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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For May 22 & May 29

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.

TNA taped the May 22, 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling and half of the May 29, 2014 episode on Wednesday night at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was at the taping and filed the following report for exclusive use on the website:

Impact Wrestling (Airing May 22, 2014):

They showed a video to the live crowd of MVP attacking Eric Young and announcing the Slammiversary main event as well as the MVP/EY match where Lashley and King joined MVP.

MVP Kenny King and Bobby Lashley came to the ring. MVP said he is a brilliant guy and said he put himself in a position where he can bring in his friends and have power. MVP said when you take power sometimes blood must be spilled. MVP said the fans feel gullible because they have been had. He said if you want to be at the top you have to lie and manipulate to get where you want to be. He said look at the politicians. Fans aren't mad at them so why are they mad at him? He said it is all about money power and respect. He knew that if he wanted to come back to the wrestling business he was going to on his terms. He said in the business you have to be a politician and says he is the greatest one in the world right now because he is in control. He hands the mc to Kenny King. Kenny said MVP called him a few months ago and laid this out and at first thought he was crazy but said he was a genius. He said the exhibition match was all Kenny King to throw all the dummies off. They couldn't wait for Lashley to tear him apart but he said that was all him and he walked out. MVP said part of his plan was bringing Lashley in at Lockdown and hands the mic to him. Lashley says he realized that playing this game isn't going to work for anyone. When MVP called him and extended his hand he shook it. He said he looks at MVP like a visionary. MVP says he is a God but then The Wolves interrupt and come to the ring. Davey says that Davey and Eddie had respect for MVP at Lockdown when he was about the wrestler. MVP said he gave them an opportunity to become the tag team champions and gave them a lucrative contract. He says he didn't cut them out because of their heart but to be in MVP's position you have to be heartless. Davey calls him a coward and MVP says he could terminate their contracts so they can go back to working the indies for table scraps. The Wolves attack but the other three got the upperhand. Lashley speared Eddie. MVP said once again it is about power and control. Lashley picks up Davey and carries him to the stage. MVP said it's not about him (Davey). MVP picks him up and says since he wants to be hard headed he's gotta do this. He drags him over to the side of the stage and Bobby Lashley spears him off the stage through a table. MVP says Money Power and Respect the key to life and they leave.

Eric Young comes to the ring with the world title. Eric said MVP wants to play a number's game then that's the way it's going to be. MVP interrupted and said he will give EY a chance to speak but on his terms. EY tells him to shut up and listen to him. MVP says he will bring a couple friends then and Kenny/Lashley come out. EY says he got stabbed by MVP in the back. He calls Kenny a scumbag. He said Lashley paid his dues in wrestling MMA and the military. MVP said Lashley smartened up. EY said he owes not just the fans an explanation but his son, especially when his son asks why his dad is a sellout. MVP said his son will have learned to ascend and how to take power, not how to sell out. They walk to the ring. He said there are just motivated by money power and respect while EY is motivated by love. EY said the people motivate him and they are going to show him how they motivate in TNA. Austin Aries runs down for the save and takes out Kenny King. Lashley attacks Aries but EY sends Lashley over the ropes and MVP bails. Aries said he saw MVP for exactly for what he is and calls him a fake. He feels responsible for MVP's big ego. He asks how about he has some great wrestling on his show and has a match with the common denominator of greatness. MVP said he has beaten him before and will beat him again and says he will let EY know who he is facing when he is ready.

Before the following match, Angelina took a mic and said she did issue an open challenge tonight for her title but tonight's challenge excludes all former Knockouts Champions. She is glad to give an up and comes an opportunity. Brittany comes out for the challenge.

Match 1) In a match for the TNA Knockout's Championship, Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky retained over Brittany. Velvet distracted Stiffler and Angelina hit her finisher to win. They used lipstick on Brittany and bagged her. Gail Kim made the save and took out both of them.

