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TNA Bound For Glory Results (10/12/14) - From Tokyo, Japan

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Welcome to our TNA Bound For Glory "Open Thread". The show, TNA's biggest of the year, will air from tape delay as it was filmed on Sunday from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. We have complete taping results with photos available at this link. Please use the comments area below to discuss the show as it airs.

TNA Bound For Glory Results - Sunday, October 12, 2014
Report by Sean Hopkins of
From Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan

The show opens with a video package hyping Bound for Glory as an event, and especially the fact that it's happening in Japan. We get a look at some of the main feuds heading into tonight, including Storm and Sanada vs. The Great Muta and Taijiri.

The arena is shown, and it looks pretty darn small, as Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show, and throws it to JB in the ring. JB welcomes us to the most famous arena in all of Japan, Korakuen Hall, and Bound for Glory. JB introduces the first match as Wrestle-1 vs. TNA action.

Manik is the first man to make his way out to the ring to a smattering of cheers from the crowd.

Minoru Tanaka is out next and he gets a nice pop from the fans in attendance.

JB does formal ring introductions for both men, which wouldn't be noteworthy if it weren't the first match on the card.

Singles Match
Manik vs. Minoru Tanaka

The bell rings and Tanaka and Manik begin circling each other and looking out toward the crowd. We get a lock up and a bit of chain wrestling, trading holds until Manik slides into an arm lock. Tanaka fights out of it and hits a beautiful dropkick that sends Manik to the mat.

Tanaka hits a spinning back kick. Manik ties himself up in the ropes and baits Tanaka into jumping to the outside. Manik misses a dive over the top ropes, but he slides under the ring before Tanaka can dive to the outside. Manik slides out of the other side of the ring and hits a neckbreaker on a confused Tanaka. Manik mounts Tanaka and hits him with a series of rights before bringing him to his feet and into the corner. Manik hits a couple of rights before connecting with a snap mare and kick to the back for two.

Manik locks in a modified rear chin lock, trapping Tanaka's arm for a bit before simply just tearing at his face. Manik stomps on Tanaka's face, then picks him up to his feet suplexing him right to his back. Manik hits a belly to back suplex that's good for another two count.

Manik avoids a middle rope dropkick from Tanaka and hits a low dropkick to Tanaka's face. Manik hits a kick to the gut and avoids another dropkick from Tanaka, but the third time's the charm as Tanaka connects with a dropkick. Tanaka takes Manik into the corner, and is whipped across the ring. He hits a missile dropkick from the second rope for a two count on Manik.

Tanaka suplexes Manik, then drops a nasty knee across his forehead for two. Tanaka picks Manik up to his feet and kicks at his leg, but falls victim to a dropkick from Manik that sends him to the apron. Manik goes to dive through the ropes, only to run into a kick from Tanaka. Tanaka hits a moonsault from the middle turnbuckle out to the floor, wiping out Manik.

Tanaka brings things back into the ring, hitting Manik with a dorearm and chop. Manik leaps to the apron and springboards into a dropkick. Manik shoulders Tanaka and drops him down into a sloppy kick to the side of the head for two. Manik slams Tanaka to the mat, then heads up to the top rope, going for a frog splash, and connecting with Tanaka's knees. Tanaka rolls him up for two. Tanaka sends Manik into the corner, then seats him on the top rope. Tanaka stands on the top rope and hits a giant suplex/hip toss hybrid, getting another two count on Manik.

Tanaka waits for Manik to stand and kicks him. Manik rolls Tanaka up for two. Manik and Tanaka jockey for position before Manik drops Tanaka on his head with a suplex for two. Manik brings Tanaka up to his feet and hits a double underhook into knees to the chest on Tanaka, getting yet another two count.

Manik hits Tanaka with repeated forearms and blocks a kick, but runs right into another kick to the side of the head from Tanaka. Tanaka locks in the arm bar, and Manik is forced to tap out.

Winner: Minoru Tanaka

We get a video highlight of Team 3D wrestling Rick Steiner and Animal. The video is pretty long considering this is a PPV and they're showing old footage.

