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Impact Results 10/10/13 - You Can't Buy Me!

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Impact Results October , 2013
From Tulsa, Oklahoma
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Show Starts


Recap – Hardy put together an Ult X Match at BFG. Magnus was doubting himself, but Sting believes in him, and challenges him to a match at BFG. Dixie begs Hogan to take a ride on the Dixie train, he quits. AJ doesn't have a contract, but will face Bully at BFG.

In Ring Segment

Dixie to the ring in a tight black and maroon stretch and leather dress.
Dixie – Last week we say the egotistical someone who believes in his hype. That's why he's not here, and will never be called by his name ever, ever again in my company. (heat) I provided the opportunity for this nameless person to come into this company. (more heat) I didn't need him, and I don't need anyone coming in and telling me how to run my wrestling company. (even more heat) I don't need any Vince, I don't need any has-been Bisch. I don't need any Mr. Stephanie Levesque. (huge heat) I don't need those good old boys Jarretts when I'm the best the industry's ever seen. (ugly levels of heat) Let's talk AJ. I sure don't need him. I asked him sweetly to leave the building, then he snuck in, jumped the railing and got into a match he had nothing to do with. (can barely hear Dixie for the heat) I know, boo, boo AJ! It was ridiculous. AJ, what you thinkin' buddy? You're not leaving here. I've changed my strategy. I pray you're here. Our hard workin' World Champ a perk. I'm going to let him have carte blanche. That mean, like, blank check, in trailer talk. (HUGE heat) He's getting carte blanche...

Sting – Hey!

Dixie – To put AJ...

Sting – Hey!

Dixie – In any match he wishes.

Sting – HEY!

Dixie – In any circumstance.

Sting – What is going on?

Dixie – Bless your heart, I'm so glad you're here. I know how you feel for me. AJ is saying BFG is my wake up call? I'm wide awake. It's the guys in the back who all need to wake up and realize they're under my current review. Darlin' that's you too. You said, 'I've got the best guy to be GM.' We all know how that worked out. And you put yourself in my position, made a match with Magnus for BFG. You want to be like AJ, without a contract? Your future to be over here. You want that? I will do it. What you did, you walked us to the edge of the cliff making that match, and now I have to take it all away. Who wants to see this man wrestle tonight? (huge pop) Why don't you and Magnus bond and face Kaz and Daniels?

Sting – I want you to just spit it out! What is going on? Knock it off Dixie!

Dixie – I know Kaz and Daniels are a little Ew, but you'll have a good match. Since you built the expectations for my PPV, so lets take it up a level. So if either you or Magnus don't win, neither one of you will grace us at BFG. Either of you lose, neither will be at Big Show. Your future here is in the palm of my little, bitty hand. One other thing Steve, that's what's going on. Good luck tonight, you know I want you to win.

Sting leaves the ring at Dixie's motions. Dixie leaves the ring, then yells at Borash for not holding the ropes right for her.

Aries – I was talking in my inner monologue. Hardy wants to steal my spot. I'm not a stranger to Ult X. Hardy, you need the spectacle, I'm a professional wrestler. We will wrestle tonight, then I will go undefeated in Ult X, become X Division Champ, then cash it in to become Champ again.


Backstage Segment

AJ – It's nice to be back without security chasing me around.
Hervey – What about Bully's revenge?
AJ – I don't care about Bully's revenge. I don't back down from a fight. He knows that. Everybody knows that. You know what else Dixie knows, I'm gonna make her pay. She's all about power and revenge. After BFG, I'm gonna have both.

Aries vs Hardy

Aries out wearing a black cape. Hardy out sans face paint, but his neck is painted pink, black and white.

Chants for Hardy, then they lock up. Arm swing, then leg drop on Aries' arm. Taz says it's guaranteed to be a slobberknocker. They stop and stare. Aries all over Hardy, chain wrestling, spinning on Hardy's back on the mat, then an elbow to Hardy's head on the mat. They again stop and stare. They lock up. Aries into a corner taking shoulder blocks. Aries whipped, gets a foot up. Off the corner into an atomic drop, but then Aries fights back with arm drags. Head scissors on Aries on the mat, but Aries fights back for two. Aries lands hard against a sitting Hardy's back for two.

Elbow to the top of Hardy's head, then again. Hardy kicks out at Aries, then again. Hardy whipped, clotheslined, then a big bulldog on Hardy for two. Aries lands on Hardy on the mat, then locks on a chinlock. Jaw breaker on Aries to get free. Hardy whips, tries to float, head scissors on Aries and Aries sent outside. Aries regrouping, but takes a kick through the ropes and into announce. Hardy flies out onto Aries by announce.


