*Spoilers* TNA Gutcheck PPV Taping Results

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TNA Wrestling taped their "One Night Only: Gutcheck" pay-per-view on Monday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Taped 2/16/15

To start the taping, they recorded The Great Muta vs. Mr. Anderson for the ONO Global Impact from last Friday.

Match 1) The Great Muta defeated Mr. Anderson to win the Global Impact tournament at 5-4 from Thursday. Muta brought in a chair to use, the ref went to remove it, and Muta sprayed mist into Anderson's face when he went for the mic check. He followed up with the Shining Wizard for the win.

ONO: TNA Gutcheck

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme introduced the show. He said there are some of the best unsigned free agent talent in the world backstage. They will get chances tonight to wrestle. They will have no idea who their opponent will be. The winners go into a match later tonight to face each other. They introduced the contestants:

Martin Stone
Jon Davis
Pepper Parks w/Cherry Bomb
Tony Kozina
Ross & Marshall Von Erich
Dalton Castle
Tevita Fifita (the former Camacho)
Shaun Ricker

Robbie E came out and tried to call off the Gutcheck. Al Snow came to the ring and kiboshed him. He called it one of the greatest opportunities for wrestlers everywhere. They went around and interviewed each of the wrestlers and they all got a chance to speak. Snow reminded them of the rules and said that this is truly a test to see if they are apart of the Impact roster. This took about 20 minutes.

Match 1) Martin Stone defeated Jessie Godderz w/Angelina Love. Stone got powerbombed by Jessie. He stalled and went for a pin fall cover by posing on top of Stone and Stone rolled him up to give him the win to advance to the main event.

Before the next match, MVP came out to wrestle Jon Davis and insulted him prior to the match.

Match 2) MVP defeated Jon Davis. Davis had him up for Three Seconds Around The World, but MVP went to Davis's eyes and hit the Drive By for the pin.

After, MVP went to attack him but Davis laid him out with Three Seconds Around The World.

Match 3) James Storm & Manik w/Khoya defeated Ross & Marshall Von Erich after a distraction from Khoya. Storm hit the Last Call on Marshall.

Match 4) Shaun Ricker defeated Crazzy Steve. Ricker took Steve's clapping monkey and ran around with it. They got back in the ring, the ref went to remove the monkey, Ricker low blowed Steve then hit a Schwein/Air Raid Siren on Steve to get the win and advance to the main event.

Match 5) Davey Richards defeated Tony Kozina. They wrestled in a way to convey that Kozina was older and wasn't fully on his game. He went up to the top and fell onto the turnbuckle and Davey rolled him up for the win.

Match 6) Crimson defeated Samuel Shaw via via the Red Alert to advance to the main event.

Before the next match, EC3 cut a promo on Tevita Fifita talking about how he looks familiar and mentioned Tevita Fifita's lineage to Haku and how it means nothing. Haku isn't the toughest man in wrestling, EC3 is and he will show him that tonight.

Match 7) Tevita Fifita defeated Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus by DQ when Tyrus got involved in the match to advance to the main event.

Tyrus attacked him after the match until none other than HAKU showed up. He put Tyrus in the Tongan Death Grip. Tevita Fifita hit a Samoan Drop on Tyrus and he posed with Haku as EC3 ran up the ramp.

Match 8) Dalton Castle defeated DJ Z with a deadlift German Suplex to advance to the main event.

Match 9) Drew Galloway defeated Pepper Parks w/Laura Dennis (Cherry Bomb) with a Future Shock DDT.

Match 10) In a five-way elimination match, Tevita Fifita defeated Shaun Ricker, Crimson, Martin Stone, and Dalton Castle to win TNA Gutcheck.
- Crimson eliminated Dalton Castle via Chokeslam.
- Ricker eliminated Stone shortly after with a Schwein/Air Raid Siren.
- Ricker defeated Crimson with a roll up with feet on the ropes.
- Tevita Fifita defeated Ricker with a Samoan Drop and a Diving Headbutt.

Tevita Fifita earned a spot on a live Impact and Al Snow came out to congratulate him on his win. He posed for the crowd to close the show.

TNA returns to Universal Studios on March 13th, 2015 to start taping episodes of Impact Wrestling for Destination America.

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