Ethan Carter is shown in a backstage interview talking about firing Spud. Carter says Spud should have known he was on borrowed time. But when you let someone go, you replace them. Carter is going to introduce that person on Impact. Carter says this is one calendar year for him being in TNA, and he's been a terminator and an eliminator. He talked about possible golden aspirations, and his opponent tonight, one of the largest athletes in the world. But the bigger they are, the more impressive the victory, and tonight, ECIII goes worldwide.

This segues into a video package highlighting the accolades of ECIII.

Ethan Carter III is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and Dixie's nephew gets a couple of cheers from fans in the crowd, but they're sparse.

Carter has a mic, and he says finally a country that shows his the respect he deserves. Carter talks down to the Japanese fans, saying 'Me EC3. Me very good. Me undefeated.'

Carter stops the act, saying he's undefeated because he's the greatest pro wrestler alive today. He's beaten all the TNA hall of famers, and beaten them at their own game. He beat Sting, he beat Angle by wrestling, and he beat Bully Ray by being hardcore. But tonight his opponents a big fella, but he's going to beat him with strength and power. ECIII tries to get what sounds like a 'slam Ham' chant. Ethan says he's a Carter, and the world needs them, before putting the mic down.

Ryota Hama is out next, and this man is gigantic, looking like he ate Rikishi for breakfast.

JB again does formal ring introductions for both men before the match.

Singles Match
Ethan Carter III vs. Ryota Hama

The bell rings and ECIII claps for Hama before the fans start to chant for the big man. We get a lock up, and Hama backs Carter into the corner, then breaks clean. Carter takes offense to Hama touching his chest while breaking, and Hama shoves him to the mat. Carter bails out to the floor to collect himself.

Carter gets back into the ring and mock-bows. He locks Hama into a headlock, then hits him with a shoulderblock. Hama doesn't budge. Two more, and Hama retaliates with a shoulderblock of him own that sends Carter out to the floor. Carter gets back into the ring and mocks sumo wrestling. He gets down and charges Hama, but he's tossed up, and then down to the mat. Hama stands on Carter's stomach, and when he gets off, Carter rolls to the apron. Hama suplexes Carter back into the ring, and hits a huge roll, landing on Carter. Hama tries for a splash, but Carter rolls out of the way. Carter hits Hama with repeated blows to the back of the head, then slams Hama's head into the mat repeatedly.

Hama gets to his feet, and Carter tries to slam him, but can't. Hama hits a clothesline and drops a huge elbow for two. Carter pulls himself up in the corner, and Hama whips him across the ring and hits a big splash. Carter drops to a seated position, and Hama charges in with a big hip thrust to Carter's face, getting another two count in the process.

Carter rakes Hama's eyes and tries for a sunset flip. Hama drops to his butt, but no one's there to break his fall. Carter tries for a slam, but Hama lands on top of him for two. Hama rubs his butt in Carter's face in the corner. Carter connects with a low blow while the ref is distracted, kicking Hama's groin, then he hits the one-percenter for three.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Tenay sends things over to another Team 3D highlight, this time a cage match with Beer Money at Lockdown.

A video of MVP is shown talking about sports entertainment vs. wrestling. He says many people ask him why he took a pay cut to go compete in Japan. Because he looks for the challenge, and the best pro wrestlers in the world are in Japan. So to test himself, he wanted to test himself against the premier athletes in the world. Guys like Misawa, Chono and Muta. Guys that strike fear into the heart of the average sports entertainer. He had to confront what people fear. He came to Japan and won gold, but now he's back, in Tokyo at Bound for Glory. He says he doesn't know much about Sakamoto, but he's not impressed. Bound for Glory, Sakamoto will be.

JB introduces this as another TNA vs. Wrestle-1 matchup. MVP is the first man to make his way out to the ring, getting a nice amount of cheers from the fans in the crowd.

Kazma Sakamoto is out next, and he doesn't get much of a reaction out of the fans on his way to the ring.

Once again we get formal ring introductions from JB.

Singles Match

The bell rings and MVP soaks in the cheers while Sakamoto plays to the fans. MVP goes to work on the arm before locking in a headlock and taking Sakamoto over and to the mat. Sakamoto fights to his feet, and out of the hold, but falls to a shoulder block from MVP.

