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*Spoilers* TNA Hardcore Justice PPV Taping Results

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling taped their "One Night Only: Hardcore Justice pay-per-view on Friday from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was on hand and filed the following report:

TNA "One Night Only: Hardcore Justice"
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by Scott Brooks of

Dark Match) Ross & Marshall Von Erich defeated Sonjay Dutt & Jesus de Leon (Mr. 450). They won with a combination claw slam/double knees. Leon had a different name when he entered but I could not make it out.

Match 1) In a ladder match, Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards defeated Manik & The Great Sanada in about ten minutes. Davey set up a ladder around both Manik/Sanada's heads when they were crouched and Eddie double stomped onto it. Davey went up and grabbed the contract (which fell down.) At one point, Manik hit a sunset flip bomb on Davey off a ladder onto another like at last year's Slammiversary.

Match 2) In a pipe on a pole match, Drew Galloway defeated Kenny King. Kenny got the pole down and immediately ate a running boot to the face for the loss.

Eric Young cut a promo before the next match and challenged anyone to a tables match.

Match 3) In a tables match, Eric Young defeated Gunner with a Piledriver off the apron through a table.

Match 4) In a street fight, Gail Kim defeated Havok with Eat Defeat. They used a kendo stick, a garbage can, and chairs in the match.

Match 5) In a Monster's Ball Match, Matt Hardy defeated Abyss via Twist of Fate in about 12 minutes. The match saw thumbtacks, two barbed wire boards, a garbage can, kendo stick, and a cheese grater all get involved.

Match 6) James Storm won a Hardcore Over-the-top-rope Battle Royal in about 25 minutes. They advertised surprises for the match. Each entrant was allowed to bring one weapon with them and new entrants came out every two minutes.

1) Robbie E (selfie stick)
2) Crazzy Steve (a bag of gummi bears)
3) Jessie Godderz (baseball bat)
4) Chris Melendez (nightstick)
5) Samuel Shaw (a wire)
6) Khoya (The Revolution Flag)
7) Crimson (trash can lid)
8) Tyrus (a chain)
9) Knux (a walking stick/cane)
10) James Storm (a rope/cowbell)
11) DJ Z (hairspray)
12) Mr. Anderson (his microphone)

1) Robbie E by Tyrus
2) Chris Melendez by Tyrus
3) Jessie Godderz by Knux
4) Sam Shaw (eliminated by Crimson
5) Crimson (eliminated by Shaw)
6) DJ Z (by Crazzy Steve)
7) Crazzy Steve (by Khoya)
8) Knux (by Storm)
9) Khoya (by Anderson)
10) Tyrus (by Anderson)
11) Mr. Anderson (with help from Khoya)

After the match, Anderson laid out Storm with the mic check.

Match 7) In a First Blood Match, Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus defeated Rockstar Spud. Tyrus came out during the match. A ref bump happened and EC3 used brass knux before punching Spud more to make him bleed.

Match 8) In a Last Man Standing Match, Bobby Roode defeated Lashley after a Roode Bomb on the floor and Lashley did not make it to his feet in about 14 minutes.

At this point, they hyped up the six sides of steel as Bram vs a mystery surprise opponent who has a history in steel cage matches.

Match 9) In a Steel Cage Match, Bram defeated Tommy Dreamer via an Implant DDT on a chair. Lots of plunder in the match.

TNA tapes two One Night Only PPVs tomorrow in Joker's Wild at 1 PM and Knockout's Knockdown at 7 PM.

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