Snap mare on Aries followed by low drop kick from Hardy. Aries whipped, but ducks and Hardy eats the corner. Knee drop to Hardy's face, then another. Aries pins for two. Aries boxes Hardy's ears, but Hardy fights back a bit. Aries side steps Aries and slides outside into announce. Aries up top and flies out onto Hardy who flies into the barricade. Hardy on the floor, barely moving. Aries climbs, lands a second double sledge to Hardy's head. Aries sends Hardy in roughly. Aries up for a third time! Aries tries for a missile drop kick, but Hardy ducks! Hardy on Aries with a flying clothesline, then double leg drop through the knees into a low drop kick for two.

Aries reverses a whip, Hardy tries to float, tries for head scissors, but Aries reverses and hits a swinging neck breaker with Hardy's body still up on the ropes. Aries climbs, again off the top onto Hardy. Aries rushes Hardy in a corner, but eat a drop kick! Hardy hits a sick flip onto Aries! Aries reverses the twist, but Hardy off the corner with whisper. Hardy's shirt comes off, and he climbs. Aries with a drop kick to the top rope, knocking Hardy. Huge buster off the top on Hardy for three!

Winner – Aries (14:59)

Joe – Austin Aries, congratulations on an impressive win on an equally impressive opponent. I'm impressed for another reason, last week, you put yourself in an X Division Match. And Jeff, equally charismatic, made it an Ult X Match. Two very, very impressive feats. Even though you two are crazy, crazy charismatic, or it could be the mics. Come BFG, there will be a fifth participant, Samoa Joe. You've been put on notice, BFG, Joe is gonna kill you!

Backstage Segment

Robbie – What was up with that loss to ODB.
Jessie – She's not even a girl. What about you losing to EY and Joseph in five seconds.
Robbie – You still lost to a girl.
Jessie – Dixie says she wants people to step up, so we're taking care of our worst problem.


Backstage Segment

Borash – The buddy road trip of a lifetime kicking off now. Joseph and EY. You can follow along online. 1,500 to San Diego!
EY – Mom, I got my license, we'll be fine!
Joseph – This will be a wild ride!
Borash – Wear your seat belts! We safe, and...

The car stops.
EY – ODB has a match, we can't leave yet!
Joseph – This isn't starting out too well!

In Ring Segment

Jessie – ODB wants to embarrass me. Why not come out here and the Bromance will embarrass you. That just happened.

ODBEY out. EY knocks her Knockouts Title belt off her accidentally. He slaps her ass as she gets in the ring.

Jessie right up in ODB's face as the bell rings. She pushes him with her boobs. Bitch slaps and pcs slaps. Face to the boobs for Jessie, then Robbie, then EY. Jessie into a corner, then rolled up for two. Drop toe hold on Jessie. Robbie trips ODB from outside, so EY attacks him, beats him up up the ramp and out. ODB takes a drink, but then Lei'd Tapa comes out and Jessie flees the ring. ODB drinks, rushes Tapa, but shoulder blocked through the air.

Winner – ODB via DQ (2:09)

ODB slammed to the mat, then to a corner. A back kick on ODB leaves her knocked flat. Tapa gets ODB up and hits her swinging stunner. She grabs ODB's Knockouts strap, holds it high, yells, then lays it across ODB in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Hervey stops Bully and asks about the revenge match.
Bully – Yeah, a revenge match. What word you stuck on? I'm taking care of it right now.


Backstage Segment

Garett – Take a look at what you did to this club. You did this.
Bully – What I did?
Knux – We're down to three because of you.
Bully – It's because of Anderson. He put Devon on the line. He challenged me to the Title. Didn't we all decide that I'm the Champ and web protect it? You and you wouldn't have did it. It's his ego who brought us down.
Knux – But you didn't have to piledrive him and try to end his career!
Bully – Piledriving was too strong, I get it. We have to stick together, and tonight is Bully's revenge. I'm giving you two the spotlight. I want you to take out AJ. I want you to be the reason AJ doesn't make it to BFG. I want you and you (putting each of their hands on the belt) to be the reason why this Championship stays in this club, because of you!
They both agree.

Backstage Segment

Sting – We have a little confrontation last week, didn't we?
Magnus – Yes, but I needed it. I needed the kick in the rear. I have my biggest match at BFG.
Sting – BFG is the biggest PPV for TNA. BFG has been good for me, I won the TNA Title three times at BFG. I can't fight for it again, but I want BFG to prove it's still showtime.
Magnus – We have to put that on ice. We don't get through EGO, we don't get our match. We have to focus on that tonight.

Backstage Segment

Kaz – You guys again? You can't see the wizard, no way, no how!
Hervey – I just want to ask about Roode, your fist inductee into the EGO HOF.
Daniels – There ain't no party like a BI, but Roode tonight will top them all.
Kaz – Amscray!



For Angle joining the TNA HOF.

