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TNA Impact Results 5/2/13 - Best In The Bus-I-Ness!

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Chris Sabin

Impact Wrestling Results - 5/2/13
Indiana, PA
Reported by - Kendra Bunyon of

I am again covering the Impact Live Results, and Alex Barie will be writing the Blog Zone this week. Thanks for sticking with us as we juggle around jobs to get the best of everything out to you!

Show Starts


A&8's have taken out everyone in TNA. Morgan offered to help Hogan - for a price. Sting ended up rescuing Hogan from Bully and A&8's.

In Ring Segment

Hogan to the ring. "Hogan!" chants. Hogan says he gets it, they like the drama. After what went down last week was that he and Sting almost came to blows. The best thing to do is get Sting out and find out what's up.

Sting to the ring. Both of them look annoyed.

Hogan says there business is all out. Last week didn't end with us almost coming to blows because Sting was in my face. I got caught up with personal stuff with my daughter and TNA. When it came to making choices, I was wrong. I ran off some of my friends, and my biggest mistake was you. I want to apologize and say I made a huge mistake pushing you away. They shake hands. One of the biggest mistakes I made was pushing you away, we should have been working together because of your loyalty and having my back. That was on me too. We should have stayed together and took out A&8's.

Sting says he sees that they're together right now. All is good, water under the bridge. I'm going to ask for permission, you are GM, so let's have a 6 Man Tag Match next week.

Hogan tells Sting to get his army together. But tonight I need to figure out who faces Bully at Slammiversary.

Out comes Morgan. Morgan checks his crystal ball and and see how Hogan is going going to hand it over to this jerk and mess it up again. Haven't you learned anything from how you've handled Bully yet?

Hogan says Morgan, the biggest flaw you have is running your mouth all the time before you really know what's going on. As I look into my crystal ball, there's going to be no more mistakes, no more handouts around here, the person who wins the spot has to earn it. Before you got up in my face, I was going to say that the man that is going against Bully won't be Stinger, it won't be handed to him, it's not going to be handed to the great Morgan, the man who's going against Bully at Slammiversary is the man who wins the main event tonight between Morgan and Sting. That's what I see in my crystal ball, brother!

Hogan drops his mic and leaves the ring. Sting and Morgan are left in the ring talking quietly off mic. Sting leaves and Morgan is left standing.


Sabin talks about not only blowing out his ACL but also his meniscus. Looking back at the video, he can see the pain in his face. When you work so hard for something like this, and having it taken away from you. I'd already been out eleven months for that, it was like looking through a bit tunnel and the light at the end was so far. Doctors told me that I shouldn't be a professional wrestler any longer. Coming back from one ACL is one thing, but two? I've been proving myself my entire life. Maybe I can become the Adrian Peterson of professional wrestling. I know I will have to work ten times harder to get to the top. I didn't get in this business to be anything but the best, and it will be my goal from here on out.


Backstage Segment

Angle is all riled up about A&8's. They try to take over the company, even the damn Title. He challenges any one of those damn sons of bitches to get in the ring. You can hurt me, but you can't stop me.

X Division Match – Sonjay Dutt vs Zema Ion vs Chris Sabin

Ion slaps Sabin in the face, so Sabin and Dutt take him out. Sabin kicks Dutt, then eats head scissors with back match cutting from production. Thesz Press on Sabin from Dutt, but comes back with an enziguri for two. Ion in over the top with almost a double German. Ion works Sabin on the ropes, chokes him. Dutt hung up top by Ion. Ion in the ref's face, then turned by Sabin to take chops. Ion uses Sabin's hair to take him down. Back slide on Dutt from Ion. Sabin ties up Ion, Dutt lands on him, then Ion rolls out and it's Dutt and Sabin.

Forearms to Sabin's face, then Dutt revolves around Sabin's body in a truly awesome way before hitting a DDT. Standing SSP on Sabin, but Ion in and takes Dutt out of the pin attempt. Jaw breaker on Ion, but Ion takes down Dutt. Hard to watch on Brian's head Cameron. Dutt reverses Ion, and Ion eats a back kick. Sabin with a SICK clothesline on Ion, then a SICK powerbomb on Dutt. Death Valley Driver on Dutt, landing him on Ion!

Dutt hung upside-down in a corner, then Sabin throws Ion at Dutt! Low single foot drop kick on Ion. Sabin hit, "What the hell was that!?!" asked Keneley, then pinned Ion for three.

