The Future Of AJ Styles In TNA Wrestling Still Very Much Up In The Air

AJ Styles

Given the uncertainly of Hulk Hogan and the recent departures of Mickie James and Ken Anderson, there is another very notable contract coming up that is causing a distraction in TNA Wrestling. AJ Styles, who is set to headline Bound for Glory againstBully Rayfor the TNA Championship, could very well be on his way out of the company.

Styles and TNA have been negotiating for months and as has been the case with all the aforementioned talent, TNA has asked Styles to take a significant pay cut. Negotiations stalled to the point where TNA signed him to a short-term extension to prevent their main event Bound for Glory storyline from being ruined but his future is far from a sure thing. There are conflicting details as to how long Styles is signed through but what we know for sure is that it is long enough to cover next month's pay-per-view.

Based on what we've gathered from this week's Impact taping, the company is at least toying with the idea that if Styles loses against Bully Ray at Bound for Glory, that he has to "leave the company." If this is indeed the case, this could conceivably be the way of TNA writes him off television.

What's interesting is unlike Hogan, Styles finds himself in a situation like Mickie James and Ken Anderson. He doesn't want to take less money [in TNA] but doesn't have a lot of leverage because there isn't much interest from WWE. Hogan will always have his opportunities but WWE isn't believed to be interested in any of the other names.

Given the fact Styles is seen as a top performer in TNA and one of their original core guys, it will be an interesting situation to follow. However, the wheels appear to be close to going into motion to prepare for life in TNA without Styles should the two parties be unable to reach a new agreement.

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