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Problems starting up because of gossip is nothing new

We hear about it all the time and we especially hate it when the gossip is about us or someone you know, but other times our perspective on another person can be made thanks to the gossip we hear from others.

Such was the case for Lacey Von Erich, who during her short stint in TNA Wrestling once had a radio interview where she talked about a fellow coworker in a less than pleasant way.


Who Is Lacey Von Erich?

If you never watched TNA Wrestling in the late 2000's and early 2010's then it's a safe bet that you've never saw Lacey Von Erich before; While you may not of seen her wrestle before, you most certain have heard about her family.

Lacey is the daughter of Kerry Von Erich of the Legendary Von Erich Family, A Texas born family of wrestlers who were popular in the 70's and 80's.

Like her family, Lacey took up an interest in pro wrestling and as such she appeared in promotions like Wrestlicious before making the jump to TNA (now Impact Wrestling) at the beginning of the Hogan/Bischoff regime.

During the majority of her time in the company, Lacey became a member of one of the company's most iconic factions where she became one half of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions before retiring from the sport of wrestling in 2011.

The faction in which Lacey became a part of was 'The Beautiful People' a group who needs no introduction as they are still till this day one of the most iconic and greatest female stables spawning multiple copycats from various promotions mostly notably LayCool in the WWE.

However, Lacey's inclusion within the Beautiful People was due to the fact that one of the groups main players and the other character in this story was released from the company.

So who was this main player you might asking? Well it just so happened to be none other than Angelina Love.


Angelina Love for those who somehow don't know is a multiple time Knockouts Champion and one the most iconic female wrestlers during the 2000's thanks to her formation of "The Beautiful People" Alongside Velvet Sky and future members Kip James (Billy Gunn) and Madison Rayne.

Love was release from the company due to issues regarding her work visa, which had expired and it would take some time for it to be renewed. This resulted in her being released from TNA on September 3rd 2009, however she did mention via MySpace that she would be returning to the company as soon as she got her visa issues settled.

The TNA Wrestling Debut Of Lacey Von Erich - YouTube


Retelling Her Time In TNA Wrestling

During a 2017 interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin on his podcast, Lacey mentions how she got signed to TNA Wrestling as well as mentioning how she enjoyed her time with the company and doesn't regret any of it (a far cry from some other names who signed with TNA during the early stages of the Hogan/ Bischoff Era).

Lacey talks to Steve about working in TNA and how the locker room would talk smack about Angelina Love following her temporary leave from the company.

While she doesn't mention any names in the interview, it is known by many who worked there (including Angelina herself) that she wasn't well liked by those in the back.

So, with Love not being there to defend herself and the gossip about her running rapid, TNA's newest knockout began to believe that the rumors she was hearing about Angelina were true and even mentions that she would never want to meet her.


The Interview In Question

In 2009 , Lacey had a radio interview and was asked about her thoughts about being Angelina Love's replacement within the Beautiful People and what she thought about her predecessor.

According to reports Lacey responded with...

"[Angelina] wasn't a good fit for it in my opinion. I thought that was what everybody was going to be, 'Oh no. Angelina is gone,' but not one person said that. Nobody really missed her that much. I feel like I can fill the shoes that I'm supposed to. TNA told me that this role was made for me, and I feel the same way. I've never met Angelina before in my life. After what some people have said, I don't know if I want to."

Keep in mind, Lacey was still brand new to the company and she was saying this about not only someone she had never met but a seasoned veteran within the Knockouts Division.

When Lacey's comments were published by the daily news group, 'Miami Herald', TNA management weren't too pleased by her comments as she didn't have the right to say words like that about a wrestler who had more tenure and experience than her within the promotion.

In reality, Lacey was only saying what she heard from numerous people within the wrestler's locker room and she didn't know any better.

Report: TNA Not Happy With Lacey Von Erich Already - Wrestling Inc.


She's Back!!!

In a moment that probably had Lacey saying Holy S###, Angelina came back to TNA after sorting out her visa issues, not to mention that she heard about Lacey's comment about her and she was also looking to get her spot back within the Beautiful People.

Lacey, both out of guilt and by orders of TNA management attempted to confront and apologize to Angelina just a mere week after her comments were publicized.

Now considering the rumors painting Angelina Love as not the nicest person in the locker room, plus having a take no B.S. attitude, you can probably imagine how this all turned out for the young Von Erich...


Burying The Hatchet

To the surprise of Lacey and lot of you reading this Angelina actually forgave her for the comments she made, all be it Lacey had to a lot of groveling and apologizing before Angelina was able to put their issues to rest.

The two ladies would become friends following the whole debacle with Angelina continuing to work in TNA/Impact winning the Knockouts Championship for a Sixth and final time whilst reforming the Beautiful People a number of times until her departure in 2017.

Meanwhile, Lacey would quietly retire from TNA and the wrestling business in it's entirety in 2011 and has since been seen hanging around with another daughter of a famous wrestler, Brooke Hogan.

Moral of the story: It's important to try and get to know a person or people better, before talking crap about them to others or in radio interviews.

Here is a to the link to LVE/Stone Cold Interview Below:

The Steve Austin show || Lacey Von Erich - YouTube

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