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The golden age of TNA Wrestling from the mid to late 2000's saw the company produce some of the best matches and storylines to every come out of a wrestling promotion outside of the WWE following the Monday Night Wars of the 1990's.

Arguably one of the best factions during TNA's golden age would have to be the cleverly named group known as "Team Canada". While fans maybe well acquainted with some of the more popular members of the group, It will come as a surprise to you to find out who were the forgotten members of one of TNA's most despised stables.


The Original "Team Canada"

First and foremost, the original Team Canada didn't start in TNA but if fact started in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the year 2000.

Created by Lance Storm following two United States title defenses against Mike Awesome, the group included Lance Storm, Bret Hart, someone named Carl Oulette as well as names like Elix Skipper, Jim Duggan, and a women named Major Guns who were all Americans but were either billed as coming from Canada or people who turned their backs on America to join the Canadians.

To complicate things even more Mike Awesome the guy Lance Storm beat to help form the group in the first place eventually became a member of the group...because WCW.

WCW's version of Team Canada almost lasted a year until the WWF (now WWE) purchased WCW thereby disbanding the group.


TNA's Team Canada

Realizing that the first Team Canada made by WCW was lacking any vision, wrestling promoter and current executive VP for Impact Wrestling, Scott D'Amore gathered a bunch of young, hungry and unknown wrestlers (most of whom were all Canadians) and created one of the best factions in TNA/Impact Wrestling history.

The most recognizable members of the group consist of the aforementioned Scott D'Amore who was the despicable head coach and mouthpiece for the group, future world champions Eric Young and Bobby Roode, the enforcer of the group, A-1 and the team captain himself Petey Williams.

However, the group's original lineup of wrestlers looked vastly from the group we've come to know today.


The Forgotten Members

So who were they original and forgotten members of Team Canada you maybe asking well the names who took part in the first version of this group may come as a surprise to you.

For example if you were asked who was the OG captain for Team Canada and you answered with Petey Williams well you would be incorrect as the original team captain was none other than Teddy Hart.


Yup that's right, the problem child of the Hart Family, Teddy Hart was with TNA during the mid 2000's and was chosen as the team captain for the group presumably because Teddy showed great potential and because his uncle, Bret Hart once led the Hart Foundation in 1997 as a bunch of heels who were booed in America but cheered for in Canada, which could be argued was a pseudo Team Canada for the WWF.


The original lineup also included future team captain Petey Williams whose legacy has become synonymous with the group, Johnny Devine whose best known for his time in the company as a member of Kevin Nash's Paparazzi Productions with Alex Shelley as well as his time as the X Division traitor back in 2008 when he stabbed the X Division roster in the back and joined forces with Team 3D (who had waged war with the X Division at the time).

And the final member for the original group was a very young Jack Evans who best known today by modern wrestling fans for his time in All Elite Wrestling.


Evans was the only American in the original group (a far cry from WCW's version) but sadly Evans and Hart wouldn't stay in the group for a long while as the two men would be replaced with a few other names like Eric Young and Bobby Roode with the idea that the group needed more wrestlers who could add some power and strength to the already agile and high flying faction.

The other members of the group that joined were independent Canadian wrestler Ruffy Sliverstein whose time in the group last from October to November of 2004.


And even independent wrestler Tyson Dux, briefly joined Team Canada in April of 2006 during the World X Cup tournament that took place at the Sacrifice PPV (An event that is remember as for the appearance and participation of Japanese wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer, Jushin "Thunder" Liger).


 Dux would make sporadic appearances in TNA/Impact throughout the years with the his most recent appearance being 2017 when he lost a taped TV match to Matt Sydal and a match with Taiji Ishimori at Bound For Glory 2017, which occurred due to the cancellation of the previously promoted match between Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary due to issues regarding Taya's visa.


The Group's Legacy

The group's official run lasted from 2004-2006 when authority figure for TNA at the time, Jim Cornette ordered that the group would disband if they lost an eight man tag team match on an episode of Impact, which they did.

Despite that, Team Canada is still remembered as one of the best factions and stables in company history as the group were involved in a lot of iconic moments from wrestling in the World X Cup tournaments in 2004 and 2006, to tempting a recently debuted Christian Cage to join the group to wrestling at the inaugural Slammiversary event in 2005 to winning the X Division and Tag Team titles during this time whilst being the most hated and despised group in TNA Wrestling history. 

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