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TNA Considering Pulling Impact Wrestling Off The Road, Return To Orlando?

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Impact Wrestling

TNA Wrestling is considering pulling Impact off the road and returning to a regular taping location. The move would be a cost cutting measure that would likely go into effect next year.

We reported here on Premium early last week that one of the hang-ups on a physical WWE Hall of Fame at Universal Studios is that WWE wants exclusivity to the park, meaning TNA would be unable to return to the Impact Zone. We're told Universal Studios has been reluctant to offer that exclusivity unless WWE is willing to tape a show there.

Sources within Universal have told us they were happy with TNA's deal and do not want to shun their return to the park. In fact, TNA recently inquired about possibly returning to theme park for future tapings. At the time, I was under the impression it was for possible "One Night Only" shows but it looks like they are seeing if they would be welcome to return to their former taping location.

In total, the expenses of taping Impact Wrestling on the road are becoming more than the company can handle.

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