Taz Sums Up Reaction To Samoa Joe's TNA Departure


We’re continuing to follow the reaction of Samoa Joe leaving TNA Wrestling and it’s as you would probably expect. A lot of disappointment.

Taz Tweeted the following that has now been removed from his verified account:

Just sucks 2 hear @SamoaJoe leaving TNA. He will do great things & continue his excellence. Dont know what else to say & dont agree.

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) February 18, 2015

Other Tweets from TNA personalities are as follows:

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While we can’t confirm why Samoa Joe didn’t re-sign with TNA Wrestling, would it surprise anyone if it was over money? We reported on February 10, 2015 here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium that TNA offered former WWE star Alberto Del Rio $6500 per shot with 65 dates guaranteed a year, which would have made him the highest paid talent in the company.

No disrespect to Del Rio but why would TNA make such an exuberant offer to someone that hasn’t worked for them and let guys like Joe (and AJ Styles) walk? The fact TNA has allowed two of their flagship stars — guys that should have remained with them for their careers - go says everything about how it is managed.

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