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TNA Lockdown Results (3/9/14) - Who Is In Control?

Welcome to our TNA Lockdown "Open Thread" featuring streaming live results and your discussion right here at! Please refresh this page throughout the evening for the latest results and scroll down to get involved in the discussion.

TNA Lockdown Results
Sunday, March 9, 2014
From the BankUnited Center in Miami, Florida
Report by Sean Hopkins of

The show opens with footage of Magnus and Samoa Joe arriving to the arena. Taz tells Magnus to be careful because Joe is coming for him. This leads into a video package highlighting the theme of tonight's show, Cage Matches, along with a look at Team MVP vs. Team Dixie, and a couple of the other big matches.

Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show, no pyro, and he hypes the return of the 'all steel cage' show.

Christy Hemme is in the ring, and she introduces Bad Influence, who come down to the ring in karate gi's and masks to mock the Great Muta.

Chris Sabin is out next, and he gives high fives to Daniels and Kaz on his way into the ring.

Sanada is out first, followed shortly by Yasu. Finally, the big man, Great Muta, makes his way out to the ring to a nice reception from the crowd.

6-man Interpromotional Tag Team Match
The Great Muta, Sanada & Yasu vs. Bad Influence & Chris Sabin

This one looks like it will have traditional tagging, though for how long, who knows. Sabin and Sanada kick things off for their respective teams. Sabin offers his hand, but Sanada doesn't shake. We get a lock up, and Sabin begins working over the arm. Sanada works his way out of a hold, flipping around, and reversing things. Sabin pokes the eye, and Sanada falls to a shoulder block. Sanada tries for a hip toss, but Sabin blocks it, so Sanada goes right into an abdominal stretch. Sanada rolls Sabin around the ring and gets a quick two count before hitting an arm drag and clamping down on Sabin's arm. Sabin backs Sanada into the corner and buries his shoulder in Sanada's midsection, but he runs into a big boot and a flying forearm from the second rope. Yasu and Kaz tag in, and both men trade shoulder blocks, wither neither budging. Kaz connects with a clothesline, and whips Yasu across the ring, but misses a back splash, and eats a hip toss from Yasu. Yasu clamps on a headlock, and tags in Muta to a great pop. Muta puts Kaz down to the mat and drops a quick elbow before locking in an STF. Daniels breaks things up, but catches a dropkick for his troubles. Muta spits out some green mist to a huge pop.

Yasu is back in and he slams Kaz, then drops an elbow for a two count. Kaz is able to whip Yasu into the corner, but Yasu gets a boot up. Daniels distracts Yasu and allows Kaz to knock Yasu back to the mat. Kaz mounts Yasu with a series of punches. Daniels tags in and we get some triple team work from BI and Sabin that leads to a near fall. Sabin tags back in and drops a fist across Yasu's face. Sabin hits a clothesline in the corner and chokes Yasu with his boot. Sabin mocks Muta, and hits a backslide on Yasu, that Kaz follows up with a double springboard leg drop. Daniels is in and there's a bit of double team work from BI, including a lionsault from Daniels for two.

Daniels traps Yasu in a rear chin lock, and Yasu struggles to get to the ropes. Yasu stands, and fights out of the hold, then catches all of the heels with big forearms, but Daniels backs him up into the hostile corner. More triple team work from Sabin and Bad Influence with all members hitting splashing in the corner, and a triple dropkick, but it only keeps Yasu down for two. Kaz slams Yasu to the mat, and heads up to the top rope. Kaz leaps, but misses a top rope leg drop. Daniels and Sanada make the tag. Sanada connects with a couple of elbows, and a hurricanrana. Sabin is in to break things up, but Sanada hits a double dropkick on Daniels and Sabin, then one for Kaz. Sanada connects with a TKO on Daniels, but it's only good for two. Kaz and Sabin double team Sanada, and Daniels and Kaz connect with a high-low for another two count.

Sanada turns a double team move around, and Muta tags in. A couple of low dropkicks to Daniels' knee are followed up by a dragon screw for all the heels. Muta locks in a knee bar, but it's broken up by Sabin and Kaz. Muta fights off Sabin and hits Kaz with the mist. Things are breaking down as Sanada hits an ace crusher. Sanada tags in, Muta hits the shining wizard on Daniels, and Sanada hits a moonsault for three.

Winners: Yasu, Sanada, and The Great Muta

Taz and Tenay begin to discuss Lethal Lockdown, saying the entire future of TNA rides on this match. Taz disregards Tenay's comments and begins talking about Joe vs. Magnus. Taz says he thinks the champion is in trouble tonight. They're interrupted by Rockstar Spud's music.

