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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For 6/12, 6/19, Xplosion

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA Wrestling held another set of Impact tapings on Monday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Our very own Scott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

Partial 6/12/15 and 6/19/15 Spoilers

Certain matches/segments may not air in the order that they appear due to being taped so far out and it is possible that some matches may air on a different show than predicted. From what I understand, Destination X might be three hours so they may have a lot of segments end up airing on that.

6/12/15 Destination X (continued)

Christy Hemme welcomed the fans to Destination X and said it is time for the world heavyweight title match. EC3 and Tyrus came out and EC3 told Hemme to leave. He said he is the #1 contender for tonight but there are two world title matches tonight and he is not in either. He then asked for a chair and sat in the middle of the ring. He said Destination X has been cancelled. He dares anyone to come stop this sit-in interview. Kurt Angle comes out. Kurt says he is not canceling anything. EC3 threatens to end his career. Angle says to take a shot because if he does he will snap his ankle in two. EC3 and Tyrus leave.

Match 1) For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Kurt Angle retained over Rockstar Spud.
- Kurt hit a Belly to Belly on Spud on the floor as well as a few backbreakers.
- Spud hit the Underdog for a nearfall.
- Angle got the anklelock with a grapevine for the win in about eight and a half minutes.
- Angle shook Spud's hand and raised his arm up after.
- Austin Aries came to the stage and pointed at Kurt while raising his briefcase.

The Dollhouse came to the stage. Taryn said if Kong wants to win this title so badly then they will compete in a lingerie pillow fight tonight. Marti shows the piece of lingerie Kong has to wear otherwise she isn't getting a title shot.

Match 2) In a Triple Threat X-Division Match, Grado defeated Cruz (Jonathan Cruz under a mask) and Kenny King when Grado did a Rolling Senton into Cruz in the corner.

They set up the Lingerie Pillow Fight. They had a rug, a bed, pillows, and a large light/ornament that was hung at the ceiling.

The Dollhouse came to the ring. Taryn said it is time for the sexiest match of the night. She knows there are exciting matches tonight, but she will get the fans' blood pumping in a whole new way. If Kong wants to compete she has to get some lingerie. She challenges Kong to come out. Kong comes out in casual attire. Taryn yelled at her for not wearing her lingerie and ruining playtime. Marti tells Kong they got her something really pretty to wear. Jade said it was even in her size. They tell her to go put it in. Kong drags Marti and Jade out of the ring and lays them out. They fight up the ramp. Taryn says she guess the fans don't get to see her lingerie. She tells Hemme to announce her as the winner of the match. Hemme goes to announce her until Brooke comes out. She says this is a disgrace to the division. Taryn says Kong didn't follow the rules and tells Hemme to announce her again. Brooke says to stop. She says Taryn promised to defend her title and the fans lingerie. Brooke says that she is out here now and she is no problem fighting her in any match at any time and any place. Taryn says that is so cute but she did not challenge Brooke and since Kong decided no and she has destroyed Gail so she recommends Brooke and tells her to turn around. Brooke says she has one last thing to say and forearms Taryn and they brawl on the bed. Brooke removes Taryn's robe exposing her lingerie. Taryn grabs a pillow to cover up. Brooke says just like she took her robe, the next thing she takes will be Taryn's title.

They showed a backstage video with Borash who was supposed to be talking with Bram's opponent. Joseph Park showed up and said he fell on some hard times. He is not the high powered attorney he used to be. He lost his firm and his spot on the roster. He said this is his big shot to be the guy on top. Borash says he means "top guy." Park left.

Before the next match, Joseph Park cut a promo in the ring about falling onto his hard times. When he heard what Bram was doing when he heard what he did to his brother Chris, you know, Abyss. He said Bram was tough but he thinks back to the Monster's Ball with Abyss and remembers he slammed Bram into like five thousand tacks. He says he also slammed Bram into bared wire. Bram gets mad. Joseph said the fans paid to be here, don't be like that. Bram attacked him.

Match 4) Bram defeated Joseph Park with a spear through a table.

Match 3) For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Kurt Angle retained over Austin Aries via Ankle Lock with the Grapevine in about 14 minutes.
- Aries had two nearfalls in the 450 Splash and the Brainbuster. He almost caught a roll-up out of an ankle lock but only got two. He attempted an ankle lock of his own at one point but Angle got out of it.

After the match, EC3 attacked Angle and poses with the world title above him.

Impact Wrestling: 6/19/15

James Storm and Magnus had a brawl towards the ring. Apparently Mickie James had turned down an offer from the Revolution.

Match 1) Jessie Godderz defeated DJ Z via Boston Crab.

Jessie cut a promo after about how he waste reason why the Bromans was successful. While Robbie E and DJ Z were off doing their own things, Jessie asked Z what it was like to be a loser. He picked up Z for a military press but Robbie E came through the crowd and attacked Jessie until he bailed from the ring.

