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The early years of TNA Wrestling saw some of the wildest, craziest things to come out of a wrestling company outside of the WWE post the Monday Night Wars, the kind of things pro wrestling companies couldn't do today for a variety of reasons.

A few weeks ago, I did an article on the Top 5 greatest moments from the start up days of TNA Wrestling well now it's time to look at the other side of the coin as I'll be going over not so much the worse moments (however there are definitely some entries that fall into that territory) but rather some more of the strange and unusually moments during the Asylum Era.


5. Puppet: The Trash Can Midget 

Stevie Lee best known as Puppet the Psycho Dwarf was an actor and trained wrestler who made recurring appearances during the early TNA shows where he would engage in matches with fellow midget wrestlers and be seen causing some mischief

During one of the weekly PPV's in 2002 backstage interviewer Goldilocks was seen in the backstage area when she encountered the half pint wrestler inside a trash can...for some reason and at first, things went normally with Goldy interviewing Puppet, but things quickly got weird...when some noises could be heard in the trash can. 

Goldy eventually starts to wonder what the heck is going on before Puppet literally asks her if she wanted some "porridge" don't need to be a genius to know what he means.

While this moment isn't the only strange thing to involve Puppet in early TNA (more on that later), it's certainly one that stands out especially when the legendary Dusty Rhodes appeared on one of the weekly PPV's delivering the line "I was watching the show on TV, and y'all having a goddamn midget...jerking off in a trash can!"

Puppet the Psycho Dwarf Shoot Interview 2010 - Infamous NWA TNA Trash Can Promo, Midget Wrestling - YouTube

vince-russo-tna-2002 (2)

4. Vince Russo Destroys the Set with an Axe 

Vince Russo is the architect behind much of the wacky, car crash style of booking that engulfed professional wrestling from the late 90's into the 2000's with some of his work being praised while others malign him for his WTF style of creativity that helped lead to WCW's demise.

So, once WCW was out of business and a return to WWE didn't work, he joined up with Jeff Jarrett who had just created a new wrestling promotion that was appealing to the southern/old fashion type of wrestling fans and of course Russo was the perfect antithesis to that kind of wrestling.

On the December 18th, 2002 show the main event saw Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Low Ki aka Triple X defeating the team of Amazing Red and Maximo Brothers when Russo and his new faction Sports Entertainment Xtreme aka S.E.X. attempted to put the losing team through some tables.

A huge brawl which also sees the TNA debut of David Flair breaks out of the ring with the baddies taking control and then this happens:

Vince Russo

Vince Russo, who took an axe that was brought in by David Flair proceeds to go full blown Jack Nicolson from The Shinning on part of the set tearing down the TNA sign at the entrance ramp.

As the show begins to close out, Sports Entertainment Xtreme has destroyed the babyfaces in and outside of the ring and Russo had damn near demolishes the set before grabbing the microphone and signing off with the words "This episode was brought to you by Sports Entertainment Xtreme...Goodnight!"

Was this all over the top, you bet but what a way to close out the show.

James Mitchell

3. James Mitchell Descartes Sonny Siaki with Blood 

Long before he was the manager to his kayfabe sons Abyss and Judas Mesias, Father James Mitchell was the satanic leader of a group of misfits called The Disciples of the New Church who were basically the early TNA version of Decay as the group was a bunch of scary looking wrestlers who eventually got over with the crowd.

Anyway, on the July 31st, 2002 show Disciples member Slash was scheduled to take on wrestler Sonny Siaki in a single match, however it's the events after the match that gets the most attention as Slash ties Siaki to the ropes leading to Mitchell entering the ring with a small golden box which he claims has "The Blood of the Auodad".

Sonny Siaski

Mitchell decides to leave his mark...literally on Sonny Siaki and begins desecrating the young wrestler's face with the blood while also paint a satanic symbol on his forehead. 

Father Mitchell's act of desecrating wrestlers with blood would continue later on in the night after one of the Harris Brothers was beaten up during a run in leading to Mitchell marking another wrestler with the Blood of Auodad.

Believe or not, this would be last time Mitchell would do something like this in his entire time with the company.


Roddy Piper

2. Roddy Piper's Owen Hart Promo 

You probably aren't aware that WWE Hall of Famer, Rowdy Roddy Piper even went to TNA Wrestling in his career but sure enough he did during the early years.

While some of Hot Rod's best moments in the company see him patting down a jumpsuit wearing Scott Hall for weapons during a PPV match, bashing Hall over the head with a guitar or having a Piper's Pit segment where he was able to finally make peace with former rival Jimmy Snuka...this moment is perhaps more remembered and not for all the right reasons.

Piper calls out Vince Russo by name and goes on to call him the Osama Bin Liden of Wrestling and claimed that he was responsible for the end of WCW and Owen Hart's death back in 1999 as Owen was a cousin of Hot Rod.

The self-proclaimed Antichrist of Professional Wrestling eventually makes his way into the ring and Piper continues to grill Russo, but this time to his face and the whole thing is uncomfortable from beginning to end with even the crowd getting quiet due to the subject matter.

As strange as the segment was some tend to look at this among many other moments when TNA went from being a show your grandparents could attend to becoming more edgy and risqué for the younger wrestling fans of the early to mid 2000's  

Roddy Piper debut in TNA - YouTube

Scott Hall Gets KNOCKED OUT In The Pit with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper! | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments - YouTube

Puppet gun

1. Puppet: The Gun Totting Midget

We started this list taking about some controversial stuff involving Puppet the Psycho dwarf, so it only makes sense to end it with one of the most infamous moments to occur in a wrestling ring for any promotion.

On the July 31st, 2002 show (yup, the same one where Mitchell desecrated two wrestlers with blood) Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring carrying a bag with a little person inside and proceeds to beat the midget up before demanding an opportunity at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

This then led to Puppet coming out to the ring to confront Jarrett at which point he cuts a promo on Double J and then in a moment that's still shocking today pulls out a gun in the middle of the ring startling everyone in the building.

Security tries to get in the ring but can't come any further due to the half pint wrestler who's packing heat in the ring; Jarrett manages to subdue Puppet by nailing him with his back with a steel chair and while the moment itself is never addressed after this, it is undoubtably one of the strangest if not most insane moment to ever occur in the history of TNA/Impact Wrestling.

If you have any other strange TNA Wrestling moments from the Asylum Era, let me know in the comments section also if you'd like to look at some of the best moments to occur during the Asylum Era, check the link down below:

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