Spud comes out in a pretty amazing looking blue and white checkered suit. Spud has a mic in hand and paces around the ring a bit before waiting for his music to finish. Spud says as your chief of staff, he's here to present the Duchess of the dolphins. Royal highness of the hurricanes, and the mistress of Miami, Florida. His queen, and yours, Madame Dixie Carter. Dixie comes out to a good bit of heat from the crowd.

Dixie thanks the fans and says she knows how excited they are to see them, and how in awe they are to be in real royal presence, not like King James. Dixie says he shouldn't be able to bestow that title on himself, but she's earned the title of queen. Dixie says she's proved herself, but feel that some still doubt her. Dixie says some of the fans look like they've been hit by a hurricane. She asks if they care how they look. Dixie says she's here to tell the fans to buckle up, because tonight she'll turn the arena upside down. She tells MVP that he's pushed her, and forced her to do something that he'll never anticipate. Nobody is going to take any part of her company from her. She's the one who invested, she built it up to be the international success that it is. She's the one who went to New York to make sure she's got an insurance card in her back pocket that will ensure her team's win tonight. And as far as Jeff Hardy is concerned, when he walked out on the company and all of his fans, and more importantly, her, he breached his contract. Dixie has made sure every entrance point to the arena is covered with extra security. And if Hardy tries to get into the building, she'll have him kicked out faster than the coeds on this SEC wannabe campus walk out. Dixie tells the fans to enjoy the rest of the show.

JB is backstage with Velvet Sky. Velvet says she's overwhelmed by the fans, and she encourages fans to ask her questions over Facebook. JB walks over to Eric Young, who's tweeting. Young says Lethal Lockdown is one of the most important matches in TNA history. One thing he knows for sure is that everything changes after tonight. JB throws it to a video package that highlights some of the recent history between Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw.

Samuel Shaw is the first man to make it out, and he gets next to no reaction from the crowd. Interesting to note, JB is stepping in on announcing duties for this match, replacing Christy Hemme. Shaw looks around for Christy, and he's disappointed to find out she isn't ringside. He asks for a mic.

Shaw sticks the mic in his pocket, and climbs to the top of the cage. He straddles the cage and pulls out the mic. Shaw asks where Christy is. He says someone's not keeping it professional. Shaw says if Hemme doesn't get out here now, he's going to professionally end it all. Shaw stands on the cage, but he's interrupted by Mr. Anderson's music.

Anderson tells Shaw to hang on a second. He says he's got something much more important-er (his words, not mine). Anderson calls down the mic, and does his introduction, much to the fan's delight. Anderson says Shaw doesn't want to jump off the cage, it's not high enough. The fans want Shaw to jump. Anderson says he'll break an ankle and look like more of a goof than he already does. Anderson says he needs at least 4 or 5 stories. He says he should come down, let Anderson beat him up a little bit, and he'll give him a ride wherever he wants to go. He calls Shaw a 'creepy bastard' before heading down to the ring.

Steel Cage Match
Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Anderson climbs into the cage, and Shaw begins to climb down into the ring. The bell rings, and Shaw stands on the top rope. Shaw puts the mic down, and backs away from Anderson. Anderson stalks Shaw around the ring. Anderson catches a kick from Shaw, and hits a big clothesline. Shaw begs off while Anderson calls him a weirdo. Hemme walks down the ramp toward the ring. Shaw blocks a kick, but eats a right hand from Anderson. Anderson beats on Shaw in the corner, whipping him across the ring hard and following in with a clothesline. Anderson goes for another, but runs right into a big boot. Shaw climbs the ropes, but Anderson pulls him down and sets up for the mic check. Shaw fights it off, but Anderson comes up with a gut wrench suplex.

Shaw connects with a shot to the throat, and stomps on Anderson in the corner. Shaw chokes Anderson a bit, then crosses the ring to begin the climb again. Shaw makes it to the top of the cage, but Anderson is able to cut him off. Shaw kicks at him, but Anderson pulls him down to the ropes. Shaw scores with a series of rights, then slams Anderson's head into the cage wall a couple of times. A couple more right hands rock Anderson and send him crashing back to the mat. 'CM Punk' chant from the crowd. Shaw gets back to the top of the cage again, but Anderson gets up and drags him back down. Anderson slams Shaw's face into the cage wall, but Shaw blocks a third attempt with a couple of back elbows. Anderson is able to belly to back suplex Shaw from the top rope back down to the mat.

Anderson and Shaw struggle back to their knees, where Shaw throws Anderson face first into the cage wall. Shaw gets up to his feet, then he spots Christy, waving to her. Shaw heads to the cage door, and Hebner works on the lock. Anderson sends Shaw into the cage door, pushing it into Hebner and sending Hebner flying. Anderson connects with the mic check in the middle of the ring.

