*Spoilers* TNA Taping Results From July 24, 2015 In Orlando, FL

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The following was written by Scott Brooks of WrestlingNewsWorld.com:

TNA has only shown "Impact Wrestling" logos when taping matches the last two nights aside from one Xplosion match on Wednesday. It is impossible to tell what content may air on TV or as International/One Night Only content and is written exactly as it happened live in the order it was taped. At one point, Jeremy Borash implied that they are doing a Team Challenge Series.

Before the next match, Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus cut a promo telling Davey Richards that this is the second round of the tournament. They both took shots at each other and vowed to win. Ethan Carter III once again did not enter with the World Title.

Match 1) Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus defeated Davey Richards via One Percenter in about ten minutes.

Match 2) Lashley defeated Matt Hardy via Spear after Matt Hardy missed a moonsault.

Match 3) Gail Kim defeated Awesome Kong via reversing an Awesome Bomb into a hurricanrana with a pin to win. Kong looked devastated over the loss.

Match 4) Eric Young defeated Kenny King via Piledriver.

Match 5) Tigre Uno defeated Manik via a split legged corkscrew splash.

Match 6) Mahabali Shera defeated Aiden O'Shea via Sky High. Shera continued a gimmick that seemed to start last night of dancing to his theme music and they encouraged the crowd to do so during his entrance.

Before the next match, Storm cut a promo saying that he and Abyss are four of the people here since day one and have done it to entertain everyone here. They have entertained everyone. Storm said Abyss is smarter than the people here because at least he knows to wear a mask to cover up that ugly face unlike the ones here. Storm told him to do the smart thing and to walk out so Storm can win by count out. Abyss left. Storm said just like the people here that dumb monster does exactly what he says. Abyss stopped. Storm insulted him. Abyss came back and reminded him that he is still the 6'8 350 lb monster Abyss. He said one last thing and threw a punch and there's a match.

Match 7) James Storm defeated Abyss when he spat beer in Abyss's face and hit the Last Call/superkick for the win.

Match 8) DJ Z defeated Mandrews via a cradle pin after blocking a Shooting Star Press from Mandrews.

Match 9) Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus defeated Lashley via the One Percenter after cheating with Tyrus. At one point, Tyrus laid out Lashley with a slam on the floor.

Match 10) Jessie Godderz defeated Awesome Kong via roll up with the tights. They had a promo before where Godderz joked about facing a woman and tried to kiss Kong but Kong hit him instead.

Match 11) Matt Hardy defeated Eric Young via Eric Young coming off the top rope and Matt caught him in a Twist of Fate.

Match 12) Mahabali Shera defeated Eli Drake via Sky High.

Match 13) A reverse elimination match occurred.
- Before this match, Jeremy Borash called it a "reverse elimination match" where the first person who gets a pin gets to leave the match leaving the other two to wrestle.
- DJ Z pinned Manik got to leave the match, giving him first place I assume and the overall "victor."
- Tigre Uno pinned Manik later following a split-legged corkscrew splash and was announced the winner.

Match 14) Jessie Godderz defeated Micah via Adonis Lock.

Borash interviewed Godderz and told him how he advanced to the finals. Godderz also has a match at "Genesis." Borash said his fear of heights is well documented and said it's not what Godderz wants, it is what all these people he want. Borash announces that he will be in Elevation X at "Genesis." He will face the emperor of elevation himself Al Snow


They had an Xplosion graphic on the screen for the next two matches so these are on Xplosion
Match 1) Mr. Anderson defeated Crimson via Mic Check.

Match 2) Eddie Edwards defeated Rockstar Spud via a backslide.

TNA will be back tomorrow for another taping before taking off Sunday and taping again on Monday through Thursday.

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