In Ring Segment

Kaz out in a bright orange tux, shirt, tie, top hat, cane, shoes, etc. Daniels is in light blow. They both have on ruffled shirts too.
Daniels – Tonight the stars have truly aligned, because tonight isn't just the inaugural Extraordinary Gentlemen's HOF, it's also Throwback Thursday! Because BI are magnanimous gentlemen, we decided to dress like all of you, Main Event Mafia, frauds of this company, the dumb and the dumber!
Kaz – Speaking of frauds. There's many fraudulent HOFs out there. MLB has yet to induct Jose Conseico. The Rock 'N Roll HOF Judast Priest, and the Impact HOF hasn't inducted the best tag team in the business, Bad influence! In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, let us induct into the EGO HOF, the pride of Peterboro, the freak who likes the girls with the boom, he once got busy in a Tim Horton's bathroom.
Daniels – One time, just that one time!
Kaz – The It Factor of professional wrestling. Bobby Roode!

Roode out in a sexy black tux, white shirt, tie and vest, and wing tips. Kaz holds the ropes for Roode to get into the ring. A big picture of Roode sits in a lovely medieval-ish looking prop throne that they had to have found in some back corner somewhere.

Kaz – I could go through all of you accomplishments, but instead, my friend, I slaved over a hot computer all week and made you this -

Video for Roode, with bit of people's words cut together, and dubbed over to talk about how great, sexy and amazing Roode is, and how he deserves to be in the HOF.

Roode is faking tears.

Daniels – Truly inspirational Francois. You're a true HOFer, not like Sting. Sting doesn't deserve it, you do. You're the longest reigning Champ in this company. You are the It Factor. The first inductee into the EGO HOF! Please stand for Bobby Roode.

"You suck!"

Roode – Thank you! Thank you! Wow. What an amazing evening. What an amazing moment. Let me get this out of the way. I truly need to thank two amazing gentlemen. Fankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Without... sorry. (wipes his eyes) Damn it, I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Thank you. Without you two, none of this, the EGO HOF, EGO itself would have never taken place. There's one special individual that needs to be recognized. Who without the heart, desire, and god given talent, the HOF, the reason you're here and watching at home, that individual is none other than me. The It Factor of professional wrestling, Bobby Roode. I'm the man deserving of the HOF induction, not Angle. The only reason Angle is being inducted is because of each and every one of you. What has Angle done lately? What has Angle done for Impact? What Roode has done? I've made history as the longest reigning, most dominant Champ.

"Angle! Angle!"

Roode – I carried this company on my back, main evented all over the world. What has Angle done for TNA lately. Where is Angle now? Let me tell you where Angle...

Angle's music and out he comes. Angle looks focused. Off comes his jacket and shirt. Angle is JACKED! Roode is throwing an all out hissy fit in the ring.
Angle – Shut your mouth Bobby. I've been gone a little while. Who are these two, your girlfriends?
Daniels dives at Angle and eats a belly-to-belly. Kaz eats a German suplex and lands on the back of his head/neck and looked bad! Roode tries to dive from the ring, but Angle grabs his ankle. Angle can't hold on and Roode flees.

Angle – Bobby Roode,you just made the biggest mistake of your life. Kurt Angle is back, and I have one thing to say. You, me, BFG!

Roode freaks out on the ramp, foaming at the mouth as Angle poses on the corners for the fans.

Backstage Segment

Tessmacher heading for the ring in black. In another scene Velvet is heading to the ring, holding her ribs, seeming to be in a lot of pain, Sabin by her side.


Backstage Segment

Roode – Angle, you think I made the biggest mistake of my life, you made the biggest mistake of your life. You interrupted my HOF ceremony. You don't make the challenges, I make the challenges. You, me BFG!

Tessmacher vs Velvet w/ Sabin

Velvet to the ring, forgets to sell as she gets in the ring, but then Sabin covers Velvet's bum as she gets in the ring, then her boobs on the corner, with his jacket. She's not impressed. Tessmacher is led to the ring by her fringed boobs. Off comes her vest, then she shows off her wares.

They lock up. Side headlock on Tessmacher, then into a shoulder block. Sabin tells Velvet to step on Tessmacher throat and crush her larynx. Velvet stomps Tessmacher in a corner, then slma her face first into the opposite corner. Tessmacher whipped, but avoids the splash. Tessmacher rips off some of Velvet's tape. Side Russian leg sweep on Tessmacher. Velvet into the ropes. Tessmacher rips at her face, then on her ribs. Velvet tossed out of the ring by her hair. Sabin over to talk to Velvet, but Tessmacher out and slams Velvet back first to the apron. Back in Tessmacher shows off her bum, but Velvet kicks her and clotheslines Tessmacher a couple times. Tessmacher kicked, then bull dogged for a long two.