Anderson picks Shaw up to his feet and hits another mic check, sending Shaw face first into the middle turnbuckle. Anderson picks Shaw's head up and lets it drop to the mat a couple of times, asking Hemme if she's happy with that. Anderson's gum falls out of his mouth, and he sticks it in Shaw's ear. Anderson climbs up the cage while Hemme cheers. Shaw grabs Hemme's arm through the cage. Anderson hits the floor, but Shaw pulls Hemme into the cage through the opening for cameras. Anderson tries to climb back in, but Shaw knocks him to the floor. Hemme backs away from Shaw, but eventually slaps him across the face. Anderson is able to make it back into the ring, using the referee's key and opening the door, and he drops Shaw with a trio of well-placed right hands. Anderson gets Hemme out of the cage, but gets a low blow from Shaw. Shaw is able to trap Anderson in a choke hold, and Anderson begins fading.

Anderson drops to the mat while Shaw shushes him. Shaw breaks the hold and climbs out of the ring, walking to the floor. Hebner calls for the bell.

Winner: Samuel Shaw

BroMans are shown backstage with Bobby Roode. Roode asks where Aries is. Aries comes in and asks about Dixie's insurance policy, he says he's all the insurance Dixie needs. Roode says he doesn't know what it is, but this team doesn't need an insurance policy. Aries says he's looking for 5% from Roode. Roode says he'll give Aries 2%, BroMans 2%, and he'll keep 6% for himself. Roode tells his team not to let him down. Robbie says they're a team, but Roode walks away unhappily.

We get a recap of ECIII attacking Kurt Angle and putting him out of action, unable to compete tonight.

ECIII makes his way out to the ring, and does not get much of a reaction out of the fans at all.

Carter asks for a mic. He says he had a dream. When he was a young wrestler, he always had a dream to face the best. In 1996, Angle won an Olympic gold medal. He's the only man to transition that way into Pro Wrestling. Angle is one of the greatest of all time, but so is ECIII. He is wrestling. The crowd says he can't wrestle, but he disagrees. He's very good. He proved he's very good by twice taking out Angle's knee with a wrestling move. ECIII finds it interesting that Angle scheduled a surgery, depriving him of his dream match, and a chance to prove himself as the new face of wrestling. Angle has lost his passion and will, but ECIII never will. That's why he issued an open challenge to face the new American icon. He asks who it'll be. He's interrupted by Bobby Lashley.

Steel Cage Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III

Carter complains that Bobby isn't on the roster as Lashley climbs into the ring. Carter asks if he knows who he is? ECIII says this match won't be happening, he knows he doesn't have a contract. And Lashley doesn't want to end up like Angle. Carter keeps telling Lashley to leave the ring, and that he's warning him.

Lashley ducks a punch and shoulders ECIII. Lashley hits a running powerslam, then gets ready in the corner. Lashley hits a giant spear, and poses in the corner. Carter crawls out of the cage on his way up the ramp, while Lashley continues to pose in the ring. Tenay and Taz talk about what this means, and ask if Lashley is back in TNA.

No Contest

We get a video package, hyping Kenny King with the hashtag #Kingofthenight. Apparently King is coming back soon.

Velvet Sky is shown backstage chatting with fans on Facebook, and Tenay says she'll be doing that throughout the PPV.

Magnus gets a bit of promo time. He says he's speaking by himself, all alone. He was told there'd be an interview that needed to be changed to a solo address. It's a theme that he's got to do everything himself. Handle his business. It's different tonight. He's locking in a cage with his title on the line, and it's Joe's rules. He's got to battle against the adversity and agenda of MVP. There's something about this situation that doesn't sit with Magnus, and that's that everyone keeps talking about what Joe will do to Magnus. But not what Magnus will do to Joe, or what Joe will do to Joe. Magnus says Joe doesn't have it in his brain, and that's what it takes to be champion, and Magnus will prove it tonight. While Magnus might not look or behave like an animal, if you back him into a corner, he becomes very dangerous. Joe might learn that the hard way when he looks up and realizes he's been made to bow down.

Back in the arena, JB introduces Manik, who makes his way to the ring to (surprise, surprise) next to no reaction from the fans.

Tigre Uno is out next, and the fans cheer a bit, but still seem to be sitting on their hands.

Steel Cage Match
Manik vs. Tigre Uno

The bell rings and we get a lock up. Manik takes Uno down, but Uno is up to his feet quickly. Manik works over a series of holds, but Uno makes it up to his feet and the two chain wrestle a bit. Both men miss dropkicks and have a quick stare down. Manik goes for a suplex, but Uno lands on his feet and hits an arm drag. More chain wrestling, and Uno is able to land a dropkick this time.

