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TNA Gut Check Over?, Richard Reacts To #August1Warning

TNA Gut Check Over?

It looks like the TNA Gut Check project is finished. Ohio Valley Wrestling'sDanny Davis says he won't be appearing in the segments on TV anymore and with Bruce Prichard gone, the project will need to be revamped if they do bring it back.

Richard Reacts to #August1Warning

I've read a lot of the Tweets and reaction from Tito Ortiz being unveiled as the #August1Warning and I'm not surprised. The same people that criticize every move TNA makes are the same people acting informed here. Look, I don't care what opinion you have but make sure it's your own opinion. Just because a wrestler or a writer Tweets something, doesn't mean you have to agree. I feel like a lot of times people look to see what a certain name or personality says then adopt that opinion because it looks "smarky." Form your own opinion and don't fall into the trap of trolling just to look cool.

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