Winner – Sabin (4:01)

Sabin celebrates, and the fans love him.

Backstage Segment

Robbie and Jessie are talking about Terry, and some movie Jessie is making. Jessie thinks they need Sleazy and it will be easy. Jessie leaves as Robbie says, "Sleazy and easy don't even rhyme, bro!"


Backstage Segment

Bully talks about Hogan and Sting, but no one is listening. Do we have a problem?


Did you see Hogan and Sting mocking me? Mocking A&8's? Nobody mocks us! Now I have worry about Morgan and Sting. It doesn't bother me who I face in Boston, I'll get the job done. But we have Angle tonight. No matter how hard we knock him down, he keeps getting back up. The way I took out Hardy, someone needs to take out Angle. Devon, you're the SAA, who's it going to be?

Wes steps up and says I've beat Angle three times, put me in!

Garett say, screw that, I took care of Angle the last time we were out there, let me finish him off.

D'Lo say, I'm the one to take Angle out. I'm the one who gave you guys the chains to get those victories, I'm the one who allowed A&8's into TNA, and will get the honor of taking down the Olympic gold medalist. Knux, you've seen me go into the ring? DOC? Devon? Pres, I'm going out there tonight and...

Bully says, enough said. You're pretty fired up! You going to get the job done? Guarantee it?

Guaran-damn-tee it!

Swear your colors on it?

I swear my colors.

They clink their beer bottles to seal the deal.

Handicap Match – Ryan & Jessie & Robbie vs Terry

Ryan, Jessie and Robbie to the ring. Terry out to face them.

Rock, paper, scissors and it's Ryan who is backed into Terry. Ryan slammed down. Back slammed in the corner, then a body drop on Ryan. Robbie and Jessie cheap shot Terry. Jessie in and on Terry with kicks to the ribs. Elbow to the back of Terry's head, and Robbie tags in. Robbie with a headlock on Terry, but Terry stands up with Robbie on his back. Terry backs into a corner to make Robbie release the hold. Terry tries to slam Robbie, but Robbie moves. Robbie on Terry hard, then Ryan tags in. Ryan slammed to the mat, but the other two in illegally and on Terry. Terry explodes out and takes each of them down in turn. Jessie and Robbie with arms around each other, and Terry suplexes them both to the mat hard. Ryan is slammed to the mat for three.

Winner - Terry (3:34)


In Ring Segment

Roode and Aries to the ring. Roode says Daniels and Kaz played their stupid mind games and got in my head a bit. Talking about reforming Fortune. This wasn't about that, it was your jealousy of us and the TTC. The same TTC you cost us last week!

Aries says not for one second did I believe you. You're best pals. We're not best friends, but we like each other enough to have a common goal. You guys run the road together, giggling and your adolescent jokes. We come out to win titles, we're a team of champs, nothing you two know nothing about.

Daniels comes stomping out, totally pissed, Kaz in tow. Daniels says to hold. Bobby, you're right about one thing, it was about the TTC, but where you're wrong is this. You're not the next Tag Team Champs of the world, you're not even the best tag team in this ring! In fact, no one has any increased blood flow in this general vicinity (peepee area) over either one of you.

Off mic Kaz says, that means your boner. That means your boner.

Daniels is pacing around the ring, steaming. You know why, everyone knows that you're just a pale imitation to the best tag team in the biz-uh-ness!

Kaz, off mic, says business, three syllables.

Next week the pale imitations are taking on the Best Coast Boogiemen and the winners get the next TTC shot. The next TTCs are standing in the ring right now. Spoiler alert, it's us!

Roode says, spoiler alert, you're looking at the guy who cracked a beer bottle over his best friend's head to become world Champ! We will do whatever it takes to become TTCs again.

Kaz says, whatever it takes? Good, good because it takes whatever it takes to be TTCs. Fact, you two cannot defeat us, you cannot out cheat us, and you cannot out us US! In fact, all you've done is you trying to out us US, and you two have looked like Bad Influence Lite.

Chavo and Hernandez out. Chavo says, talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah. That's all you four ever do is talk! (Kaz says, at least we're good at it.) Talk time is over. Now it time for action. Next week, in your little match, there's going to be some action alright. We just talked to Hogan and there's going to be a Special Guest Ref for your match.