We get a lock up, and MVP back Sakamoto into the ropes. Sakamoto turns things around, but ends up running from MVP and diving into the ropes while MVP attempts to attack. MVP backs off, and this allows Sakamoto to get a head lock in on MVP. MVP fights it off and Sakamoto tries for a shoulder block. MVP doesn't move. Sakamoto goes for a second, but when he tries for a third, MVP holds on to his pony tail, and hits him with a series of rights before picking Sakamoto up and slamming to the mat. Sakamoto bails to the outside, to the chagrin of the fans.

MVP dives out over the top rope and wipes out Sakamoto on the floor.

MVP grabs Sakamoto's legs and yanks on them while Sakamoto holds onto the barricade. MVP picks Sakamoto up and sends him into the barricade, following him in with a giant kick that sends him into the ring. MVP brings things back into the ring for a two count. He picks Sakamoto up and eats a right hand. Sakamoto backs MVP into the corner and hits him with a series of strikes, screaming the whole time. Sakamoto chokes MVP with his boot, then picks him up to his feet. Sakamoto hits a kick to the back of MVP's leg, then a second and third. Sakamoto pins MVP for one, and then goes right into a rear chin lock.

MVP fights up to his feet and sends Sakamoto into the corner. Sakamoto avoids a running big boot and hits a bull dog to send MVP to the mat. Sakamoto mocks MVP's ballin' elbow, and drops and elbow onto MVP's knees. MVP pops up and hits Sakamoto with a series of jabs, then he sends him into the corner, following up with a series of clotheslines, and a suplex to send Sakamoto flying across the ring. MVP chops Sakamoto's throat, then hits the ballin' elbow. MVP picks up Sakamoto and hits a fisherman's suplex for two.

MVP sends Sakamoto into the corner and misses a big kick. Sakamoto hits a big knee to the face and a kick to MVP's chest that's good for two. Sakamoto hits a running flying knee to a kneeling MVP for two. Sakamoto misses another flying knee and is rolled up for two by MVP. MVP hits a low drop kick to Sakamoto's knee to wipe him out. MVP hits the running big boot, taking Sakamoto out for three.

Winner: MVP

Samoa Joe is shown in a taped vignette. Joe says he's here because he's set out to bring respect and show the world that the X Division is the greatest in wrestling. And he's got the most coveted prize in the world. He's beaten many challengers, and now he faces two. Low Ki and Kaz Hayashi. Joe tells his opponents to be prepared to be disappointed. He says he will leave X Division Champion of the world.

Low Ki is the first man to the ring, and he gets a pretty raucous reaction from the fans, especially considering the quiet nature of Japanese crowds.

Kaz Hayashi is out to the ring next, and Mike Tenay mentions that many fans might recognize him from his stint in WCW.

Samoa Joe is out last, and the champion gets a couple of cheers, but Low Ki seems to be the fan favorite for this match.

JB is out for formal ring introduction duties once more, as I'm sure he will be for every match tonight.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki vs. Kaz Hayashi

The bell rings, and Joe throws a kick at Low Ki, but doesn't connect. Ki hits Kaz with a shot to the gut that sends him to the floor. Joe and Ki trade chops, and Ki is able to kick Joe in the corner. Kaz hits Ki in the corner with a kick, and Joe is in to squash both of them before kicking Ki in the head. Joe head butts Ki before hitting Kaz with a series of jabs, a snap mare, kick to the back and chest, and splash for two.

Kaz hits Joe with an elbow to the back of the neck and a couple of strikes. Kaz low bridges Joe and Joe tumbles out to the floor. Ki chops Kaz in the chest, then the two run circles around each other before Ki hits a missile dropkick through the ropes out to Joe on the floor. Back in the ring Kaz hits a spinning kick to Ki's face to wipe him out. Kaz tries to suplex Joe into the ring, but Joe brings him out to the apron and wipes him out with a giant chop. In the ring, Ki hits a springboard kick to the face to knock Joe down for a two count.

