*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 5/15/15 (Partial)

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TNA Wrestling taped part of next week's episode of Impact on Friday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was on hand and filed the following report:

Impact Wrestling
Airing on May 15, 2015 (Partial)

Mike Tenay came out for commentary with Josh Mathews after the "live" portion concluded.

Match 1) Robbie E defeated Jessie Godderz. Robbie slammed Jessie down and rolled him up within less than ten seconds. Jessie took a mic and asked for the match to be restarted. Robbie agreed.

Jessie got in slight offense before Robbie E quickly rolled him up with La Magistral. Jessie once again took a mic and said he wasn't ready. Jessie asked for another restart. Robbie agreed.

The crowd started counting the time but the match went a bit longer. For a third time, Robbie E defeated Jessie with a Crucifix Pin.

Jessie freaked out and said he was tired of this and nailed Robbie in the face with the mic. He hit a lariat after. Jessie dumped the referee out. He then military pressed Robbie from inside the ring to the floor. Jessie grabbed a chair and wrapped it around Robbie's head before running him into the post. DJ Z came to the ramp as Jessie was leaving and got in his face before he and security attended to Robbie E.

Match 2) In the first match in the best of five series, The Wolves defeated The Dirty Heels when Davey won with a roll up on Roode when Aries/Roode went for their IED/Spinebuster combination.

Jeremy Borash at this point told the audience about how we saw Velvet and Ray return tonight and advertised another main event star to show up later tonight.

EC3 & Tyrus came to the ring, EC3 suited up. EC3 runs down the top five list and how he defeated Anderson in his own match, the guy who was number one, and he is somehow not number one. He wants answers. Cue Mr. Anderson who came to the ring with a chair in hand. Anderson said how EC3 did not do anything last week. Anderson said he wars to fight someone tonight. EC3 says they are done here and go to leave. Anderson said he already got it cleared. Tonight he wrestles Tyrus. If he beats Tyrus, he gets EC3 one on one next week. EC3 says no. Anderson asks Tyrus if he is always going to be his little bitch. "That's a huge bitch, but a bitch nonetheless." Tyrus asks for a referee and charges Anderson.

Match 3) Mr. Anderson defeated Tyrus. EC3 got ejected from the match. Anderson pinned Tyrus with a Mic Check.

After, Anderson did his schtick and announced himself as the winner.

Magnus came to the ring and took a mic. He said he will never apologize for smashing James Storm in the head with guitar. Everyone on the roster knows that James Storm is full of crap. He is dressed to compete and asks James Storm to come out. Instead, Abyss comes to the ramp with a mic in hand. Abyss said last week, Magnus assaulted his leader. Tonight, he is going to pay the consequences and the consequence is Abyss. The two started brawling on the floor. Manik came to the ring but Magnus suplexed him. Khoya came out with the Revolution cane and hit Magnus with it. He, Abyss, and Manik posed over Magnus.

The following segment will be the start of next week's Impact according to Borash to the crowd.

Kurt Angle came to the ring with Chris Melendez. Angle commended Chris Melendez as his back up after EY went for his own back up and if backfired. Angle said he wrestled in the Olympics for his country, but Melendez was willing to die for this country and gave up his body for his country. He is what children should aspire to be. He asked Melendez to team up with him tonight then asked The Rising to come out. Angle called them a breath of fresh air to this company because they stand up for what they believe in. Angle said the BDC is a cancer to the company but because of The Rising he is able to defend the title as champion and for that he thanks them. Drew said they don't have to thank him, he is Kurt Angle. Drew said the three of them are not just The Rising. Everyone willing to fight for the sport of pro wrestling is a member. Drew calls Angle the best in the world. Drew said there will come a day when they go one-on-one for the title. Drew wants to be the best in the world and when the time comes he will take that title. Angle mentions that he doesn't back away from a challenge and he is not about to now. Eric Young comes to the ramp and said it took him weeks to get his shot. He earned it with the deck stacked against him with Ray, Melendez, and The Rising. Eric says he was screwed. Eric says he is still the number one contender. He is the best and deserves to be champion. Angle said he tried to help him but EY decided to go with the BDC. He went for help from cancer and got nipped in the ass. Eric said that's how Kurt sees it but Eric says Kurt is afraid that he can't beat Eric one-on-one. Eric says he will never quit and he will never go away. Angle says he deserves a rematch but it is going to be under his terms. He says it will be an I Quit Match one on one with no interference. That is for another night and tonight it is about Hardcore War. he BDC run through the crowd and jump everyone in the ring. Lashley's music hits and he makes it to the ring to hit a Spear on Eric Young. Angle takes a mic and says to meet the last member of his team: Lashley.

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