Aries asks which one of them? Maybe both?

As much as I or Hernandez would like to count to three, this guy likes to count to sixes. Well, actually, six packs and twelve packs.

Sorry about your damn luck! Out comes Storm and Aries is pissed! Storm, six pack in hand. The three of them salute those in the ring, then drink.

Backstage Segment

Sting in asking Angle if he's ready. Angle says he's never been more ready. Sting says he needs a minute and shuts the camera out of the room. They can be seen talking, but no noise.


Backstage Segment

Tara is pacing talking about Taryn. Kim agrees that Taryn thinks she's better than Kim, the best women's wrestler ever. She's all over the Knockouts site. They're going to take out Taryn and Mickie tonight. Tara leaves and Kim says she's going to get the victory.

Backstage Segment

Sabin talking about being out for 24 months, training day in and day out. I've been in maybe 7 matches in the past two years, before that was 11 years straight. That was the greatest moment in the world. Feeling the fans' energy, it's real and better than anything.

"I Quit" Match - D'Lo vs Angle

D'Lo to the ring. Angle out to face him.


"USA!" chants. D'Lo says, I told my brothers I'd beat you in the middle of the ring, but standing here, that won't be good enough, I need to humiliate you. Tonight I'm going to do something no one has ever done, beat you in an 'I Quit' Match. Alright with you? Angle agrees, D'Lo hits Angle with the mic. Angle all on D'Lo. Angle locks D'Lo's legs up in a hold, but he won't quit.

Anderson out and Angle is distracted. Anderson stops the rest of the guys, but D'Lo attacks from behind. D'Lo rolls out and pulls Angle out. Angle into the post, then D'Lo with a hammer, but Angle ducks and the hammer hits the post. Angle into the post, then D'Lo works over Angle's left arm on the post as the fans chant, "Let's go Angle!"

Angle rolled into the ring as A&8's watch. D'Lo on Angle, flipping him by spinning that left arm. D'Lo stomps Angle's left arm. D'Lo grabs that arm, pulls it onto his own shoulder, then into an arm bar, but Angle tries to fight back. D'Lo takes Angle down hard. Angle's left arm slammed to the mat. Cross arm breaker on Angle. Brian over to Angle with the mic, but Angle says, "Oh hell no!"

Angle reverses into an ankle lock, but D'Lo muscles free and takes Angle down again with a big clothesline. D'Lo with a variation of the cobra, and D'Lo yells at Brian to ask him, but Angle won't. Angle feeds off the crowd and takes D'Lo down. A German, then another. D'Lo very obviously jumps into the third German, and then the fourth. Angle hits a fifth German and Brian down with the mic. D'Lo says, "Kiss my ass!" Angle with a sixth German, then locks on the ankle lock. D'Lo counters out again, grabs Angle up and hits a lovely Samoan drop. Brian asks D'Lo if he quits and Taz yells that D'Lo hit the move! Taz wants Keneley to quit.

Angle reverses out of a powerbomb into an ankle lock. Angle puts his whole body into it. D'Lo screams and yells, then taps out, but Brian won't accept that. D'Lo finally yells, "I quit! I quit! I quit!"

Winner – Angle (8:04)

Angle's arm is raised. They go to a recap video as D'Lo is staggering outside the ring. Hemme with Angle. She asks if it's a measure of redemption? Angle says it's another battle of the war with A&8's, but I have my eyes on someone else. AJ Styles, get out here. I know you're here, wherever you are, get your ass out here.


In Ring Segment

Angle is still calling AJ out. We need to talk, let's go AJ.

"USA!" chants.

AJ Styles, one last time...

AJ's music and he comes down the ramp. AJ into the ring and right up in Angle's face. Angle backs off. I'm looking in your eyes AJ, doesn't feel right, and you look like you want to take my head off. Kind of like you did Storm a few weeks ago. Before you do that, see these people, you're in my hometown, western Pennsylvania.

The fans pop quite well for Angle's cheap pop – but from Angle it doesn't feel cheap.