Ki sends Joe out to the floor, then heads out after Kaz. Ki and Kaz trade chops, and fight into the barricade. Both turn around into giant double clothesline from Joe on the floor. Joe sends Kaz back into the ring. Joe hits an atomic drop, kick to the face, and senton on Kaz, but the pin is broken up by Low Ki. Ki takes Joe into the corner and hits him with a couple of chops before whipping him across the ring and hitting a flying forearm. Ki hits a couple of rights in the corner, but Joe counters with a powerbomb out of the corner, into a Boston crab. Joe transitions right into an STF, and Kaz is in. Kaz tries to break things up, but puts on a double STF on Joe and Low Ki at the same time, forcing Joe to break the hold.

Joe and Kaz trade strikes and kicks respectively, before Kaz hits a big neckbreaker that's good for two. Kaz picks Joe up to his feet and tries to shoulder the big man. Joe won't budge. Low Ki hits a double dropkick to send both men flying. Kaz shoulders Low Ki, but Ki fights out of it. Kaz slingshots Ki into the corner, but Ki grabs onto the ropes, and leaps back out with a double stomp to Kaz that's only good for two.

Joe catches Low Ki with a shot from the outside and brings things out to the floor. Joe avoids a splash from Kaz, and heads into the ring, hitting the ropes and diving out on both Kaz and Low Ki on the floor.

Joe hits Kaz with a big chop before taking him back into the ring. Kaz sends Joe into the corner, but Joe catches Kaz and slams him back down to the mat, hard. Joe seats Kaz on the top rope and avoids a leaping kick from Low Ki that connects with Kaz and sends him crashing to the floor. Ki and Joe trade slaps, and Ki backs Joe into the corner. Ki places Joe on the top rope and shoulders the big man. Joe drops down into the rear naked choke and Low Ki is in the middle of the ring. The ref drops Ki's arm, and calls for the bell.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Samoa Joe

JB is in the ring after the match to interview Samoa Joe. Joe yells out something in Japanese to the delight of the fans. Joe introduces himself, to a big pop, and he says a long time ago he had his first match in Korokuen Hall, and he's loved the Tokyo fans for a long time more. Joe says TNA and Wrestle-1 are here to start a new wrestling revolution. Joe says this is Bound for Glory, and he is pro wrestling.

We get a video package of Bully Ray's repeated attempts to put Dixie through a table, as well as the ultimately successful attempt.

Tommy Dreamer is shown in a pre-taped vignette talking about Team 3D's Hall of Fame induction. Dreamer talks about being in TNA for a final hurrah, and doing it with guys he has love and respect for, is great. He's teamed with Sandman and Terry Funk, but tonight he's got Abyss as his partner. He thanks Team 3D once more.

JB is in the ring, and he introduces who I'm assuming to be the Wrestle-1 ring announcer. El Hijo Del Pantera and Andy Wu are the first men to make their way out to the ring to a bit of fanfare from the crowd.

Jiro Kuroshio and Yusuke Kodama are out next, and they too get a bit of cheers from the fans in attendance.

The ring announcer introduced by JB does the formal introductions for this match.

Wrestle-1 Tag Team Match
Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio & Yusuke Kodama b. Andy Wu & El Hijo Del Pantera

Kuroshio and Wu look to kick things off for their respective teams. Wu misses a clothesline and Kuroshio gloats. Kuroshio catches an attempted kick, but he's hit with a slap to the face. Wu hits a shoulder block, but Kuroshio is up and hits a superkick to the gut. Wu ducks a clothesline, and flips Kuroshio over with an arm drag. Wu and Kuroshio both tag out, and Kodama and Pantera make their way into the ring.

Pantera runs the ropes in an impressive display before locking up. We get a bit of chain wrestling before Pantera hits a hurricanrana on Kodama. Kodama calls for Pantera to shake his hand, and when he does, he kicks him in the gut. Pantera leaps out to the entrance ramp, and hits a springboard arm drag to wipe out Kodama. Kodama bails to the floor. Pantera leaps over the referee to wipe out Kodama on the floor.

Pantera screams at Kuroshio before bringing things back into the ring for a two count. Pantera whips Kodama across the ring, but misses a big splash. Kodama flapjacks Pantera into the mat for two, then tags out to Kuroshio. Kuroshio comes in with a big kick to the chest before slamming Pantera to the mat and pinning him for two. Kuroshio rolls Pantera up again, but he can't get three.