Uno backs Manik into the corner, and hits an open hand chop. He whips Manik across the ring, but runs into a hurricanrana from Manik. Manik runs into a big boot, then tosses Uno up. Uno lands on the top rope, and Manik leaps after him. Uno slams Manik's head into the cage wall, then moonsault presses Manik for a two count. Uno begins climbing the cage, but Manik dropkicks Uno into the side of the cage, knocking him down to the mat.

Manik picks Uno up, and Uno whips Manik into the corner. Manik hangs in the ropes, and drops down right as Uno charges. Uno splashes into the cage wall. Manik hits a suplex, floats over, and hits a belly to back suplex for two. Manik drops a knee on Uno's back, then locks him into the inverted surfboard. Uno refuses to quit, but Manik drops him to the mat for a two count.

Manik hits Uno with a big uppercut that staggers Uno. Another uppercut from Manik, but Uno comes back with a series of strikes. Uno hits the ropes and runs right into a dropkick for two. Manik hits a backbreaker, but Uno won't stay down for three. Uno is able to leap up to the top rope, and hits a hurricanrana. Uno connects with a flying spinkick, but runs into double boots in the corner. Uno is able to come up with a nice DDT out of nowhere. Uno climbs to the top rope, but Manik stops him. Uno fights Manik off and tries for a top rope powerbomb, but Manik fights it off, sends Uno to the floor, and hits a missile dropkick. Manik connects with a sit-out powerbomb for another two count.

Manik gets a double underhook, but Uno rolls through. Another attempt, but Uno continues to fight out. Uno hits a leg cradle suplex that looks really scary and puts Manik right on his head. Uno goes to the top and leaps off with the sabretooth splash (phoenix splash) for three.

Winner: Tigre Uno

We get a video package that highlights the history between James Storm and Gunner that led up to the next match.

James Storm is the first man to make his way to the ring for match, getting a lukewarm reaction from the fans.

Gunner is out next, and he gets a smattering of cheer, but not much.

Steel Cage Last Man Standing Match
James Storm vs. Gunner

Both men begin fighting on the ramp immediately. Gunner slams Storm's head on the ring steps, then the barricade before hitting a couple of right hands. Storm comes back with a right of his own before slamming Gunner's head against the barricade, and bashing him with a bottle of water. Storm presses Gunner's head against the side of the cage, but Gunner retaliates with a suplex to Storm on the floor. Gunner hits a big right to Storm's face, then gut, before whipping him into the ring steps. Gunner turns the steps on their side, then grabs a couple of chairs and tosses them into the ring. Gunner stomps Storm, but Storm is able to come back, throwing Gunner into the ring steps.

Both men trade punches, with Gunner getting the better. Gunner grabs a random piece of steel and tosses it into the ring. Gunner gets up to the ring apron, and Storm catches him with a right, then slams the cage door in his face.

Gunner answers the count at three, and Storm immediated thrusts a chair in his gut. Storm wedges the chair into the corner, but the down time lets Gunner recover and hit a back elbow, and flying forearm. Storm kicks Gunner in the gut, and hits a jumping DDT out of the corner from the middle rope.

Gunner is up at four, but Storm has some of the rope from the corner, and he wraps it around Gunner's neck. Storm grabs another piece of rope, and wraps both around Gunner's neck, rearing back and choking him out. Gunner falls to the mat, and the ref begins the count. Storms slingshots Gunner throat first into the middle rope, and yells at the ref to start counting.

Storm goes back to the well, grabbing the rope, and choking Gunner before tying it around the middle rope. Storm waits for Gunner to stand, and hits him with an immediate low blow.

Storm pulls Gunner to his feet, and slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Storm strikes Gunner a couple of times before slamming him into the turnbuckle again. Storm goes back to the well one too many times, and Gunner shakes off repeated face slams into the turnbuckle. Gunner slams his own head into the corner before splashin Storm, then hitting a big high knee. Gunner shoulders Storm, but Storm fights out. Storm drops Gunner's face across his knee, but Gunner gets up with the random piece of steel, smashing Storm across the face.

Storm answers the count at 7, and Gunner puts him back down with a couple of big rights. Gunner screams for Storm to stay down. Gunner blocks the superkick, but eats a codebreaker. Storm slams Gunner into the chair that was wedged into the corner earlier.

Gunner stands at 9. Storm pulls the chair out of the corner and jams it in Gunner's gut before cracking him across the back hard. Gunner gets to his knees and shakes it off, but Storm slams his head into the turnbuckle again. Gunner ducks a clothesline and connects with the spear. Gunner shoulders Storm and hits a sort-of F-5.

Storm stands at 7, and he reaches for the chair, but Gunner stands on his hand. Gunner hits Storm with an urunage. Gunner heads to the top, and he leaps off, but Storm tosses the chair into Gunner's face on the way down.

