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*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For May 29 & June 5

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.

TNA taped part of the May 29, 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling and half of the June 5, 2014 episode on Thursday night at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was at the taping and filed the following report for exclusive use on the website:

Impact Wrestling (Airing May 29, 2014 | Part 1):

Dixie Carter came to the ring with EC3. She asked MVP to come out so they could finish what they started last week. MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley came out. MVP said he is in charge and said he is still facing EY for the title so how could Dixie possibly help them. She threatens to go to the board of directors and informing of what the Director of Operations is doing. MVP said money is power so let the games begin if she is going to try to challenge him. Eric Young and Bully Ray came to ringside. Eric said everyone in that ring will go through a table. They got into words and Eric almost charged but Ray stopped EY and said there is a time and a place for anything. MVP insults Bully Ray. Ray almost barges the ring and EY stops him. MVP says the time and place is tonight and MVP books them in a match against each other and makes EC3 the ref to make sure they wrestle. Ray said he won't do it. MVP said he will fire him if he doesn't. Ray still said no and says fire him. Dixie says she has overpaid him since he came in and said who is going to pick up the pieces and fight them. Dixie calls out Ray for being from New York and how New Yorkers never quit. Ray says he will never quit until he gives the fans what they want to see. Unlike Dixie, the fans want him here while Dixie is at home never around here. Ray warns the five of them that every one of them will one day go through a table.

Match 1) Angelina Love & Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim & Brittany when Angelina pinned Brittany. Brittany went for her finish while the ref was distracted and Angelina ended up getting the pin on Brittany. Gail was clearly disappointed in Brittany.

Brittany calls out Madison and says she needs to talk to her. Brittany wants to know why Madison refused to be her partner. Madison said this is getting weird for her and said the issues with TBP have been going on for years and that there are some sides that only the three of them know about and it needs to be handled among the three of them and doesn't want to be responsible for Brittany. Brittany said she just wants to be with Madison. Madison questioned her and Brittany repeated herself while moving towards Madison. Madison said Brittany needs to keep her distance. Brittany got mad and said she has done nothing but great things for her and asks why Madison doesn't like her. Angelina and Velvet came out and said they made Madison like her. Madison said she didn't like how either of them did business and ends up saying she is cashing in her rematch clause next week. Segment at one point got both "boring" and "Fire Russo" chants.

The main event of EY and Ray was about to start when Kenny King interrupted and said Hemme's service was no longer required. Kenny says he is the special ring announcer for this match introducing Ray from Hell's Toilet, NY and weighing at over 700 lbs. Ray stormed the ring and told Ray he was just doing his job. He introduced Eric Young and both EY and Ray chased King into the crowd. He ten introduced EC3. Kenny introduces Bobby Lashley as the Special Enforcer for the match with MVP as the timekeeper.

Match 2) Eric Young and Bully Ray went to a no contest. Lots of shenanigans in this match involving forcing Ray and EY to wrestle each other. Eventually, Ray booted EC3 and the other three attacked the two of them. Samoa Joe's music hit and he ran out and saved EY and Ray and ended up laying out Kenny King with the Muscle Buster.

Impact Wrestling (Airing June 5, 2014):

Match 1) Willow defeated Bram by DQ. Bram went for a weapon on the floor. Magnus came out and took the weapon from Bram and ended u using it on Willow, causing the DQ.

Samoa Joe's music hit and he came out. Joe calls out MVP. MVP comes to the ring with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. Kenny takes a mic and said this is getting old. Joe cuts him off and asks if Kenny is his mouthpiece which case Kenny should kiss his ass. MVP says he doesn't have much time for this. Joe calls him a scumbag a tyrant and a liar. Joe says they go way back and says how MVP said he was going to do something for the fans but says he is corrupted. MVP updates Joe on his changes since Joe took his ball and went home and said he did his job, Joe did not his. Joe said he will make up for it and challenges the three of them to a fight by himself. MVP says this is a long time coming but now he has a few friends and said that what he wants isn't going to happen but perhaps he can accommodate him in some other way. MVP says doesn't he have someone to even up the odds. Joe tells him to put up or shut up. Aries came out and said MVP has his tail tucked between his legs because he only wants to fight when he can stack the deck in his favor. Everyone knows it's true. MVP said this situation does not concern Aries and said Joe is in breach of his contract and his hands are tied. Aries tells him to untie his hands and make this happen. MVP says since the two of them want a fight, he will give Joe a match where if he wins will be a full time member of the roster. His opponent will be Austin Aries. if either of them lose, they are done.

Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards come out. They are scheduled to have a singles match with each other. Kenny King came to the stage and told them if they dog their performance they will lose the tag titles.

Match 2) Eddie Edwards defeated Davey Richards via rollup. Davey went for a German but his ribs hurt him and Eddie rolled him up. During the match when they were doing some chaining, Kenny would get on the mc and tell them to pick it up.

Kenny came to the rig and told them to fight. He once again threatened to take the belts away from them. The Wolves laid him out.

Backstage they showed Brian Hebner getting ready. MVP told Brian there is a very important match tonight and he needs a clear cut winner and loser. If there is a double countout he doesn't count out. Double DQ, nothing. No funny business. Brian says it is clear.

Match 3) Austin Aries and Samoa Joe did end up going to a no contest. Hebner was doing fast counts on the floor and for pins. Eric Young came out and talked with him. Ray came out and punched him. Eric said this is about something bigger than them like their two jobs. MVP King and Lashley come out and they say does he think he won't fire him. Ray said MVP had a god complex and says MVP stands for most valuable piece of crap. Ray says about they do him, EY, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe vs the three of them and EC3. EY said something to Ray and said how about an 8-man first blood match. Kenny jumped the fun and said yes which MVP and Lashley were not happy about it.

All three members of the Bromans came to the ring. Zema's booth was already set up in the ring. They took a mic. They talk in the ring about the tag titles and The Menagerie come to the ring. Robbie asks who they think they are. Knox said they are The Menagerie and that they are just like them except Rey have her. Crazy Steve starts squeaking his horn and he and Zema get into a horn battle. The Freak grabs Zema and holds him up. Knox takes out Rovvie and hits Goddarz with a boot, all while The Freak is still holding up Zema. He tosses Zema out of the ring onto the other two members on the floor. In an accidental moment, when he pressed Zema to the outside his mask came off and they had to cover him up, which will probably be edited.

Match 4) In an 8-man tag First Blood Match, Austin Aries/Bully Ray/Eric Young/Samoa Joe defeated Bobby Lashley/EC3/Kenny King/MVP when Ray busted open EC3 with his chain. They worked the match like a traditional 8 man tag for a while, working over EY. The other three went to the ramp when the face team got the upperhand.


Match 1) Sanada defeated Tigre Uno via roll up in a non title match.

The advertised Madison/Angelina match will likely be taped tomorrow. Other than that, nothing is known for tomorrow's taping. They once again did not say what the other One Night Only will be on Saturday but said the Knockout one will be taped in the evening.

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