Kuroshio kicks Pantera in the gut before snap maring him over. Kuroshio hits a standing twisting moonsault, but he still can't keep Pantera down for three. Kodama tags in and hits a slingshot senton on Pantera for another two count before going right into a rear chin lock. Pantera fights up and to his feet, but he falls victim to a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Kodama for another two count. Kodama tosses Pantera into the corner and hits a flying back splash, but when he tries for another he misses and Pantera hits a flying kick to the head.

Wu tags in and comes in from the top rope to wipe out Kodama. Wu hits a couple of arm drags for a two count, then avoids Kodama in the corner. Kodama hits a kick to the gut, but Wu connects with a hurricanrana to send Kodama off the top. Some double team work from Pantera and Wu that includes a 619 leads to a pin that's broken up by Kuroshio. Wu sends Kuroshio to the outside and springboards to the outside to take him out on the floor. Pantera heads to the top and leaps off, but lands on his feet. Kodama connects with a superkick but Wu breaks up the pin.

Kuroshio sends Wu to the outside and hits a sommersault dive to the floor. In the ring, Kodama hits a corkscrew moonsault for three on Pantera.

Winners: Jiro Kuroshio and Yusuke Kodama

We get a video package detailing the history of Team 3D in TNA, and some of their career highlights and reasons for their induction into the TNA Hall of Fame.

We get a bit of footage of Tommy Dreamer's induction speech, and Team 3D's acceptance speech.

Back in the arena, JB introduces the next match as 'Tag Team Action'.

Tommy Dreamer is the first man out to the ring, and the Innovator of Violence gets a pretty nice reaction out of the fans on his way down the entrance ramp.

His partner Abyss is out next, and the monster doesn't get as much of a reaction as Tommy, but it's still ok.

Devon and Bully Ray are out next, coming to the ring through the crowd, and getting a great reaction out of the fans.

JB is back on ring announcing duties, performing formal introductions for the mat after Team 3D finally make their way to the ring.

Tag Team Match
Tommy Dreamer and Abyss vs. Team 3D

The bell rings, and the crowd is already chanting for tables. They've been surprisingly proficient with English chants all night long. Bully's got a mic in hand, and he reaches out his hand to Dreamer and Abyss, saying something in Japanese. Abyss refuses the handshake, to the fans chagrin.

Dreamer and Devon kick things off and Dreams goes behind Devon. Devon reverses it, and takes Dreamer over to the mat. Dreamer pops up and drops an elbow, but misses. Dreamer and Devon square off, both with their fists up. Abyss tags himself in, and he calls for Bully Ray to be tagged in.

Devon obliges with a tag, and Bully comes in. Bully and Abyss square off, and Abyss hits a big right hand. Bully comes back with one of his own, and the two trade blows back and forth. Bully gets the upper hand, but Abyss hits a knee to the gut. Bully comes right back with a urunage, but Abyss pops up and takes Bully down with a chokeslam. Bully pops up and screams at Abyss. Both men hit the ropes, and both hit clotheslines, but Bully pops up first. Abyss kicks Bully in the gut again before slamming him down to the mat.

Abyss misses a splash, and Devon tags in. 3D hit a double shoulderblock and a clothesline to send Abyss over the top and to the floor. Dreamer is in, but he's taken out with a belly to back suplex/neckbreaker combo. 3D stalk Abyss on his way back into the ring, and Bully slams Dreamer to the mat before sending Abyss to the floor. Bully holds Dreamer in place while Devon dives from the top with a head butt to Dreamer's groin. Bully calls for Devon to get the tables, and the crowd join in with him.

Devon brings in one of the traditional Japanese style tables, but Dreamer fights back, bringing things to the outside. Abyss fights with Bully around the ringside area, with Abyss hitting the ring bell on Bully's face, while Devon and Dreamer fight through the crowd. Bully and Abyss head out to the crowd and Bully hits Abyss with a chair before ringing the bell while it's on Abyss' groin.