More kicks to Tessmacher, then a neck breaker on Tessmacher for two. Sabin on the apron talking to Velvet, distracting her. Tessmacher rolls Velvet up, holds her tights, for three. Actually, Velvet falls over and is out, but they still count the three.

Winner – Tessmacher (3:54)

Backstage Segment

Sting and Magnus heading for the ring.



The same promo video they showed last week for Ethan. It's Derrick Bateman. Then they show his full name with a horrid background of fire. Ethan Carter III, or EC3.

Daniels & Kaz vs Sting & Magnus

EGO to the ring, sans Roode. Sting and Magnus to the ring together.

Magnus and Daniels lock up. Forearms to Magnus' face, backs him into a corner, but he comes out with a couple blows. Daniels back and forth, ducking Magnus, but goes for a crossbody, is caught, and slammed to the mat. Daniels eats face corner and Sting tags in. they double back elbow Daniels, then Sting rakes Daniels' face. Sting into a corner and and chopped. Kaz tags in and eats body drops. Blind tag from Magnus, and he runs into Sting, but lightly. Daniels on Magnus, then on Sting outside.


Magnus taken down by Kaz. Front facelock on Magnus. Magnus up, but into the heel corner and Daniels' foot. Daniels up and rides Magnus to the mat for two. Chinlock on Magnus on the mat. Magnus up, elbows free, but takes a shoulder to the gut, then slammed to the mat. Kaz tags in and comes over the top onto Magnus for two.

Sting taunted and comes in, and Daniels comes in and works Magnus iwhtou a legal tag. Magnus thrown out of the ring, and Kaz works him over as Sting tweaks. Daniels covers, uses the ropes and Earl catches him. Arm and neck hold on Magnus. Magnus with blows on Daniels,but Daniels fights back a bit. Magnus runs the ropes and hits a huge clothesline on Daniels! Sting wants a tag, Magnus is out of sorts, but makes it.

Sting on a legal Kaz with blows, drop kick, and clotheslines on Kaz. Daniels in, and into Kaz! Daniels thrown out. Magnus tags in with a huge flying elbow. Magnus sets up his cloverleaf, but back to Daniels who breaks it. Sting takes the tag, and scorpion splash on Kaz. Scorpion death drop on Kaz for three.

Winners – MEM (11:13)

Magnus is pissed that Sting took the tag and the win away from him. They argue in the ring. Video of Magnus flying elbow. Magnus leaves the ring and Sting who is giving Magnus props from the fans by pointing at him.

Backstage Segment

Dixie – Did you have an easier time getting in tonight. You don't have to do this match, or the Bully match. Hold this, think about all you can buy with this money. Trailer units lines up for days. A foundation for little redneck kids. Let's shake hands and call it a career!
AJ – You're right, this is a lot of money. You could buy a lot with this money.
Dixie – There you go.
AJ – Just can't buy me! (AJ rips up the check and throws it in Dixie's face.)
Dixie – I didn't sign it anyway!


Knux & Garett vs AJ

A&8's to the ring, all four of them. Tessmacher and Bully are laughing and playing together, then head down to ringside as Garett and Knux into the ring. Tenay is thrown off announce by Bully who sits with Taz. AJ to the ring.

AJ attacks Knux and Garett before the bell, then Brian calls for the bell. Garett with blows on AJ, but AJ reverses the whip, and splashes Garett. Sick snap mare on Garett, then a knee drop on his face. Elbow to the top of Garett's head, then stomps the heck out of Garett. Garett chops AJ's throat, but AJ comes back with a kick. Garett botches, but right after Knux getting the blind tag. Knux gets AJ up, then hangs him up top. AJ sling shotted up into the second rope for two. Garett tags in and stomps AJ in a corner. Garett poses to solid heat. AJ comes back with blows, but a knee back to AJ's gut. Double underhook suplex on AJ. Knux tags in and stomps AJ. Knux on the second ropes, but AJ moves and Knux lands on his bum.

Garett tags in, but AJ is all over him with clotheslines, then a huge kick. AJ elevated to the apron, but then springboards. Garett ducks and Knux takes it. Knux swings at AJ, but he ducks and Garett takes it. Pele on Knux. Garett turns around and is pinned as Taz yells at him to get the ropes.

Winner – AJ

Knux and Garett on AJ, but Bully in. Bully rips Garett off AJ, pushes Knux away. Bully whips AJ with his chain. Once, twice, three times. Bully yells at Garett, then AJ and whips him again. Bully yells at Knux and whips AJ. AJ is struggling around, to his feet, rushes Bully, and eats a body drop onto the ramp. Bully out and gets in AJ's face, yelling down at him. Bully promises to take AJ out.

Biggest Pop

Biggest Heat

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