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TNA In Huntington, Vince Russo's Departure, Jesse Sorensen's Serious Injury Recapped In A New Video Package

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- Marshall University's Student Newspaper The Parthenon has an article online on TNA Impact Wrestling's live event in Huntington, West Virginia on Friday night. They talk with fans, Don West and recap the show. The results were the exact same as Saturday night in Beckley, West Virginia. You can read their piece at this link.

- Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier has a new editorial online recapping Vince Russo'sTNA departure. Click here to read it.

- Mike Tenay has done voice-overs for a video package on the serious injury of Jesse Sorensen. You can watch it embedded in the video below:

- The official TNA website posted the following:

Send your get well messages to Jesse Sorensen! Since Jesse's injury at "Against All Odds," fans around the world have posted their messages on Twitter at #GetWellJesse . Join in and support Jesse's recovery with your own message! We will repost many of the messages on in the coming weeks.

One of my objectives in reporting live at TNA's live event in Beckley on Saturday was to get a feel for the backstage reaction to Sorensen's serious injury. The consensus from the workers I spoke with was it was the "nature of the beast" and competing at this high of a level, everyone is susceptible to serious injury. No one seemed to blame Zema Ion although there was some concern if both Sorensen and Ion were ready for such a bout.

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