Gunner stands, and Storm immediately begins cracking him across the back with a chair. Storm sets a couple of chairs up facing each other, and he tries to powerbomb Gunner, but Gunner fights it off. Gunner goes to the top rope and Storm catches him with a big right hand. Storm heads up after Gunner, and both men fight it out on the top rope. Gunner slams Storm's head into the cage wall repeatedly, then hits a couple of big head butts. Gunner looks down at the chairs, and he superplexes Storm down to the mat, through the chairs.

Both men are down and the ref is counting. Gunner uses a chair to get to his feet, and Storm is unable to answer the count.

Winner: Gunner

We get a recap of Dixie Carter's speech from earlier this evening, barring Jeff Hardy from the building.

The Wolves are shown backstage hyping each other up. MVP tells them to calm down. This has to be a controlled match. MVP says this has been a big chess match. Dixie thinks she's got check, but the match is over when they say checkmate. MVP isn't saying he doesn't want them to be ruthless, but he wants them to be under control. The Wolves say the hunt is on.

We get a video package that shows the events leading up to the next match: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne.

Gail Kim is the first woman to make her way to the ring, accompanied by Lei'D Tapa. Again, the fans continue to not care for the wrestlers' entrances.

Madison Rayne is out next, and the champion gets a small cheer, but the crowd remains subdued.

TNA Knockouts Championship Steel Cage Match
Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

The bell rings and both women begin circling. Kim immediately tries to climb up the cage, but Rayne pulls her down. Kim scores with a kick and a quick forearm. Rayne blocks an attempt to send her head first into the cage, but she runs right into a kick to the stomach. Kim continues to use her feet, choking Rayne in the corner. Gail backs up, but runs right into a big back elbow. Rayne rolls Kim up for a quick two count. Rayne tries for the skull crusher, but Kim fights out. Kim tries to go for the door, but Rayne pulls her back in. Gail is able to fake Rayne out, and she goes climbing. Rayne goes up after Gail and crushes Gail's head against the wall using her legs. Rayne leaps off the corner, but misses Gail and goes down for a two count.

Gail uppercuts Rayne, then tosses her into the cage hard. Gail chokes Rayne with her boot while Tapa screams in her face. Gail slams Rayne's face into the mat, getting another two count. Gail picks Rayne up, and Rayne begins fighting back. Gail comes right back with a kick to the side before slamming Rayne's face into the mat again. Gail kicks Rayne across the back and goes climbing. Rayne pulls Gail down from the top rope, but Gail lands on her feet. Gail hits Rayne with a couple of right hands before hitting a running clothesline in the corner.

Gail blows a kiss to the crowd before picking Rayne up and dropping her with a backbreaker. Gail keeps Rayne across her knee and stretches her a bit before picking her up for another backbreaker. Gail continues to stretch Madison, but she won't give up. Rayne uses her knees to break the hold, then kicks Gail in the head. Gail charges back in, booting Rayne in the head to knock her back down. Gail charges into the corner, but Rayne moves and Gail crashes into the cage wall hard.

Both women are slow to get to their feet. Rayne hits a couple of forearms, then some running forearms, a clothesline, and an enzigiri. Tapa is furious, screaming at Kim to get up. Rayne misses a running kick and jams her knee against the cage wall. Gail begins to climb up the ropes and cage wall again. Rayne follows her to the top rope where Gail slams Rayne's head into the cage. Gail connects with a neckbreaker from the top rope, bringing both women crashing to the mat. Gail goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Tapa opens the door for Gail, but Rayne pulls Gail back into the ring. Gail goes into the ropes, dropping down and sending Rayne crashing into the cage wall again for another two count. Gail climbs the ropes, but Madison is right next to her. Gail tries for eat defeat from the top rope, but Rayne knocks her away and to the mat. Tapa begins climbing the cage, but Madison knocks her off. Rayne connects with a spear from the top rope, and she gets the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Madison Rayne

We get a Samoa Joe promo backstage. Joe says he's beaten up and dominated to get where he is today. Not too long ago, he'd have called Magnus a brother, someone he'd be proud to walk to the ring with. Joe brought him in and they were tag team champions. When they started the Main Event Mafia, Joe brought him in so he's be great, but Magnus threw it away for the easy way, the easy path. Joe will teach him there's no easy path to greatness. Joe is going to bash it into Magnus' skull again and again until he's unconscious and realizes what he's done. Magnus is a paper champion, and Joe has come to collect his belt. Be ready.

This leads into a video package highlighting some of the history between Joe and Magnus, especially recently.

Samoa Joe is the first man to make his way to the ring, and aside from Bobby Lashley and Muta, he's the first man to get a little life out of the fans on his way down the entrance ramp.

