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Tessa Blanchard Denies Racial Allegations: "I absolutely did not say that word"

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Last weekend was supposed to be the final chapter in a long-told story by Impact wrestling and the crowning achievement thus far in Tessa Blanchard's career. While she still achieved her goal as becoming the first-ever female World champion of a major promotion, it was mired in controversy. Tessa would tweet about supporting other women in the industry prior to the show and prior colleagues saw it as an opportunity to bring up prior incidents. She was accused of spitting on a former colleague as well as using a racial slur. After her main event victory she would state "no one is perfect". Today she took to Twitter and would deny any claims of racial allegations. You can see her tweet below:

What are your thoughts on Tessa's comments regarding this situation? Let me know on Twitter @awesomephinatic.

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