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Taeler Hendrix Discusses TNA Gut Check Appearance; D'Lo Brown On Scouting Talent

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- The folks at sent in the following:

OVW star Taeler Hendrix joins us to discuss her recent appearance on Impact Wrestling in the TNA Gut Check.

The young wannabe Knockout reveals how she got the opportunity with TNA, how long she's been trying to get a foot in the door with them, working with Tara, the reception she received from the other Knockouts, and even evaluates her match with Tara on Impact. Taeler also tells us what she's expecting this Thursday when she receives the verdict on her tryout from judges Taz, Bruce Pritchard and Al Snow and what she'll do if she doesn't get a contract.

Taeler, who discussed briefly her story of battling cancer on Impact, gives us the full story on her battle & overcoming it. Plus, Taeler talks about her training, OVW, working for Ring of Honor and more.

A couple of clips available below:

Full interview available here.

Wrestling News WorldMike Buda sent in the following:

We recently had an interview with TNA agent and former WWE star D'Lo Brown. He talked about TNA's Gutcheck Program, how the Houston Gutcheck went, what made him want to transition to behind the scenes and what goes into being a wrestling agent. These are the main points he hit on during the interview:

On what he saw in Joey Ryan and Alex Silva:

"For Joey Ryan, it was a guy who had presence. He had an attitude, which ultimately proved to be his demise. He was a seasoned vet and I had seen him before so I thought he was one of those guys that could do something at the next level. Alex Silva was a guy who just had raw talent and just wanted to have an opportunity and was given one."

On getting back in the ring:

"Every now and then I get the itch to jump into the ring and that lasts for about three seconds. I'm definitely happier with what I'm doing. I've always fashioned myself as a teacher and as someone who wanted to give the information back to the next generation. I've always used wrestling and my in-ring career as a way to facilitate my way to the office. My ultimate end goal was to always be in a position similar to this."

On being billed from Chicago:

"I didn't have the pleasure of being born in Chicago, but when I had the choice of living in a place, Chicago was the only place I wanted to be. I identify with the city; it is a hard working, blue collar city. And it's probably because at nine years old, my favorite football team became the Chicago Bears. When I got the opportunity to be from somewhere, my character, in his mind, was born and raised and will be a Chicagoan forever."

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