Dreamer grabs a chair, but Bully stops him short with a big right hand. Abyss is able to fight Devon back into the ringside area. Bully goes under the ring and tosses a random assortment of weapons into the ring. The crowd loves it, chanting 'ECW'. In the ring, Devon and Abyss have chairs and Bully and Dreamer have kendo sticks. The Dudley's get the upper hand, but Dreamer and Abyss turn things around with a slam and chokeslam respectively.

Dreamer wedges a trash can in the corner, and he's tossed into it by Bully, but Bully turns around into a black hold slam from Abyss. Abyss hits a big right hand, sending a chair crashing into Devon's face. Devon drops to the mat, and Abyss grabs a chair, driving it down into Devon's chest. Abyss goes for a splash, but Devon gets the chair up into Abyss' groin. Devon takes abyss down to the mat, but he's only able to keep him down for two. Devon puts the table in place and lays Abyss across it.

Devon heads to the top, but he's stopped by Dreamer. Dreamer tries for a superplex, but he's stopped by a trash can lid shot from Bully. Bully gets Dreamer in powerbomb position, and powerbombs him through the table. Abyss heads to the outside, and goes under the ring to grab a little black bag. Abyss heads back into the ring and unveils a pile of thumbtacks.

Abyss calls for a double chokeslam, grabbing both men by their throats. Team 3D fight it off, and flapjack Abyss face first into the thumbtacks. Dreamer has a kendo stick and he tees off on Bully and Devon, but they come back with a 3D and Devon pins Dreamer for the three count.

Winners: Team 3D

Bully has a mic again, and he points out to the fans, who begin a '3D' chant. Bully says the first thing he and Devon would like to say, to every single Japanese fan here tonight, and every fan watching worldwide on PPV, they have two words, and that is thank you.

'Thank you 3D' chant from the crowd, followed by 'TNA'. Ray talks about being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and they were able to be inducted because of wrestling fans. For 20 years, Bully and Devon have been wrestlers, and they thank God every day that they can do what they do. When people ask them where their favorite place to fight in the world is, they say Tokyo Japan. Ray thanks the fans once more, and Devon testifies.

Ray and Devon exit through the fans, the same way they came down to the ring.

In a pre-taped vignette, Velvet Sky is shown talking about the fans, and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Sky turns her attention to Havok, saying she's a dominant force, but she's got something Sky wants, the Knockouts Title. Sky isn't afraid of Havok, and she tells her to bring it on.

We get a video package that highlights the recent run through the Knockouts Division that Havok has made, before it gets sent back to the arena for the Knockouts Championship match. Velvet Sky is the first woman to the ring, and she gets a nice pop from the crowd.

Havok is out next, and the TNA Knockouts Champion doesn't get much of a reaction out of the fans, but she sure as heck looks intimidating on her way down the ramp.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Havok vs. Velvet Sky

The bell rings and Velvet tries to get the fans behind her. She avoids a charging Havok and hits her with a couple of rights, but Havok shrugs off a clothesline. A couple of kicks to Havok's legs send her staggering. Velvet comes off the top rope with a double axe handle, then does the same and second and third time. Velvet leaps and is caught by Havok, who puts her down acoss her knee. Havok chokes Sky against the middle rope before hitting a giant kick to the back.

Havok backs Sky into the corner and screams at the ref before burying her shoulder in Velvet's midsection. Velvet drops to her knees, and Havok picks her up and drops her down with a backbreaker, holding and stretching her. Havok hits another backbreaker and dumps Velvet down to the mat.

Velvet tries to fight back, but Havok sends her down to the mat, then picks her up and locks her in a bear hug. Velvet fights out of the hold, but Havok drags her around the ring by her hair before slamming Sky to the mat.

Havok heads to the middle rope and flies off with a leg drop, but Sky moves out of the way. Velvet pulls herself up to her feet, and ducks a clothesline. Velvet scores with a couple of forearms, but Havok shrugs it all off. Velvet hits a hurricanrana and then a cross body from the middle rope for a two count. Velvet goes for another double axe handle, but Havok catches her and traps her in another bear hug. Velvet is forced to tap out.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Havok

In another pre-taped vignette, James Storm is shown sitting in what looks to be a church. Storm says people come here to find their way. Sanada was lost, but he found his way. He realized that Storm was salvation, and the path he's looking for. Tonight, Muta and Taijiri will be cut down. They're the revolution, they're one, but there's always room for one more.