Madison Rayne came to the ring. She said she needs to address something tonight. She said it won't be any more real than what she is about to say. Six years is a long time to commit to anything, but that is how long she has single handedly built the KOs division. She runs down her accomplishments. She says she has been completely forgotten unless you are Gail Kim. She gets nothing here and it makes her sick. She should be the front runner of the division. She should be trending every week. She says she shows up on time and she doesn't even show up on the make up schedule. This week she is making her own time. What's more disgusting while she, contracted talent, somebody like Velvet Sky who gets fired from this company just shows up on live TV and gets to do whatever she wants. The worst part is all of these idiots in attendance want to see that behavior as well as the people in the back. But because the cameras are rolling and the lights are on she is sure she will show up for some more camera time. She does a mocking Velvet chant until she comes through the crowd and gets on the ring apron. Rayne said she is a little bit pissed and isn't hiding behind a security team so come on in. She compliments Velvet on just trying to get her spot back. Madison reminds her where her spot in this company has always been: and slaps her. She says Velvet's chains and pulling hair doesn't make her a badass. Velvet spears her and hits a Stunner on her. Angelina shows up with the security and says this could be the easy way or the hard way. Velvet attempts to attack the security but she gets handcuffed. Angelina says this is what happens to trash like her: she gets arrested again and goes to jail again. Velvet is just a fan while Angelina is the star and people like her (Angelina) is so much better than people like her (Velvet.) She slaps Velvet twice and tells the security to take her out. Angelina sings hey hey good bye while Velvet is taken out. Two more security members came out and said Angelina attacked a fan and she was also arrested.

Match 2) Brooke and Awesome Kong defeated Jade and Marti Bell w/Taryn Terrell following an Elbow Drop by Brooke off of Kong's shoulders on Marti for the pin. Kong and Brooke posed together after.

Mike Tenay came to the ring for the Slammiversary main event contract signing. He said we are 9 days away from Slammiversary and it is time for the official contract signing. He introduces EC3 and Kurt Angle. Tenay says before they make it official he would like to get pre match comments from the champion. EC3 says he will take it from here now. He has been ready for this moment. He calls Kurt the best and references how Angle has beaten the likes Flair, Stone Cold, HHH, The Rock, Jericho, Brock, Edge, Undertaker, Hogan, Joe, AJ, Sting, Shawn Michaels and Jeff Jarrett (all mentioned in nicknames, not directly by name). They have all been beaten, EC3 has not. EC3 is Angle's reckoning and calls the title a torch and at Slammiversary, the torch is passed to him. Angle says he has been here before. The big fights were made for Kurt Angle while EC3 is spoiled. EC3 thinks because he is undefeated. Angle says unlike last time they fought, he is healthy now. He is still the greatest wrestler alive. He asks EC3 what happens when he loses. EC3 will have to look at himself and it will haunt him for the rest of his life. He tells him good luck. Tenay says it is official. Tenay says they have both mutually agreed to wrestle on the next two Impacts they will pick their opponents. Angle announces EC3's opponent as Lashley. EC3 will select his opponent for Angle next week.

Christy Hemme introduced Chris Melendez. Chris explains his problems with Eric Young. He said he has one foot in the grave and is on his last leg but he wants a fight. Eric commends what Chris has done. Eric says he doesn't care what anyone thinks. He tells Chris that he (Eric) is at the top of the mountain while Chris is all the way down at the bottom. Chris wants revenge for what Eric did and Eric understands that. He choked an Olympic Gold Medalist with Chris's leg. He made it up on the fly. What's going to happen to Chris when Eric has time to think about it. He asks Chris if this is what he really wants next week to be alone with one leg against a world class maniac next week on Impact. Chris says he has a lot to overcome and he will see Eric here next week.

Before the next match, Davey took a mic. He said from day one whether in Japan, England, or Mexico, he and Eddie have sacrificed their bodies to be the best tag team in the world. The tag titles are what counts as whoever holds them is the best in the world. The Wolves have beaten the Bromans, the Hardys, and Team 3D. There are still some questions that are unanswered in Aries and Roode. When they signed up for this series, they weren't looking for the easy way out. Aries and Roode lived up to their team name and cheated last time. He said that won't happen a second time and if they want a war they will get one. Eddie proposes that they do the match right now. Roode come to the stage. Roode asks if he thinks they are calling the shots tonight. Last week, Aries and Angle had a match of the year. Aries is not cleared to be here tonight. They will have match #4 when they decide. The Dirty Heels call the shots, not the Wolves. Eddie says that it looks like Roode is feeling OK and suggests taking on one of them in a singles match. Roode says no, but proposes an idea. Roode says the winner of this singles match tonight gets to name the stipulation for match #4. Davey says he just wants to eat him up, let's do it. Eddie says this fight is his. If Roode wants to hit Eddie in the chair with a back then take him on right now. Roode agrees and the match is on.

Match 3) Eddie Edwards defeated Bobby Roode via roll up. Roode spat at Davey and Davey jumped on the apron. Austin Aries ran down with a chair and tossed it to Roode. Roode went to hit Edwards but missed. Davey grabbed the chair from Roode and Eddie rolled up Roode. Aries thought Roode had the match won and was surprised when he turned around and Roode lost.

After the match, Davey announced that Match 4 will be a Full Metal Mayhem Match.

Match 4) Ethan Carter III defeated Lashley with the One Percenter. Tyrus got involved multiple times, laying out three referees. Lashley kicked out of a few attempts from Tyrus at helping. Eventually it was too much and EC3 scored the pin.


Match 1) Gunner & Mr. Anderson defeated Khoya & Manik via a Mic Check/Diving Headbutt on Khoya with Gunner getting the pin.

TNA will be back at Universal Studios for Impact on June 26th, 2015 followed up with Slammiversary on June 28th and three Impact tapings on Monday through Wednesday after. The only match officially confirmed for Slammiversary throughout the tapings was the main event of Kurt Angle vs Ethan Carter III for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

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