Sports Illustrated Responds To GFW's Accusations Of Bad Journalism


Recently, Kevin Sullivan (the VP of GFW) lashed out at Sports Illustrated for "incorrectly reporting" that the company was in danger and that Anthem Sports & Entertainment was looking to sell everything off out of fear that the company was hemorrhaging too much money. Sports Illustrated issued the following response via Justin Barraso:

I think it’s important to note that I do not wish ill upon Global Force Wrestling/TNA/Impact. I think that from some of the tweets I received people didn’t necessarily read the entire story. I am not hoping or rooting for anyone to fail. People’s lives and livelihoods are at stake and I totally get that. I respect the small group of fans and readers who have been very pro-GFW. I think that’s great. If you are a fan of something and you are devoted to it you should support it and defend it. I’d say on my side that everything was well reported. Everything that I reported had multiple sources from close within Anthem. People who have just worked with them. I have plenty of sources from inside and out and I wouldn’t run a story of that magnitude if I wasn’t confident in the facts behind it. I also tried to write that story, believe it or not, with a lot of compassion. Again, if people don’t notice it, whatever. There’s a lot personally at stake and I didn’t want to focus on personal problems of the people that were let go. I tried to focus on the company as a whole and I honestly think, time will tell, if you truly believe that Global Force is in good standing then time will prove that. We’ll see, from everything I have been told by multiple sources it’s the complete opposite. I think there are so many issues that that story touches on.


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