So, everybody wants to recruit AJ. You going with A&8's would be the easy way out. I've gone the easy way and gotten a lot of success, but that's not you AJ. I never told you this before AJ, but you're the reason I came to Impact Wrestling. Because I knew if I wrestled AJ, we'd have the greatest match of all time, and we've had a lot of them. You know you're going through a dark time in your life, and I can respect that, but me and Sting are taking the war to A&8's next week, and I need to know where you stand. If you're against them, then we're cool. But if you're with them (Angle steps up close, right in AJ's face, a hand on AJ's shoulder), then we're going to have some problems. AJ, by next week, the choice is yours. Angle drops the mic and leaves the ring. Angle back up the ramp and leaves as AJ watches. Angle motions to AJ before heading backstage.

AJ just watches.

Announce Segment

Taz says Bully doesn't care who it is who he faces in Boston.


Hogan telling that whoever gets the spot against Bully has to earn it. It will either be Sting or Morgan, whoever win tonight's main event

Backstage Segment

Morgan on screen and Hervey says Morgan's been waiting a long time for this. Morgan says waiting? How about pissed off? How about frustrated? Waiting doesn't cover it. I've been waiting since Hogan took over here. Look at me! I'm the walking, talking franchise of any wrestling company, he's lucky to have me. Mark my words, I'm no longer waiting for the ball. Tonight I gut through Sting, at Slammiversary I gut through Bully, and you're looking at the future World Champion! Morgan shakes the chain link fence next to him and some piece of metal goes flying and clanks to the floor.

Kim & Tara vs Taryn & Mickie

Kim to the ring in yellow and white. Video of Taryn beating Kim two weeks ago. ODB in the ring and ready to ref. Tara out to tag in white with red and baby blue trim. Video of Taryn beating Tara last week. Taryn to the ring in the same blue and pink, all smiles, shaking her booty.


Mickie out in cut off and a floral belly shirt with her logo on the back in green. Mickie poses for the fans over and over as her music plays, Tara gets annoyed at this.

ODB calls for the bell as all four are still in. Taryn works clotheslines at both Tara and Kim. Mickie in, grabs Kim by the hair and they slam Tara and Kim together, face first. Taryn with a drop kick through the ropes onto both of the arguing Kim and Tara. Into the ring, Kim whipped. ODB kicks at something on the mat. Hair mare on Kim, then Mickie tags in and takes Kim for two. Mickie with an interesting cross arm hold on Kim. Mickie with forearms at Kim, Kim comes back with them as Keneley talks about Mickie's new music. Kim with the upper hand, but Mickie ducks and hits an enziguri type move, but her shin barely hits Kim's elbow. Mickie into a corner, but gets an elbow up. Mickie to the apron takes Tara down, but Kim takes her off the apron hard.

Tara rolls Mickie in. Kim with a short clothesline on Mickie, then pulls her up by her hair. Mickie face first into Tara' waiting boot. Tara tags in and they both stomp her. Tara picks Mickie up my her hair, hangs her by her hair – back to back. Tara pins for two. Mickie face first on the mat. Tara over with a big bitch slap on Taryn. Taryn in and ODB stops her, so the heels double team Mickie. Tara locks up Mickie's legs, then bridges to grab Mickie's chin. Taryn in to break the hold, but it's worse for Mickie as the heels work her over.

Kim tags in and works Mickie over, but then eats an elbow. Head scissors on Kim, then both go for cross bodies and land hand on the mat. Both tag out. Taryn in with clotheslines, then a back elbow, then a lovel suplex. Taryn out and climbs, but hits a horrid cross body. Kim in saves Tara, but Mickie in on Kim. Taryn rolls Tara up for three.

Winners – Mickie & Taryn (6:29)

Tara and Kim attack Mickie and Taryn from behind. Mickie and Tara work up on the ramp. ODB tries to break them up as Kim works Taryn in the ring. Forearms to Taryn's face, then eat defeat. Kim slams Taryn's head back on the mat a couple times, then tosses her down hard. Taryn's legs around the ring post, then Kim locks on a fig 4! ODB manages to get Kim off Taryn, but Taryn is left in a crying heap.



Recap of Angle making D'Lo say, "I quit!"

Backstage Segment

Bully asks if he got this straight. He said 'I quit'? You hear the words come out of his mouth. He swore his colors and said, 'I quit'?

Anderson said he did it after pushing Wes and Garett out the way.

Garett says, I'd have got the job done.

(I think) Wes say, I didn't tap out.

Bully says, just because D'Lo was a douche to you guys, doesn't mean you're a douche back to him. Remember, you don't walk alone. I'll deal with D'Lo next week. We have a six man, I'm not going to ask who's stepping up, I'm telling you. Me, you (Anderson) and you (Devon). Sick of this crap!

