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TNA Wrestling taped their "One Night Only: Classic" pay-per-view on Monday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Taped 2/16/15

16 wrestlers are in this tournament to crown the winner of the TNA Classic.

Match 1) Gunner defeated The Great Sanada with the Hanger 12 to win to advance in the tournament.

Match 2) Mr. Anderson defeated DJ Z with the Mic Check to advance in the tournament.

Match 3) Bram defeated Sonjay Dutt via Implant DDT.

Match 4) Austin Aries defeated Khoya w/James Storm via school boy following messed up interference from James Storm to advance in the tournament.

Storm berated Khoya after the match.

Match 5) MVP defeated Davey Richards via roll up with the tights to advance in the tournament.

Match 6) Eric Young and Bobby Roode fought to a double countout after about 12 minutes. Crowd chanted let them fight but Eric Young walked to the back. Both of them are now out of the tournament and MVP gets a bye to the semifinals.

Match 7) Knux defeated Kenny King via the Knux Out/Swinging Reverse STO to advance in the tournament.

Before the next match, Robbie E cut a promo about how he is the smartest man on the planet. He said because it is a 16 person tournament, he has a 16% chance of winning.

Match 8) Rockstar Spud defeated Robbie E via the Acid Drop/Dudley Dog.

After Spud did an interview vowing to win and thanking the fans.

Round 2
Match 9) Gunner defeated Mr. Anderson. Anderson hit the Green Bay Plunge and a Kenton Bomb and went for the pin but Gunner countered into a crucifix pin to advance to Round 3.

Match 10) Bram defeated Austin Aries when Aries went for the brainbuster, the ref got shoved, Bram low blowed Aries then hit an Implant DDT to win.

Match 11) Rockstar Spud defeated Knux when getting a school boy pin out of a powerbomb attempt by Knux.

After the match, Knux raised his hand. When Spud was going to the back, Ethan Carter III ran out and threw Spud into the guardrail and the steel steps. EC3 took a mic said a wise man one said "No TNA Classics for you" and went to the back. Spud needed help getting to the back.

Semifinal Round
Match 12) Gunner defeated MVP via Hanger 12 to advance to the finals.

Before the following match, Bram cut a promo on Spud being too injured to face him now. Bram said that's fine with him. Bram tells the ref to count Spud out now. The ref starts counting and by 7 Spud is running down the ramp with his ribs taped up. He crawls into the ring and he is ready to fight.

Match 13) Bram pinned Rockstar Spud within a minute of him making the ring with the Implant DDT. Spud was too injured to put up much of a fight.

Match 14) In a six-woman tag, Brooke/Rebel/Taryn Terrell defeated Angelina Love/Havok/Madison Rayne when Taryn hit the ace crusher/cutter on Angelina.

At this point, Borash said they are doing one more big bonus match up before the finals. Not sure if it will be airing on this particular show when it makes air, another ONO, elsewhere, or not at all.

Match 15) Crimson & Drew Galloway Jessie Godderz & Samuel Shaw when Drew hit a Future Shock DDT on Jessie.

Crimson cut a promo saying he is back and that he and Drew cannot be stopped. He handed the mic. Drew asked the crowd who likes professional wrestling. He mentioned to the fans when they see these two (himself and Crimson) on TV again to get excited because they both love what they do.

Match 16) In the Finals of the TNA Classic, Gunner defeated Bram with the Hanger 12 to win the TNA Classic.

TNA will be back at 7PM tonight at Universal Orlando to tape the last One Night Only of this weekend of shows: "TNA Gutcheck" with them having only advertised that some of the best talents from around the World will have an opportunity later tonight and that The Great Muta will be wrestling at some point during the taping.

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