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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For June 5 & June 12

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.

TNA wrapped their latest Impact Wrestling tapings from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL on Friday night. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report.

In a backstage segment (not sure of when it will air on TV), Borash recapped for the crowd how last night there was a drinking contest between James Storm and Mr. Anderson. They showed a promo and both guys were very drunk. Anderson then reveals that he was acting and that Storm is drunk an starts eating him up in the bar and then they take it to the street. Anderson slams Storm into a dumpster and lays him out.

Mr. Anderson came to the ring to James Storm's old theme dressed as a cowboy. He mocked Storm and got in the ring to talk with Christy Hemme and said how he likes beer. He said "sorry about my damn breath." He said last week "Anderson" whipped his ass in a beer drinking competition. James Storm came to the ramp. He said he thinks Anderson thinks it's funny to befriend and drink with a man only to realize he isn't drinking at all. Anderson said he did find it funny. Storm said Anderson pissed him off and he wants to go another round and that kind of round can't go down in a bar. Storm said his time is a lot better than these people's time so what he's saying is he is closed for business tonight. They ended up brawling around ringside. Storm got the upperhand. He put Anderson in the ring then delivered The Last Call. Storm took a mic and said on June 15th, bring your boots. No idea if they are just doing a singles match or not*

Impact Wrestling (Airing June 5, 2014):

Match 1) Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne to retain the Knockout's Championship. Madison got sent I the outside and Brittany came to ringside but didn't do anything besides stand and ringside and watch while Madison wondered why she was out here. Velvet used the hairspray on Madison and Angelina rolled her up with the tights. Brittany shook her head in disappointment when Madison lost.

Impact Wrestling (Airing June 12, 2014):

Eric Young came to the ring dressed to wrestle. He took a mic and said in three days it will be the biggest match of his life. He asks the three of them to come out if MVP cannot pay attention to Dixie for a but. MVP says he doesn't take orders from Dixie and isn't paying attention to her. EY has his attention. EY ways he knows that Kenny and Lashley will get involved. MVP says that he is a more world class athlete than EY and will beat him. EY says all he wants is the respect he has earned and has one request; just a fair fight between the two. MVP says Kenny can be hard to control and that Lashley is pretty composed but it's hard to guarantee that. EY says he is talking to him man to man. EY said getting attacked from behind and all of that is garbage, it's not wrestling. He would do absolutely anything to make sure that doesn't happen. MVP says he will let EY pick the stip for the match at Slammiversary but however, he has to earn that opportunity by beating the three of them in one night. Kenny said that MVP couldn't beat two of them. EY said he can't guarantee but he will try. He said will be it two or three. Kenny called EY stupid and said he just said two. MVP said if he can beat two he will pick the stip but he is not concerned since it is a no win situation. EY said he doesn't think MVP is man enough to take the belt from him. MVP announces his first opponent right now is Bobby Lashley.

Match 1) Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young via Running Powerslam in a non title match. Afterwards, Bobby beat down on EY a bit. He picked up the belt until Samoa Joe came out for the save. The two of them brawled for a bit, but Joe got the upperhand and Lashley left.

Magnus and Bram came to the ring. Bram said he proudly brings to the fans the most brutal man he knew growing up, Magnus. Magnus said Bram promised he would bring back the old him. Magnus said he was trying to be everything they wanted like that watered down suit wearing joke. Magnus looks at the last six months and it makes him sick so no more being what someone else wants him to be. With Bram with him, they are unstoppable. Bram says Jeff needed an alterego to give him an edge. Now Willow knows who the real "Mag daddy" is. Willow's music plays and he comes to the ring. Willow talks with some cryptic stuff. He said he is glad Magnus found himself. At Slammiversary, "we" will take you down. Magnus asked if we meant he and his alter ego. Magnus said he doesn't have an alter ego but he has Bram. Willow said we are ready to fight. Bram says Willow and Jeff Hardy are the same person. Bram said they are two very dangerous people. Willow says of course they are the same person. In his corner he will have someone to instill the fear in them. Willow says "we" will take you out. Willow introduces The Monster Abyss and the four of them get in a brawl. Abyss and Willow clear the ring.

Match 2) Knox w/The Menagerie defeated Robbie E w/The Bromans. Lots of wackiness as one would expect. After The Me Averie put Crazy Steve's balloons on his tights and Robbie ran away, because he is afraid of clowns.

