*Spoilers* TNA Taping Results From July 25, 2015 In Orlando, FL

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TNA Wrestling held another set of tapings on Saturday night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Scott Brooks of WrestlingNewsWorld.com was in attendance and filed the following report:

They filmed a pre show with Christy Hemme, Josh Mathews, and Al Snow before the taping.

Match 1) Davey Richards defeated Robbie E via Roundhouse Kick to the head.

Match 2) Lashley defeated Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus via count out after a spear on the floor. Tyrus got involved and Lashley laid him out then rolled in the ring to score the win.

Match 3) Tigre Uno defeated Gail Kim via a cradle pin. Gail got in almost all of her offense in the match but Tigre scored the pin.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Tigre about beating Gail. Tigre spoke in Spanish. Borash called him at the top of the X-Division. Borash said at Genesis we will find out if he can be hardcore. Tigre Uno will face Abyss at Genesis in a "Barbed Wire Trace."

Match 4) Eli Drake defeated Crimson via an arm submission.

Match 5) In a Four Way Elimination Match, Bobby Roode defeated Eddie Edwards, Mr. Anderson, and Rockstar Spud
- Edwards eliminated Spud via Backslide
- Anderson eliminated Eddie via Mic Check.
- Roode eliminated Anderson via Crossface.

Before the next match, Madison Rayne and Brooke cut a promo. They said that Brooke's right hand was broken and Madison offered to not have the match tonight but Brooke said she had to wrestle because she wants to wrestle and they have a match. Brooke had a splint on her finger at least.

Match 6) Madison Rayne defeated Brooke via the Voodoo Crusher (Roxxi's old finisher.) Madison raised Brooke's hand up after and even kissed Earl Hebner.

Match 7) Kenny King defeated Crazzy Steve via the Royal Flush.

Eric Young cut a promo before the next match. He said he knows Tigre doesn't understand him. Eric vows to go to the next round of the tournament no matter what. His next step is off Tigre Uno's back and warns him that he doesn't want to be in the ring with him. He mentions how Trump and Tigre are friends. Eric says he doesn't agree with everything Trump said and told Tigre that people like him are not welcome in this country. He will hurt him and wants him to leave. Tigre goes to leave and calls Uno a little Mexican coward. Tigre hits a springboard dropkick and the match is on.

Match 8) Eric Young beat Tigre Uno via Piledriver. There were a couple very mistimed spots from Tigre in this match, one being a Frankensteiner. They re taped the spot. He also did one dive at EY that missed completely before EY immediately grabbed him for the Piledriver.

Match 9) Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus defeated DJ Z via the One Percenter. Tyrus got involved once on the floor but was mostly a non factor otherwise.

Match 10) Lashley defeated Mahabali Shera via Spear. Before the match, Shera got Earl Hebner to dance. He tried to get Lashley to dance who just wanted to fight. He did the dance very briefly before deciding to wrestle.

Match 11) In an 8-person Tag Team Match, DJ Z/Mandrews/Manik/Tigre Uno defeated Crimson/Eli Drake/Jessie Godderz/Micah
- DJ Z at one point got cut above the eye and seemed like he had a large lump above his eye.
- All three of Eli's partners went to the floor when he went to tag in. Manik hit the Detonation Kuck. Z hit a through the ropes DDT. Tigre got a corner dropkick. Mandrews hit the Shooting Star Press on Drake to win.


Match 1) Robbie E defeated Aiden O'Shea.

Borash interviewed Aiden O'Shea after the match and said that Aiden may not be the toughest Irishman here. He said at Genesis, he will wrestle in a Shamrock Street Fight with "Irish" Pat Kenney.

Match 2) The Wolves defeated Tyrus & Micah via Enzugiri/German Suplex with a bridge/jackknife combination on Micah.

Match 3) Jessie Godderz defeated Rockstar Spud via Adonis Lock.

Match 4) Chris Melendez defeated Manik via Sky High.

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