Magnus is out to the ring next, and the Champion gets a bit of heat from the fans, but not a whole lot.

JB is out to do formal introductions for both competitors, and we're ready to begin.

TNA Championship Steel Cage Match
Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

Joe looks ready to fight, with fists cocked before the bell even rings. Once the bell does ring, both men begin circling. Joe scores with a kick to the thigh, then another, but the pace is slow to begin.

Magnus hits a couple of quick boots to the gut before taking Joe over in a head lock. Joe and Magnus trade a couple of holds that end with Magnus with a head lock on Joe. Joe gets to his feet, and Magnus continues to work on Joe's arm. Joe is able to turn things around, head butting Magnus' wrist before turning things into a hammerlock. Magnus gets to the ropes, and Joe breaks the hold. Joe hits a couple of big forearms, and MAgnus comes back with one of his own. Magnus clamps on another head lock, bringing Joe to his knee.

Joe stands up and pushes Magnus off, hitting a huge back elbow to put the champ down to the mat. Joe scores with a couple of quick jabs in the corner before chopping down across Magnus' head. Joe picks Magnus up for a big chop, following him around the ring and laying in a couple more. Joe kicks the inside of the leg, dropping Magnus down, and he chops him again before putting his boot on Magnus' face, and face-washing the champ. Joe hits a big running knee to a seated Magnus in the corner, causing the champ to go scrambling. Joe hits another couple of jabs, then he drops Magnus with an inverted atomic drop and a big boot. Joe misses the back splash.

Magnus gets on top of Joe and rains down a series of right hands, then he picks Joe up and takes him into the corner, hitting a big chop. Magnus slams Joe's head into the corner. Joe blocks a right hand and jabs his way out of the corner, taking Magnus across the ring. Joe misses a splash in the corner, and both men are staggering.

Magnus charges in with a running back elbow to Joe's back. Joe comes right back, slamming Magnus face first into the cage wall, then again. Joe puts Magnus in between the ropes and the cage wall, slamming him face first into the cage ten times before hitting a big running back elbow, and a huge kick to the back of Magnus' head.

Joe hits a couple of elbows and right hands, opening up Magnus' forehead. Joe bites at Magnus' face, then chops down across his head. Joe snap mare's Magnus, then chops him back, kicks his face, and drops a knee across the forehead. The ref is in to check on Magnus, but Magnus answers the count. Joe follows Magnus into the corner and head butts him, but he misses a big splash. Magnus hits a running knee to Joe's back that sends him crashing into the cage. Magnus tosses Joe into the cage again, and then a third time.

Joe is split open as well, as Magnus grabs Joe's leg and locks in the figure four. Joe struggles, trying to turn the hold. Joe is able to turn over to his stomach, reversing the pressure of the hold. Magnus fights out of it. Both men get up, and Magnus connects with a drop toe hold. Magnus gets Joe into a camel clutch, and Joe is in danger once more.

Joe stands with Magnus on his back, backing into the corner hard. Magnus recovers and goes for a sleeper. Joe fights out, but Magnus puts it on again. Joe breaks the hold with a belly to back suplex, and both men are down.

Both guys struggle up to their feet where they trade forearms. Joe gets the upper hand, backing Magnus up with forearms and elbows. Joe runs into a big boot, but catches a leaping Magnus with an inverted atomic drop, big boot, and he connects with the senton this time. Magnus is up and he rakes the eyes, but Joe comes right back with a snap powerslam. Joe traps Magnus in an arm bar, wrenching back hard. Magnus gets to the ropes, and Joe is forced to break the hold.

Joe seats Magnus on the top and hits a nasty chop. Magnus fights Joe off, and he stands on the top rope. Magnus kicks at Joe's chest, sending him back to the mat. Magnus leaps off the top with a flying elbow drop, crashing down into Joe. The ref checks on Joe, but Joe isn't staying down. Magnus hits a couple of right hands, but it just gets Joe fired up. Joe slaps Magnus a couple of times, then seats him on the top and chops Magnus' chest. Magnus tries to climb the cage, but Joe crotches him on the top rope. Joe tries for the muscle buster, connecting in the middle of the ring. Joe traps Magnus in the rear naked choke right in the middle of the ring.

A hand reaches up from under the ring, and it grabs Joe's arm. Joe is pulled through the mat under the ring, and the fans are not happy, booing, and seemingly annoyed. Loud 'BS' chants.

Magnus crawls over toward the hole in the mat. Joe crawls back up through the hole, and he looks furious. Joe stomps down on whatever is under the ring. Joe stands to his feet, and he stalks Magnus in the corner. Joe grabs Magnus around the throat, putting Magnus on the top rope. Joe chokes Magnus against the cage. Abyss is in the ring out of nowhere, holding Janice. He uses it to crack Joe in the stomach. Abyss picks Joe up and hits a black hole slam.

