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Sports Illustrated Responds To GFW's Accusations Of Bad Journalism

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Recently, Kevin Sullivan (the VP of GFW) lashed out at Sports Illustrated for "incorrectly reporting" that the company was in danger and that Anthem Sports & Entertainment was looking to sell everything off out of fear that the company was hemorrhaging too much money. Sports Illustrated issued the following response via Justin Barraso:

I think it’s important to note that I do not wish ill upon Global Force Wrestling/TNA/Impact. I think that from some of the tweets I received people didn’t necessarily read the entire story. I am not hoping or rooting for anyone to fail. People’s lives and livelihoods are at stake and I totally get that. I respect the small group of fans and readers who have been very pro-GFW. I think that’s great. If you are a fan of something and you are devoted to it you should support it and defend it. I’d say on my side that everything was well reported. Everything that I reported had multiple sources from close within Anthem. People who have just worked with them. I have plenty of sources from inside and out and I wouldn’t run a story of that magnitude if I wasn’t confident in the facts behind it. I also tried to write that story, believe it or not, with a lot of compassion. Again, if people don’t notice it, whatever. There’s a lot personally at stake and I didn’t want to focus on personal problems of the people that were let go. I tried to focus on the company as a whole and I honestly think, time will tell, if you truly believe that Global Force is in good standing then time will prove that. We’ll see, from everything I have been told by multiple sources it’s the complete opposite. I think there are so many issues that that story touches on.


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