Match 3) Eric Young defeated Kenny King via Piledriver in a non title match. Kenny at one point hit The Coronation then got cocky and went for a springboard splash and missed before EY hit him with the Piledriver.

There were three chairs set up in the ring. EC3 and Spud (wearing a neckbrace) came to the ring. EC3 say the fans deserve the truth. He introduces Brooke Tessmacher. EC3 said this is a realm of honesty. He asks if she had a relationship with Bully Ray and asked if it was still going on. Brooke said no. He asked if it ended because Ray had late nights and other women. He said Ray threatened to put her through a table, which Brooke denies. Spud stopped and asked for a spotlight. Spud said that Brooke has a secret and she doesn't need to protect Ray. Spud said he has the results and Brooke doesn't have to lie. Brooke said she doesn't know what he wants to hear. Spud said we now know that Bully Ray is the father. Brooke called Spud insane and said she hasn't been pregnant. Spud said he has pictures. He put up a side by side of Ray and a baby. Spud said she won't keep the truth any longer. Brooke gets mad and gets in Spud's face. EC3 says maybe he should do what Bully didn't do and teach we a lesson in respect. Ray's music hits and he comes to the ring as EC3 and Spud bail. Ray asked Ethan how his head was from after Ethan bled in the middle of the ring last week. He reminded Ethan of the table with his name on it. Ray turns to Brooke and said how they haven't seen each other in a while. He calls Brooke an awesome girlfriend and they had a great time together. He said he is in a different place right now and he hopes she has an awesome life and hugs her. EC3 said Ray's pandering sickens him. Ethan challenges Bully Ray to a tables match in three days at Slammiversary. If Ray thinks he will put Dixie through a table, it will only happen over Ethan's dead body. Ray questions him and gets the crowd to repeat "over your dead body." Ray says he would normally jump at the opportunity to have a tables match and the fans would love to see one but since Ethan said over his dead body and since they will be in Dallas in "Carter Country" let's do something that hasn't been done in a while: a Texas Death Match. Ethan accepts.

Match 4) In a #1 contender's match for the Knockout's Championship, Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany. Beautiful People were on commentary. Brittany at times was trying to help Madison but Madison did not want it. Towards the end Madison and Brittany got into words and Madison hit Brittany before Brittany sent her to the floor. The Beautiful People came down to ringside. They distracted the red. Velvet went to use the hairspray on Gail but Gail ducked and Brittany took it, allowing Gail to hit Eat Defeat for the pin and setting up Gail vs Angelina for Slammiversary for the title.

Match 5) In a non title match Eric Young defeated MVP by DQ. Kenny King and Bobby Lashley jumped EY when he was making his entrance and threw him in the ring to start the match. MVP brought a chair in the ring after mostly dominating Eric and hit him with a chair. Lashley and Kenny came back out.

MVP took a mic and said EY doesn't look like a winner right now. He doesn't care what stipulation he books. He will take the world heavyweight championship. The three of then pose, including MVP posing with the belt. They walk to the back. Eric crawls over and grabs a mic. He says it doesn't look like it but he won. MVP could not beat him fair and now he gets to pick: he and MVP in a steel cage.


Before the following match, Davey cut a promo and said they should make this match for the World Tag Team Titles.
Match 1) For the TNA World Tag Team Titles, The Wolves retained over Sanada & Tigre Uno via a Powerbomb/Lungblower combo on Tigre.

Match 2) Knox & Crazy Steve w/The Menagerie defeated Jessie Goddarz and DJ Zema w/Robbie E. It was going to be Robbie and Jessie but Rovbie was afraid of Steve again.

* = Not sure which date this will be airing on exactly. The graphic on the screen did not say this Sunday, so probably May 29th or June 5th.

Matches confirmed for Slammiversary

  • Eric Young defending vs MVP in a Cage
  • Angelina Love defending vs Gail Kim
  • EC3 vs Bully Ray (Texas Death)
  • James Storm vs Mr. Anderson (possibly with a gimmick)
  • Willow & Abyss vs Bram & Magnus.

Nothing confirmed here but maybe Joe/Lashley (which seemed strongly hinted at). Also wouldn't rule out Aries/Kenny King, something involving Menagerie/Bromans, potentially something with Brittany/Madison too or even Wolves/Sanada & Uno again.

TNA tapes two One Night Only PPVs tomorrow at Universal. The one in the evening will be an all Knockouts show.

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