This leads into a video package detailing the recent history between Sanada, Muta, and James Storm.

JB bills this as another Wrestle-1 vs. TNA match, and James Storm's music hits, and the Cowboy makes his way down to the ring wearing a noose draped around his neck.

Storm has a mic, and he says he's the legend, James Storm. He tells the fans they can boo all they want, because he took one of their own. A boy who was lost, and he turned him against his mentor, the Great Muta. He made the boy great, and turned him into a man, so he wants the fans to stand and show respect to the Great Sanada. Sanada makes his way out to boos from the fans in the crowd.

Taijiri is the first man to make his way out to the ring for his team, and the Japanese buzzsaw looks a bit older, but definitely like he can still go.

The lights go down, and The Great Muta makes his way out in very intricate garb, completely covered head to toe.

Tag Team Match
James Storm and the Great Sanada vs. The Great Muta and TAIJIRI

Taijiri and Muta blow red and green mist simultaneously at the bell. Muta and Sanada have a stare down and kick things off for their teams. Muta and Sanada feel each other out, and Sanada works on the arm. Muta is able to turn things around into a single leg takedown. Sanada struggles, but makes it into the ropes to force Muta to let go of his leg.

Muta goes behind Sanada and works on his arm, but Sanada is able to turn things around, sending Muta to the mat. Sanada pops up and blows some blue mist. James Storm and Taijiri tag in. Storm tosses Taijiri away, sending him across the ring. Another lock up, and Storm beats off Taijiri, but a dropkick and series of kicks from Taijiri slow down Storm, and Taijiri grabs Storm's bears for good measure. Sanada tags in and rips at Taijiri's face, but Taijiri's able to low bridge Sanada to send him to the apron, and hit a big kick to send Sanada to the floor. Sanada and Taijiri both go under the mat, and everyone begins to get a bit curious.

Sanada and Taijiri come out and Taijiri's face is covered in dye from the blue mist. Storm targets Taijiri's leg, wrapping it around the bottom rope and cranking. Sanada chokes Taijiri against the bottom rope, then hits a snap suplex for one. Storm tags in and he and Sanada hit a double clothesline before Sanada hits a low dropkic for another two count. Sanada clamps on a nerve hold.

Taijiri fights up to his feet, but he's attacked from behind by Storm. The ref sends Storm back into the corner, and causes the distraction. Sanada's got some sort of object, and he drills Taijiri in the forehead. Sanada pins Taijiri but only gets two. Taijiri connects with a springboard back elbow and tags out to Muta. Muta hits a couple of dropkicks to Sanada's knee, then hits a dragon leg whip. Muta takes things to the outside where he whips Sanada into the barricade and hits him in the side of the head with a chair before wrapping and television cable around Sanada's neck. Muta brings things back into the ring where he hits a big elbow drop for a near fall that's broken up by Storm.

Storm hits a top rope elbow drop on Muta, and Sanada hits a moonsault, but they can't put Muta away. Storm tries for the eye of the Storm on Taijiri, but Taijiri fights out and backdrops Storm on the apron. Taijiri hits Sanada with a big kick and takes out the ref. Both Sanada and Taijiri miss with their mists, but Muta and Taijiri together score with a double mist blast. Muta hits Sanada with a shining wizard, and he gets the three count.

Winners: The Great Muta and Taijiri

Storm looks disappointed on the ramp as Muta and Taijiri stand in the ring. Storm attacks Muta and Taijiri from behind, then calls to the back. Manik comes from the back and helps Storm. Storm takes the noose and wraps it around the neck of Muta. Storm yells at Muta to die.

Team 3D's music hits, and they make their way to the ring. Muta gets Storm with the mist, and Ray and Devon hit the 3D to leave Storm laying in the ring. Muta makes his way to the back, and Storm, Sanada, and Manik make their way shortly behind. Team 3D stand in the ring for a bit, posing, while Taz and Tenay wrap up the show.

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