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*Spoilers* TNA One Night Only: Victory Road Taping Results

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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TNA taped their One Night Only: Victory Road pay-per-view on Saturday from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Wrestling News World'sScott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report:

TNA One Night Only: Victory Road

Jeremy Borash and Christy Henme opened the show in the ring. Jeremy said there will be singles tag team and a triple threat. The winners will go to a 12 man gauntlet battle royal where there will be a check for $50,000 and a world title shot.

Match 1) Austin Aries defeated Kenny King via the brainbuster.

Match 2) Bram defeated Davey Richards with an implant DDT.

Match 3) Kazarian and James Storm defeated Knux and The Freak via cheating. Storm ended up hitting The Freak with a beer bottle to the back of head and scored the pin.

The Freak took off his regular headpiece and wrestled in a mask that resembled Spawn's. Also The Freak's tattoo is a fake. It partially rubbed off during the match.

Match 4) Bobby Lashley defeated Samoa Joe with The Spear. Joe had Bobby in the choke when Kenny King came out. Joe got distracted by him and Bobby took advantage and hit The Spear.

Match 5) Abyss defeated Mr. Anderson via Chokeslam.

Before the following match, The Bromans cut a promo when Spud came out asking if it was a joke. Jessie was just asking Spud for his sake to go to the back. Bully Ray came out and accepted being his partner.

Match 6) The Bromans defeated Bully Ray and Rockstar Spud. Tons of comedy as you would expect. Ray told Spud to get the tables and Spud grabbed a very small pink table. Ray chopped Spud for it. Bromans set up a real table. Ray set Zema up for a powerbomb through a table but Spud turned on Ray and hit him with a chain. Bromans pinned Ray.

After Spud said after everything he has put Ray through he had it coming. Spud stood over Ray would never put him through a table again. Ray grabbed Spud by the crotch and ended up power bombing him through the table in the ring.

Match 7) Gunner defeated Magnus. Magnus went for a sunset flip but Gunner countered it with a pin of his own for the win.

Before the following match, EC3 cut a promo saying he is fluent in Japanese. He would like Sanada to tell everyone what he is thinking. Sanada spoke. EC translates it to "I am very excited to share the ring with EC3." EC3 translates some more until Sanada reveals he speaks English as well and calls EC3 a "stupid idiot" and leads an idiot chant when the match starts.

Match 8) Ethan Carter III defeated Sanada via the One Percenter.

Match 9) Samuel Shaw defeated Crazy Steve w/The Menagerie by catching Steve in the choke when he came off the top.

Match 10) In a triple threat match, Eddie Edwards defeated DJ Zema and Tigre Uno via making Zema tap to the single leg crab.

Match 11) Gunner won the gauntlet and the $50,000 check and a future world title shot. He hit the Hanger 18 on Storm for the pin when it came down to the other two otherwise it was over the top eliminations.

Order of entry
1) Eddie Edwards
2) Austin Aries
3) Kazarian
4) Robbie E
5) Samuel Shaw
6) Bobby Lashley
7) Abyss
8) Ethan Carter III
9) Gunner
10) Jessie Goddarz
11) James Storm
12) Bram

Order of elimination
1) Austin Aries by Lashley
2) Eddie Edwards by Lashley
3) Kazarian by Lashley
4) Samuel Shaw by Lashley
5) Bobby Lashley
6) Abyss (at the same time as Lashley by EC3)
7) Ethan Carter III (by the Bromans)
8) Robbie E (by Gunner I believe)
9) Jessie Goddarz (by James Storm)
10) Bram (by Gunner)
11) James Storm (by Gunner)

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