Magnus looks at Abyss, and Abyss turns around and stares him down. Magnus smiles and nods, and Abyss nods back at Magnus. Magnus locks on the rear naked choke to add insult to injury. The ref picks up Joe's arm and drops it down three times. Magnus wins by referee decision.

Winner and STILL TNA Champion: Magnus

Abyss puts his arm around Magnus while Magnus celebrates. Abyss stares down at Joe before holding his arms up high. Magnus celebrates in the corner, holding his title high.

Taz and Tenay talk a bit, but they're interrupted by word of something going on in the back. Eric Young isn't happy about the developments with Abyss and Magnus. He's being held back by Al Snow while yelling at Magnus.

Dixie is shown talking on the phone with Spud next to her. Dixie says tonight will be her crowning moment, before she sends Spud off. Bobby Roode comes in, wondering about the secret that Dixie's got tonight. Dixie says some things are better off left unsaid. Roode needs to do his thing, and she'll do hers. Bobby talks about his 10%. He says he won't trust Dixie with her track record. Dixie says she's made this a handicap match for Roode, so he'd better go out and win. Plus she's got her insurance policy. Roode says Dixie doesn't want him as her enemy. Dixie says she's got her part covered. Roode says he'll see her in the morning, calls her partner, and walks out.

This leads into a video package for Lethal Lockdown.

JB gives a quick rundown of the rules of Lethal Lockdown before bringing out the first participant for Team Dixie. Austin Aries comes out to the ring, getting another non-reaction from the fans.

The lights go out, and MVP is the first man out for his team, getting some cheers from the fans, probably in part due to wearing a Hurricane's jersey in front of fans and students of the University of Miami.

Lethal Lockdown
Team Dixie vs. Team MVP

The bell rings and both men look each other up and down. MVP talks a bit of smack to Aries, and Aries talks smack right back. Aries hits a right hand, but MVP comes back with a series of rights. Aries runs into a huge big boot from MVP, but he avoids a Yakuza kick in the corner. Aries hits a bulldog, bringing MVP out of the corner before locking in a head and arm submission with a bridge. Ares breaks the hold and lays across the top rope, posing in the corner. Aries heads to the top rope, but misses with a missile dropkick. MVP hits a nice high collar suplex, tossing Aries across the ring. MVP drives Aries' face into his knee, poses, and runs right into a roaring elbow from Aries.

Aries tries for a dropkick in the corner, but runs into a big boot. MVP connects with the yakuza kick in the corner, dropping Aries to the mat. MVP picks Aries up and slams him down before dropping the knee. MVP mounts Aries and grinds his forearm across Aries' face. MVP traps Aries in a front face lock, but Aries is quick to fight out of it. The two trade holds for a little. Aries does a headstand, leaping up and hitting a dropkick to avoid a headscissors. The clock begins to count down as Aries misses an elbow drop.

The next participant is Robbie E.

Robbie gets into the ring and is flapjacked down before MVP hits a running boot to the face. MVP hits a running clothesline in the corner on both men, but Aries comes back with a single leg dropkick. Robbie stomps away at MVP before raining down with a series of right hands. Robbie holds MVP up for Aries to hit a single axe handle smash from the top rope. Robbie goes to the top, and Aries hits an elbow to MVP's back, setting him up for a middle rope splash from Robbie.

Robbie stomps and chokes MVP in the corner, as does Aries. The clock counts down again, and the next man in the ring is Eddie Edwards.

Edwards catches Robbie with a head butt on his way into the ring. An explosive series of offense from Edwards. Edwards connects with a series of nasty chops to Robbie's chest before he hits a nice suplex to take Aries over and to his stomach. Edwards tosses Robbie into the cage wall, knocking his DJ back down to the floor. MVP chokes Aries with his boot in the corner before choking him against the bottom rope. Edwards hits an elbow to the back of Robbie's neck before charging in with a huge back elbow. MVP and Edwards send Aries flying across the ring hard. The clock is going down and MVP and Edwards chuck Robbie across the ring.

The next participant is Jesse.

Jesse is tosses over by MVP on his way into the ring. MVP takes Robbie to the mat, but turns around into a dropkick from Jesse. Aries and Jesse team up on Edwards, scoring a couple of quick strikes. The BroMans send Edwards into the air and slamming down to the mat before hitting back to back spears in the corner, and knees to the sides of Edwards' head. BroMans work over Edwards in the corner while Aries stomps MVP repeatedly.

It's just a good bit of brawling with a bit of triple teaming against Edwards as the clock counts down and Davey Richards makes his way out to the ring.

