that these people love her and he is not asking her to do a full time schedule but just one more time. The crowd chants "one more time." Mickie said one more time? Storm said he couldn't hear her and she shouts it and Storm asks for her music to be hit and heads to the back.

JB says that these shows will air in April.

Match 5) Davey Richards defeated Manik with a spin kick to the head.

After the match, Khoya and Abyss attacked Davey. Abyss chokeslammed Davey on the apron then set him up to do so on the steps until the Hardys came to the ring for the save and they laid out Abyss and Khoya. Jeff hit a Twist of Fate on Manik then Matt picked him up onto his shoulders for an assisted Twist of Fate with Jeff. They helped Davey Richards to his feet and said the three of them will face the three members of the Revolution tonight in a Street Fight later tonight.

Before the next match, Taryn told Kong that Kong beat her by DQ and said that this match should be no disqualification.

Match 6) For the TNA Knockout's Championship in a match with no disqualifications, Taryn Terrell defeated Awesome Kong. The match saw kendo sticks and a table get involved The Doll House came to the ring and grabbed kendo sticks. When Awesome Kong was on the top rope, they hit Kong with the kendo sticks repeatedly and shove Kong off into an ace crusher through the table, which did not break sending Kong down pretty hard. Taryn grabbed the title and hit Kong in the face with it to retain.

Taryn said that nobody thought she could beat Kong. She is here to put everyone on notice. You can't beat her and if you mess with her you mess with her friends and they don't play very nice. She says this is her house....the Doll House and laughs.

Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries did not happen. Aries came to the ring and Eric Young jumped him. He piledrove Aries on the floor and then piledrove him again on the steel steps. Kurt Angle came to the ring for the save but Eric Young laid him out to and Angle needed to be helped to the back.

They had Aries get stretchered out including having Bobby Roode come to the ring to help him to the back as the fans chanted his name.

Match 7) In a Four-Way Ladder Match for the TNA X-Division Championship, Kenny King defeated Rockstar Spud, Mandrews, and Tigre Uno to become the NEW X-Division Champion. Lots of high flying including Mandrews doing a Shooting Star Press from the top turnbuckle to all three on the floor and Tigre Uno hitting a Shirunai Kai off the ladder on Mandrews. Spud laid out Kenny off the top ladder. Homicide ran down and pulled Spud from the ladder onto a ladder leaned into the turnbuckle and Spud landed tailbone first. Kenny climbed up and pulled down the belt to win. Spud also had a bandage on his side and when he entered he was holding it so it is possible they did a beatdown segment backstage.

Match 8) In a steel pipe on a pole match Drew Galloway defeated Low Ki. Low Ki at one point hit a double stomp to Drew's back while he was stomach first across the back of a chair. There was one spot where Low Ki set up Drew for the Tree of Woe Double Stomp and Drew popped up into a belly to belly and Low Ki landed almost face first. Drew got to the pipe first. Drew hit a Future Shock DDT on a chair for the pin.

After, the BDC attacked until The Rising made the save. MVP and Drew squared off with a pipe and a chair.

Match 9) In a six man tag street fight, Davey Richards and the Hardys defeated The Revolution (Abyss, Khoya, Manik). The match started with all six brawling from the back. Garbage cans, kendo sticks, and chairs were used in the match and there was a large amount of brawling around ringside. Jeff blocked an earthquake attempt from Abyss by putting Matt Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Abyss and Jeff followed with a Swanton for the pin. James Storm came to ringside and got into words with Abyss as the Hardys and Davey posed for the fans.


Bobby Roode defeated Robbie E via Roode Bomb.

TNA tapes Impact again tomorrow at Universal Studios and they advertised taping an Ultimate X tomorrow.

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