Backstage Segment

Roode says Kaz and Daniels, two guys who have never ran with this company on their back, have never held the WHC like A Double, and Bobby Roode, and we will walk in and become #1 Contenders. Chavo and Hernandez, you know you can't hold a candle to us.

#1 Contender Match – Matt Morgan vs Sting

Morgan to the ring wearing Hogan's robe to the ring, with matching gold trunks and knee pads. Sting out to the ring to HUGE pop from the fans.

They circle, then lock up. Sting backed into a corner, but Morgan without a clean break and takes Sting down with a knee to the gut, then choking Sting with a foot. Sting kicks back, but Morgan whips Sting, then hits a horrible clothesline. Earl checks on Sting. Sting backed into a corner and choked by Morgan with one hand. Morgan pushes Morgan around like he's not capable of fighting back, then Sting does just that with big blows. Huge chokeslam on Sting for two.


Morgan with blows on Sting outside the ring. Sting slams Morgan's head on the stairs, but Morgan right back with knees to Sting's gut. Sting rolled in, Morgan in over the top, then chokes Sting with a foot. Sting rolls, Morgan steps out, sets Sting up and hits Taker's apron leg drop. Morgan tries for the leg drop again, but Sting moves. Sting runs Morgan the length of the rai, then slams him face first. Morgan face first onto the stairs. Into the ring Morgan pushes Sting into the corner. Sting comes out into a side slam for two.

Morgan again chokes Sting. Morgan stands up poses, and gets some heat for it. Morgan slams his legs down on Sting, twice. Morgan with a hand to his ear to mock Hogan. Morgan pins Sting but only gets one. Morgan stomps Sting, then pulls him into a short clothesline. Morgan yells smack at the camera, then to Sting, but eats blows. Morgan scoop slams Sting like it's nothing, but Sting ducks the elbow drop, then side steps Morgan in a corner. Clotheslines to Morgan! Stinger splash on Morgan in a corner, but then Morgan plants Sting back in the corner and on him with blows. Morgan walks away talking smack, but turns to see Sting right behind him and hulking up. Sting doesn't get far as he eats the carbon footprint, but only gets two for it.

Morgan goes for the footprints again, but Sting moves and Morgan 'tweaks' his knee on the second buckle in a corner. Sting had to use the ropes, but locks on the scorpion deathlock. Morgan yells, bites his finger, then crawls. Morgan sells the crawl, but makes it to the ropes. Sting sets up again, and is able to lock on the hold again – in the center of the ring! Morgan yells, gets up on his hands, walks, then crumbles. Sting sits back on the hold as Morgan is face down on the mat. Earl raises Morgan's hand. Then again. Then again! Morgan is out!

Winner – Sting (13:09)

Devon and Anderson lead Bully to the ring. Bully up on the apron yelling smack at Sting.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

I normally don't say anything after the Live Results, but since Alex is writing the Blog Zone this week – as he should because he was there live, and can give it so much more than I can. And I'm sure my haters will love Alex and want me fired, but you can't please everyone all the time, and I've stopped trying. But I do have to get one small thing off my chest about this episode of Impact.

We have been hearing about how Sting has been trying to help Morgan along in TNA, told him to grow the beard, gave him other advice. We've also heard about how Morgan was one of the wrestlers they really didn't want to see return to the WWE, so they fought hard to keep the lawsuit tied up until they got Morgan (and Velvet Sky) back. Also, we have heard about how Hogan likes Morgan, and thinks he's a big part of the future of TNA. Morgan has been stepping up and trying to follow in Hogan's footsteps, even to the point of coming after WNW, because I guess it's the thing to do to get over with Hogan. All that being said, I'm very confused by the booking of the main event. Why would them have Morgan go under to Sting at this point? Not only go under to Sting, but to pass out in the ring to the scorpion deathlock? I know we don't know the 'big picture' and we're nothing more than 'stupid marks', but I cannot suspend my disbelief that Sting can make someone like Morgan pass out to that hold. Nothing against Sting, he's a legend, and I have no issue with him, I just have questions about exactly how the end of that match was booked, and I have to wonder why they would take someone they have built to be so over-the-top strong, and possibly unstoppable, and have him pass out in the ring after dominating in such a huge way.

I'd love to know what you think about why they booked Morgan in such a way, and thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


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