Match 2) Austin Aries beat MVP by DQ. AA was going for a 450 when Kenny and Lashley ran out an attacked him. Eric Toung made the save and attacked them but he got taken out as well.

MVP gets a mic and tells EY that his opponent is Bobby Lashley. Dixie Carter's music plays and she enters with EC3, the latter in a suit. Dixie said MVP doesn't return her phone calls emails and texts. MVP says she sounds like the rest of the women in his life. Dixie says she has never disrespected or harmed a person in her life. MVP corrects her with Bully Ray and tells her to cut to the chase. She said it is about what she can do for him. Bully RayMs music plays and he storms the ring with a steel pipe and chases Dixie and EC3 to the back. He stays at ringside and MVP says he banned both Dixie and Ray from the Impact Zone. Why is he here? Ray says he has wanted to tell MVP something or a while. He calls MVP a piece of crap and said MVP is in this ring because of Ray. Ray commends Eric Young. Kenny ends up blind siding Ray when he is talking to Lashley and the three of them lay Ray out. Dixie and EC3 return to ringside and watch as Ray gets beaten down. Dixie gets in the ring and says "Ethan, get the tables." EC3 sets up a table. Ray counters EC3 and looks at Dixie but EC recovered and slammed Ray through a table. Dixie said she fears no one.

Match 3) In a falls count anywhere match, Willow defeated Magnus w/Bram. Bram at a couple points tried to get Magnus to use the turnbuckle hook again. When he finally decided to use it Willow hit him with a twist of fate on the ramp and for the win.

Eddie Edwards came to the ring and demanded one or all of MVP Kenny and Lashley come out right now. He said Davey was in the hospital. Kenny came out and the two brawled for a while. Kenny hit an Exploder on Eddie on the ramp.

Match 4) In a non-title match, Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young. At two points when EY went to the top Brian Hebner hit the ropes with his hand signals during EY going to the top, crotching him on the turnbuckle. May have been a botch but they probably won't edit it. EY hit the Piledriver and went to the top. Kenny King and MVP ran out and attacked EY. Hebner went to throw it out but MVP stopped him. Lashley hit the spear for the win. MVP shook Brian's hand, who did not seem happy about it. Austin Aries ran out with a kendo stick but Lashley took him out. Brian Hebner checked on both of them after. Didn't seen like a heel turn for Brian. Probably just something like MVP paid him off.

Impact Wrestling (Airing May 29, 2014):

Match 1) Gunner & Mr. Anderson defeated The Bromans w/DJ Z when Gunner pinned Robbie.

Gunner and Anderson went to the back. After, The Menagerie came out. They cornered The Bromans and Knox laid out Zema. The Menagerie celebrated in the ring.

Match 2) Bram squashed Tigre Uno.

Bram went to attack him with the post after. Magnus came out and stopped him and asked him what he was doing. He said he doesn't care about Uno but he is a world class elite. Bram asks where the old Magnus is because he doesn't see him. Magnus said maybe Bram needs a test. Magnus said maybe he needs to prove himself against Willow.

Bully Ray came out I the ring. They had six tables on the stage covered with tarps. He said he is more motivated now than he has ever been. He is obsessed with six people in TNA. MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley, Spud, EC3, and Dixie will all go through tables. MVP interrupted. He, Lashley, and Kenny jumped until Aries, The Wolves, and Eric Young made the save. Aries laid down a challenge for a six man tag with MVP & co against The Wolves. Match started after the break.

Match 3) MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley defeated Austin Aries, Eddie Edwards, and Davey Richards via Drive By by MVP on Davey. Davey had his ribs taped up from the injury the week before. Lashley speared him into the rail at ringside and Eddie was isolated at one point leaving Aries to fight for his team. Davey got the tag before MVP ended up pinning him.


Match 1) Madison Rayne defeated Velvet Sky with a roll up when Velvet went to put the brown bag on Madison.

Borash also said to the live crowd that one of the One Night Onlys being taped on Saturday will be a Knockouts show but did not address what the other one will be.

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