Richards gets caught by the BroMans, but he fights both off, sending Jesse into Robbie, and dropkicking Robbie, causing Robbie to DDT Jesse. The Wolves double team Robbie, scoring with a drop toe hold, kick to the side of the head combination. All three men team up against Aries. Davey hits a kick, Eddie hits a back elbow, and the Wolves double team Aries, putting him down to the mat. BroMans are able to come back, turning things around. The Wolves turn things around, trapping both men in single leg crabs until it's broken up by Aries.

The final entrant for Team Dixie is Bobby Roode.

MVP waits in the ring for Roode to enter. They stare each other down and get right in each other's faces. Both men trade forearms, and MVP eats a spinebuster from Roode. Roode sends Edwards into the ropes and hits another spinebuster, then a third for Richards. Roode says this is his company. Roode rips at the shoulder wrapping on Richards' arm. Roode stomps Richards' shoulders, causing him to scream in pain. BroMans come in and work over Davey together. MVP is able to score a couple of right hands on Aries, but it's short lived. The clock counts down again, and Willow's music hits.

The lights go out, and when they come back on, Willow is standing on the top of the cage. Willow leaps off, and it looks like he's not caught very well by the men in the ring. The top of the cage begins to come down from the ceiling, and JB announces the beginning of the Lethal Lockdown.

The good guys are stomping the heels to kill some time while the ceiling of the cage lowers slowly from the rafters. Dixie Carter's music hits, and she's out with a mic. Carter says she'd like to introduce the special guest referee, and her insurance policy. Bully Ray makes his way out from the back.

Team MVP huddle up and discuss the situation with each other for a bit. Team MVP is waiting for Bully at the cage door when he makes his way in. Team MVP is attacked from behind, and Bully goes under the ring. Bully pulls out a table while the heels begin to pull down weapons from the top of the cage. Bully slides a table into the ring, and climbs in.

Robbie's got a kendo stick, and on the ramp, Spud sets out a chair for Dixie to watch the match. Ray just watches for a bit as Team Dixie stomp and hit their competitors with weapons. The BroMans hold a trash can lid in front of Richards, and Aries comes in with a huge corner dropkick. Roode locks Richards in the crossface, and Bully asks if he wants to give up. Everyone holds Richards' partners away, but Team MVP come up with simultaneous suplexes, and break Roode's hold. MVP drives Roode's face into his knee, then hits the ballin' elbow.

Jesse and Aries turn things around for their team. Aries tries to suplex Willow, but Willow fights him off, and flings Aries into the side of the cage. Roode whacks Willow with a hockey stick across the back. MVP retaliated with a trash can lid to Roode's face. The BroMans use a kendo stick to take MVP down to the mat, but Edwards breaks up the pin. BroMans send Edwards into the corner, but Edwards fights them both off, trapping Robbie in a tree of woe, and double teaming Jesse, hitting the alarm clock along with Richards.

The Wolves seat Jesse in front of an upside down Robbie, and stick a trash can on his head. Both the Wolves climb opposite corner, and hit dual coast-to-coast top rope dropkicks on Jesse. There's a pin, but Aries is able to break things up. Richards seats Aries in a chair in the middle of the ring, kicking him repeatedly. Aries ducks a kick to the head, and hits a brainbuster, dropping Richards on the chair. Willow breaks up the pin with a trash can lid. Willow goes for the twist of fate, but Aries blocks it and whacks him with a trash can. Aries lays Willow on the trash can, and he tries for the 450, but Willow moves and Aries crashes into the can. Willow hits the twist of fate, and he heads to the top, hitting the swanton on Aries. The pin is broken up by Roode.

Roode tosses Willow into the cage wall, then he goes for the table. Roode sets up the table toward the side of the ring. Roode turns around and waits for MVP. Roode shoulders MVP, but Bully gets in Roode's face and stares him down. Dixie doesn't look too happy. Roode screams at Bully, asking what's going on. Roode shoves Bully. Roode goes for a punch, but Bully counters with an urunage.

MVP looks shocked, but he hits a running kick to the side of Roode's head, and he pins Roode for the three count.

Winners: Team MVP

MVP and Bully stare each other down while Spud and Dixie look to be close to tears on the ramp. Ray holds the winners' hands high.

Team MVP celebrates their victory while Dixie and Spud express their anger and frustration. MVP walks up the ramp, stares at Dixie, and slides his hand across his throat, telling her she's cut off. Dixie walks down toward the ring with Spud following. Dixie screams at Bully, asking why he would do that to her. Dixie tells Bully she owns his ass, but Bully simply turns his back to Dixie. Spud pulls Dixie back up the ramp.

In the ring, Bully waits for Roode to stand, putting him through the table with a powerbomb. The show ends with Bully standing in the ring amidst destruction, staring directly into the camera.

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